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My friend and i visited a nudist resort last summer.We paid a young nudist beauty,to ler us masturbate in front of her.

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my secret

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this site is fucked up. but its probably the stomping grounds for the fbi.

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These bouncy balls just make these teens hot!

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Ok, so I figure I give this Confession thing a try.
I want to hear from guys who have fucked their sisters.
When you think of the many boys with so many beautiful sisters, it is impossible not to happen. I would be willing to bet that at least 5 in 10 brothers have fucked their sisters.
Well, guess you can count me among those.
Being in the middle of an older and a younger sister can be a pain in the ass. My older sister was a slut. A nymphomaniac who gave her pussy to half the school, so it was a matter of time before she turned her attention to me. Honestly, I had no actual desire for her, but you know dicks have their own brain, so when she caught me jerking off, she jumped at my dick like a starving whore, and it started.
Our mother didn't know about us, but she did know of her reputation, so she was wise and saw the need to put sis on the pill, so when the time came to fuck her, I was able to cum inside her. She was 15, and I was 13 when we started fucking, and it got pretty frequent.
The actual pay-off came when my little 12 yr old sister got involved. She caught us fucking, and curiosity got the best of her. At first, she was content to just watch us fuck, but when she saw me eating out our older sis, she made me do it to her too. The very same day I first ate her out, I took her cherry, and she actually liked it despite the pain, so that too, got to be pretty frequent.
My older sister eventually got tired of it, and later when she went off to College, my little sister and I kept at it.
Then things got a bit heavy. She told me she was in love with me, and honestly, I was in love with her too.
After HS Graduation, I joined the Navy, and our separation was horrible. A year later, when I was assigned to my permanent duty station, she moved in with me and we resumed our Love relationship. Several years later, I was honorably discharged, and I provided well, working as a Truck Driver, so we had 2 kids, a boy and a girl, both of perfect health, and we're still together today.
Big sis knows about us and supports our decision, but being away from home,we were able to keep it a secret from Mom and Family.
I hope you all share if you've had similar experiences.

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So after retiring from a decent job in the US, I decided to travel for a bit, I visited a lot of different countries, mostly in the Asian side of the world, and was having a great time, the girls were fun the sun was warm and price of things was affordable. In the end I settled on a retirement condo in the Philippines. While there met a lot of other retired guys from various countries and got into a kind of regular group of about 10, all of us all were single, divorced or separated and except for me who has a house the rest of the guys live in a really nice condo / apartment development that is geared for retirees, it has a golf club and so our evenings are spent at a club, girl watching or dining out or out on the golf course, most of the guys have off and on girl friends, no one was interested in getting married all of us having tried that before, although marrying a Filipina gave you a bunch of advantages. The women love foreign men so all was good., or we would often just pick up some hottie at the club for the night. Life is good.

Around the 2nd year I started hanging out with this Filipina woman, she was 35 and had a daughter, 10years old her name was Silvia. They were both pretty, and although I had never ever had a desire for teen or pre teen girls this woman’s daughter was alluring, pretty, nice little body, and large round tits, amazing to see on an 10 year old kid. Now I say large but really probably only the size of an apple, but they looked large on her because she was 4’2 and slim, maybe 75 lbs. some days she would come over with her mother and play in the yard with my dog, or tag along with me when I went riding on the motorbike, she took to calling me uncle, Around the house she never had to be told to do stuff, she would wash dishes, put clothes to be washed in the basin, sweep the floors and help her mother make meals.

To be honest I took to enjoying watching her barefoot, and in short shorts and a t shirt walking around the house, if I was watching TV she would sit with me and ask questions in pretty good English, carry on a good conversation for an 10 yo. One day my girlfriend said to me, I think my daughter likes you, I said why do you think that? She answered that because she never before would chat or get close to other men, but with you she seems to enjoy being around. I do not know if it was a line, or what, but I told her I liked her too.

One evening the 10 of us guys met for volleyball we made an almost perfect team and later poker at one of their place and the kid wanted to go with me so I let her ride along, the guys were there asked who is the kid?.. I told them and while we chatted she went to the fridge retrieved some cold water and went outside to look around. The first thing they said to me when she was out of sight was have you tried anything with her… wow no I told them.. Although sometimes I thought about it it was too dangerous to do.. not so they said, age of consent here is 12, We kind of dropped it after that but I watched them looking at her as she walked about messing in the garden. Finally one of them said, you know, I need someone to clean up dishes and stuff once a week or so do you think she could do that? I said I did not know but I would ask her, so when she came back in I asked her, she looked surprised but said if her mother did not mind she probably could do it after school, at which just about everyone said well ask mom because they all could use a helper to clean up around their apartments.

Well that evening at home she did ask her mom said that it would help if she would earn some extra money since she was single mother too and sure if they would pay well it might be possible, I texted my friends and said mother agreed but wanted her to be paid, everyone said no problem .. so the next day after school I dropped her at the apartment building and then since the others were in walking distance she went over to each of them to do her chores, This was at about 3pm, well around 8pm she texted me and said she was ready for a ride home so I went got her and came home. I asked her how she liked her work and she was quiet for a bit but said it was ok, they all had lots of spare foodstuff for her to eat, and the work was not hard, except that a few of my friends liked to grab her ass as she walked around, I kind of expected that and called them up and asked what was up, they said hey we decided to get her ready for you, just tell her to do what we ask and we will make her into the most willing little slut you ever saw. This was kind of exciting, It has no downside for me since I was not the one doing anything to her and was also in a way a turn on to think of her being felt up by strangers.

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I confess ,i like to visit nudist beaches and take pictures of hot girls.

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So I am attracted to young girls. One of my exes was 15 when I met her and I was 21. She was the most beautiful thing ever. All of my exes were under 18 when I met them. And I still talk to them to this day. I am now 23 and I am not an ugly guy. Matter of fact I can get away with looking like I am 16 when I shave my facial hair. I want to change and I feel so dirty and worthless. I also own porn I shouldnt as it is illegal and everyday I expect some cop to knock on my door and arrest. I don't know what to do anymore. If anyone went on my hardrive they would find pics of this 14 year old girl who felt she loved me. And of some 17 year old girl I am no longer talking to. I am a worthless as a turd in the toilet 

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I confess.I like watching cartoons.

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My beautiful Sister Elizabeth, she likes to jam her leg against me she knows it makes me hard, what to do? My parents would kill us both if we ever did anything and got caught, but it is really hard to put up with her teasing

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I seem to read mostly old man/JB confessions here and wondered if anyone wanted to hear about young boys/older women? 1969, the famed "Summer of Love" had a double meaning for me, a 13 year old boy at the time. If anyone is interested let me know and I will begin my story.

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My sisters and mother, Liz the one in blue lets me play with her breasts sometimes

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Last year I went to a swingers club with my wife.

It turned out to be a night that allowed single men so we were one of the few couples. So in a private room I let my wife suck off me and another guy. Then I let him fuck her as I came in her mouth. I then watched him fuck her doggie style. I really want to do some wife swapping, but I was really turned on by this and now want to see her in a gang bang.

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I confess.I have taken naughty pictures with my daughter,and masturbated to them later.

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This was what happened the Friday I took Silvia to Alans for the second time, She was actually nervous Friday morning, I was fucking her in the morning and she asked, if I was going to make her go to Alans because she was not feeling that well  good one, I had not heard her ever say she was not feeling well before, little did she know we had all talked about it and had a very special evening planned for her. Anyway I told her oh yes, you are going to go there and that I was going to watch her cumming again. To which she said in a small voice – Ok Uncle . At around 6pm I got her dressed in a cute maroon mini skirt and black top and made her put on some maroon strappy shoes with real high heels that I had found in a store, she looked really hot so I had to take some pictures of her, she enjoys posing for me so she did lots of little turns and positions. Then we went to Alans, all the way there she sat close to me holding my arm. I think she knew something was up when she saw all the motor bikes parked outside, because she said .. oh, everyone is here? And I said to her yeah, we all came to watch you and she said Oh Uncle you are all going to watch me? So I said yes were were, maybe more. To that she said Oh my goodness!!….

Well we walked in the room and the guys were all sitting around in their shorts and t shirts and the table with the sibian on it was in the middle of the room and Silvia was looking at it nervously, I told her to get her skirt and top off ( she never wears underwear anymore) but keep the heels on. The guys were all commenting on how good she looked and some had got up and were helping her out of her clothes and one was kissing her lips, then she was in the middle of a group of men one guy was knelt on the ground eating her pussy out and some were feeling her nice round breasts and I noticed about three had taken off their pants and had big hard ons already. Silvia looked at me with wide eyes and mouthed, I love you Uncle! For the next three hours she was groped and probed and kissed and eaten out by all of the ten guys who had showed up for the party, It was a turn on to watch her, being passed around the room, sucking cock, while getting it up the ass, or in her pussy. Everyone took her and came in some orfice of hers, I myself enjoyed her mouth as she was being fucked, when I came I pushed in and felt her throat trying to choke and swallow at the same time, it made her tear, but she did not pull away, after I finished the guy in her pussy pulled out and put it in her mouth and someone else took his place, It was so good to watch her soon I was hard again while waiting for the grand finale, which I think she still did not grasp. Finally when everyone was done with her and she was really quite tired one of the guys picked her up and carried her to the Sibian and sat her down on it so that its plastic dick was buried in her pussy. Now she knew what was going to happen – after getting used and fucked and coming a few times it was time for her to start again, and I did the honors of turning it on slow, Alan went behind her and taped her arms behind her wrist to elbow again and John went in the garage and brought out two 25 kg round weights that go on Alans weight lifting equipment and ran a scarf through them and tied one to each of her ankles pulling her down firmly on to the Sibian, there was now no way she could get off it or pull away, or even rise up off it, in fact she was forced down hard on it and had no way of moving, I turned on the rotation of the penis and the vibration too and she just said, Oh please.. and then she gave a groan and was cumming, twisting about whining, gritting her teeth, twisting to try to get off the penis and away from the vibration of her clit, her legs shook and she was saying stop stop stop please please stop, so I turned down the vibration and let her rest a bit and then started it up again and she was trying to avoid the device in the front that looked kind of like a comb but was pressed against her clit, and then she came again, she was looking directly at me, I could see her eyes begging as she said please uncle stop, everyone clapped, and again I turned off the vibration like I was going to stop completely and she breathed a sigh, but this time I increased the rotation of the penis in her, and her hips were twisting from side to side but she could not escape it, in a matter of seconds she uttered a ahh through gritted teeth and came again, I decided to not wait and turned on the vibration higher and she kept trying to pull away from the front part that was pressed against her clit, but she could not, this time she let out a little scream and came again while desperately trying to pull off it. Some of the guys had got up now and were squeezing her tits and one was kissing her .. all the stimulation got to her and she was cumming again and just grinding her pussy down on it as best she could and then she was begging me to stop so I turned it on higher and she started to pee, we had anticipated this and Alan had folded a thick towel below her so it just dripped onto it, I think she thought if she peed we would stop but we did the opposite we turned it up and how she was begging and pleading to please stop please don’t do it any more, and just kind of babbling, and in the middle of it all cumming, I think I lost track of how many times I pulled an orgasm out of her, but finally I stopped the Sibian and she was lifted off it and the weights taken off her ankles. But everyone had got so excited watching her cumming that all ten of then took turns emptying their dicks into some hole of hers. She was limp and let everyone use her At midnight I figured she had had enough, we had taken her in the bedroom and had been fucking her on the bed, so now I picked her up and carried her down to the car, naked and laid her on the back seat and took her home.

I carried her inside and laid her on the bed, she was awake but not saying a word, I think she knew what was coming next because I undressed and rolled her on her stomach and shoved it up her ass and fucked her like that long and hard, then I pulled out and stuck it in her mouth and she dutifully cleaned me off. Now I was ready to sleep and she said to me, my pussy is numb, uncle, i still feel the vibration from that thing. I told her she should get used to it, because I was ordering one too and she will have to entertain me each evening while riding it, to which she just said Oh Uncle please don’t do that to me 

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(Photo resembles her a lot, but it's not her of course - That's Jeff Milton for those interested)

I work part time for our church while doing other jobs so I can finish my thesis and get my bachelor's degree. I'm 22, get paid less than what I'm worth, but I don't really mind because my job has it's perks.

Once a week families come in droves, all clean and proper for mass baptisms. We hold private ones but they don't really stand out.

My office window is across the waiting area; so families would often sit right in front of me. That meant their very young nieces and daughters would sit there right in front of me, wearing their Sunday's best. And since I live in a tropical country, exposed skin would be everywhere. Neck, shoulder, underarm, legs, a bit of cleavage (if they have any), and so on.

It drives me insane when pubescent girls, no older than 14 maybe would stand right by my window, and their budding tits would be eye level. And let me just say that most of them are incredibly pretty.

And even if I give them a long look (of course not too long, or else that would just be creepy) they wouldn't really think of it as something malicious, they all trust me, I have that face that makes people put their guards down. My college teacher says I have innocent eyes, that's why he never would've thought I would know anything about drinking or smoking.

One time a woman with a girl came into my office to ask if there was a chance she could do a confession that afternoon. So I asked our parish priest if he wasn't busy, and I don't know if it was just perfect timing or coincidence but there actually was a schedule for confessions that afternoon; there was already around 5 people waiting in line before the woman.

The woman asked if she could leave her niece in my office for a few minutes while she confesses, I said yes, not only because it wasn't really a bother but also 'cause I wanted to keep looking at the cute girl with porcelain like skin.

We talked, I learned she was 13, she'd be 14 next week. She was from the provincial area, she still has that country side innocence and naivety. Her aunt, who's single and didn't plan on getting married, is taking care of her and will be sending her to the private catholic school by our church. Of course I flirted with her a bit, telling her it'd be a nice change of scenery knowing a pretty girl like her will be close by. I knew I what I was doing, it was wrong but I didn't care, I wasn't planning on taking her to the stock room and raping her, no. I was just going to try to get close to her so I can strip her with my eyes without looking like a creepy stranger.

Fast forward four months, Isabel, came by my office almost every week. The first time she came back, her aunt was enrolling her into her school and she thought of waiting for her in my office again; the second time she came by she wanted to show off her school uniform. She was wearing a tartan skirt that stops in the middle of the thighs (colored sky blue, apple green, white and baby blue), baby blue button up shirt that had the logo on her right side breast, knee high socks, and of course black school shoes.

I pretended to be interested in the detail down on the logo, asking if it was printed or if it was embroidered, an excuse to touch her shirt and graze her tits. I took my time letting my hand rest on top of her budding breasts. I'd say she's a B cup, she was skinny but she had a nice ass that complemented her body, and a nice pair of boobs that complemented her ass. I'm not gonna say she was sexy, but I'll admit that I've jerked off to her more than once already ever since we met.

She was naive and very trusting, it made me feel protective of her but at the same time, I know I'm the one who should be kept away from her.

I got her to join the youth group's choir, this made seeing her easier but also meant she'd be exposed to other guys too. Guys her age, guys she should be interested in; but my priority for now is just seeing her. I kept reminding myself that every time I finish jerk off to the photos of her in her uniform.

Another two months passed, the choir had plans in going on a camping trip (they would often go on field trips once every three or four months). They invited me to join them since I had a lot of experience in camping and hiking.

Isabel at first couldn't go, which was a let down because her aunt thought she was too young to go on the trip alone; then she found out I was going and asked if I could keep an eye on Isabel if she decides to let her participate in the camping trip.

I said I would and I even told her that I'd become Isabel's travel buddy if it makes her feel better, and she did. I kept taking God that he gave me this opportunity, though it seems more like the devil's work or maybe I shouldn't call it an opportunity but a test which I definitely will fail.

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I confess,these are some of the on line videos i watched today! Boy watching his sister & friend sunbathing.

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I confess that I still bust my nut everytime she is online that slut . her name is xcutecouplex1992

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shes so sexy, i really want her.

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My daughter had 3 school friends visit for the weekend.I became a little too friendly with one of them,but i didn't think that anyone knew about it.Now i'm not too sure.How should i deal with it?

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I am extremely attracted to two of my cousins and I masturbate to them regularly. It sucks that I can't act on this. Anyone here know the feeling?

R: 37
This is my older sister.

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I never take of my wrist watch and I'm obsessed with the smell of my wrist because of it. It is like my opiate and when I'm wanking to some beautiful girl on the Internet, I'll usually be sniffing my wrist at the same time.

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This is my big sister.

R: 7
Look at this trailer trash whore. I want to fuck her. 

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I confess i like VINTAGE porn.Does anyone else have this fetish?

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Sunset romance

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I want to fuck her and her friends. 

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I have had a desire for my older sister for 8 years now, I just want to fuck her hard and drench a river of cum on those big boobs she has, I wish she could help her little brother have some hot sex, in the meantime I just masturbate with her pics every time I can 

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Why you no like TOR? You no let me post from TOR. You run by NSA now? You want to know who we are?

No longer tell confession stories now.

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I fucked my best friend since middle school yesterday, he was skinny and had grown out his hair, so my harbored interest is girlish looking boys was awakened, he told me he was gay, and in hoping that i would play a joke on him, told him i was too, he asked me out, and i hesitated before saying yes.
We 69'd and he came in my mouth. Now all i can think about is how sweet his cum is.

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Being an ephe/pedo is taking its toll on me. I'm becoming extremely paranoid, the shit I have on my hard drive is on my mind constantly. I live in fear that the police is gonna knock at my door for shit I donwloaded years ago, also considering I was never a smart navigator.

Furthermore I think masturbating over very young girls is doing something very ugly to me, to be honest I feel like half of a human most of the time. I don't know if it's just excessive masturbation or this particular subject.

I'm of half a mind of destroying both my hard drives and forget about this.

R: 16
I Show myself to random guys whenever I can !

R: 126
It is raining miserably here so I thought I would try to write a few paragraphs.

I was lucky, I suppose, to be a somewhat handsome and athletically gifted young man. Even though I fit in well with the jocks, I also made the highest scores on standardized tests, which led to accepting an academic scholarship to a well-respected university. I did well and entered graduate school. After obtaining a doctorate degree I was offered a good job in the large city about 65 miles from my childhood home. Within only a couple years I had purchased an impressive house and three sports cars, and had dated several beautiful young women.

One a pleasant Spring weekend, I was visiting my family in my hometown when my younger sister asked me to give her a ride to the park for her softball game. While observing the game from a seat at the end of the bleachers, my eye caught a glimpse of something moving in the parking lot beyond the outfield fence. It was exceeding long blonde hair flowing behind a girl riding a bicycle, like a waving flag signaling the arrival of a parade. I watched, mesmerized, as the blonde pennant floated around the parking lot and the girl pulled up and stopped right next to me. The hair fell to below her waist, brushing the seat of the bike between her legs.

She was slender but very athletic-looking, about 5'2" and 90 pounds, and she already had a deep midsummer tan, much of which was exposed by a tight sleeveless tank top and a pair of tiny white shorts. Without hesitation she turned a supermodel's young face toward me, and flashing a genuine smile, asked which team was winning. Suddenly I didn't know. I had to force myself to look away from her for a moment and gain some measure of composure. Catching my breath I managed to ask, "Why aren't you playing on the team?" "I'm not any good at softball," she replied. "I do gymnastics." That explained the legs.

After waving to several of the girls, including my sister, blondie chimed "Bye!" and kicked her bike back toward the parking lot. I noted that she had made a girlish fashion mistake by wearing dark bikini panties which could be seen through the thin white shorts, and I studied the outline of them until her butt wiggled out of sight. I delivered my sister home and decided to linger with the family a while longer. When the opportunity presented itself, I slipped into my little sis's room and pulled her school yearbook off the shelf. Thumbing through it frantically, I found her. Seventh grade cheerleaders - there she was standing on the shoulders of two other girls, in a short cheer skirt. She was 12, I was 26. I slipped the book under my arm and took it straight to the bathroom and masturbated.

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hi, I'm 19 I live in a small village so i get really bored some times and I'm really kinki when I get bored so first I started inserting big things in my pussy well big at the beginning like my perfumes and deodorants that fits and then while in the shower i felt hot watter in my ass while i has touching me and it fell nice so I give my self an enema in the shower with warm watter and tears came out of my eyes it felt amazing and came very hard since then 16 years i've been loving anal and I startet inserting biger things in my ass, first I started playing with lemons each time biggers once I inserted my self like 8 small lemons it felt great then started to try biger lemons an then oranges it feels so great each time something bigger gets in my ass I love it, finally I has able to fist my self anal and in my pussy I havent done this any more ,but it feels diferent when my ass gets streched its so intense .and then one day I filled a baby oil with hot water and stik it in my butt I had the feeling of puching it out quickly and it came out of my ass so i put it back and it felt amazing I came hard and cry tears of pleasure each time I stick it in my legs shake and I start squirting like crazy, my legs where shaking and it is the most amazig feeling I've ever had I wonder if is save to put warm objects in my ass because i do this time to time and I came hard watter is not hot to hurt but its hot water. in my ass. is there any girl here that has try this? its been like 3 years for me and I'm ok I don't do it that often.

R: 2
last weekend i did something pretty bad-- i am a college student, im 21. i'm not particularly perverted, or even kinky,but last weekend i did something real bad (in my defence I was VERY drunk). ...anyway i had been drinking heavy, and had recently got rejected by a girl, so was feeling down, and in the dorm there was this very young (11-12?) redheaded girl with freckles and braces visiting her sister... anyway, big sis was away for awhile and i let this lil gal get some of my alcohol (didnt GIVE it to her, but didnt STOP her either). it was only beer, but she got wasted very fast.  when i realized how buzzed she was i immediately made ehr drink water, gave her some food and kept her away from the beer... part of me tried to be a good boy. believe me: im actually a good person. i wouldnt hurt anyone

the thing is, I really just liked her company. she was cute, i liked her laugh, i had no intention of trying anything sexual with her, and wasnt trying to get her drunk, but we were sitting watching tv in the middle of the dorm, eating microwaved pizza, waiting for her sis to come back, and she sat ON MY LAP. this briought me into immediate boner territory. and im only a man, what can i do? this was a satureday night, and there were others walking around. we were not totally alone. i was sorta nervous.  

i think she felt my hardness upa against her ass, despite my efforts to control my uncontrollable cock. she started squirming around. this turned my dick into an immediate solid rockhardboner. she didnt say anything. but her ass was arousing my dick. did she know what she was doing? i d k
wtf do i do?
i got up. excused myself. wenmt to the bathroom. i considered jacking off right there, to clear my system and fire my sperm and think straight, but didnt. just threw water on my face, and on my dick (took a while to calm down) then went back out to see lil redhead
i sat down, away from her. i changed the subject. asked about her braces. (i had braces once). asked when she would have them off. she ended up telling me they HURT and she wouldnt hav them off for 4 years at least and i endede up putting my fingers along her teeth wich gave me ANOTHER BONER. she gave me sexy smiles which did not diminish my hardness. i wanted nothing more than to penetrate this brace faced preteen and then jizz all over her braces. temptation was very high. was i showing it? i d k. did i want this? well ya but also didnt
interesting timing then- i got a phone call. a friend of mine had issues, i talked to him for 20 minutes, ad when i got back, my redheaded preteen was sleeping. i couldnt ,let her sleep out in the dorm living room (didnt want some perv to take advantage of her), so i scooped her up and brang her to her big sisters room. i pit her on the inflatatable bed. her sister wasnt around. i sat ther for a bit. i was suddenly seriously sexually aroused. i had felt up the girls' ass and budding tits while carrying her. i really wanted to cum. i wasnt sure how to cum. part of me was eyeing this beauty, thinking about fucking her sleeping body, but i restrained myself. but then i just lost it. i lost control. i pulled out my dick. i jacked it violently. she was on her side. i was nervous because her big sis or her bigsiss roommate could come home at any moment. but when would such an opportunity arise again?
i was cautious at first. i hadnt turned the lights off. so i could see evertything. i thought about just jizzing on her face. that would have been the hottest. but hardest to clean. and most dangerous. but didnt. i slowly REAL slowly peeled off her pants. she had pajama track suit thing on. i got to see her ass. i was in heaven. this was good enough. i ran my cockhead up and down her buttcrack. i spread her cheeks.i was in heaven. i could see a bit of her pussy and her ginger firecrotch peachfuzz pussy hair which was just developing. at that moment i realized how special this moment was, and ran for my iphone to record some precious memories. i was delighted that there had been no change when i got back. she was drunk, and out cold. she was exhausted. i wondered how much i coukd get away with. but. my dick was ready ro fucking explode. i didnt plan the explosion. i had little warning. i remember i was spreading her ass cheeks with my dick against her preteen redhead ass. my cock just fired. i went into a siezure of cumming.  much landed on her ass, more on her pants, some onmy hands. basically fucking everywhere
a few seconds later ,my upper REAL brain took over.  i was thinking wtf did i just do? am i fucking retarded? sperm all over a 5th graders ass, on the inflatable bed, and on the carpet, and big sis on the way back soon. not a good situation. i went into clean-up overdrive FAST. and believe it or not sperm seems to fly more excessively in thewe sort of situations. i found cum 7 feet away on a mirror. god knows how much cumshot i did not find. i prayed to god my sperms dried fast and left no noticeable stains. on the ceiling etc there was likely sperm resideu
i woke up the  next mornikng and suddenly panicked wondering if i cleaned the "damage" acorrectly, and wondering where my iphone was. fortunately it was in my pocket. i pulled it out, and watched some of the video. i will treasure this video forever. fucking spectacular footage. best and WORST thing that ever happened to me. sexualy.  Ive talked to the big sis and she hasnt mentioned anything bad.
lesson learned; dont send your underage female daughter to a university unescorted. even for a visit. i will certainly keep my daughters away. my pervertedness will protect them

R: 25
I did things with my step daughter. Is anyone interested in the stories?

R: 3
I confess I go out in public wearing clothing like this... or even more revealing! in the hopes a man will lose it and just Force fuck me. Unfortunately it hasn't happened yet despite a fair few near attempts!.

R: 1
I want to conffes that i want to fuck, or more exactly be fucked by my daughter's boyfriend. I saw them fucking for first time by accident and till then i just want to feel the same thing.

The picture resembles almost what i saw, but he and she are younger of course.

R: 21
A year or so ago I graduated with a MA in counseling and got a job with a private agency, which is my first professional job. I rented a small guest house situated behind a larger house. I think it was built as a granny flat with a bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchen. The people who live in the big house are foster parents, which is how I met them. They are wheeler-dealers and they always have had a couple of foster children to help pay the bills.

About a week after I moved in, I met their current foster children. One is a teenage guy. The other was a girl, named Mia, I learned later was 14.

Mia's deaf and has been so since birth, so she can read and lip reads and for the most part can understand you. But she has never heard anyone speaking English, and so she can't pronounce words. I think they would have called her deaf and dumb and then a deaf-mute back in the day. Mia certainly isn't mute and when I met her I wasn't sure whether she was a tard or not. When she speaks, Mia, or MeMa as she pronounces it, makes muffled, inarticulate sounds, but the rhythm of her mushy voice makes it seem like she is actually saying something. It just sounds like someone talking wearing a gag. She also constantly signs, so as she mumbles loudly, she also waves her arm around making gestures with her fingers. If she's close to you and wants to say something to you, she'll excitedly tap on you to get your attention.

I never gave her a second thought, she was kind of a grunge with the shabby Good Will clothes her foster parents provided. She also kind of smelled of sweat and frankly I thought that her foster parents were neglecting her, I saw her often during the day when she should have been in school. But she wasn't ugly, but didn't do anything with her hair including washing it and is tall and thin, maybe 5'5", ready to develop into a young woman.

So, this confession is about my relationship with Mia and it includes sex with deaf jailbait.

A couple of months after I moved in, I came home from work a little early, around 4:00PM or so. It was raining really hard and pretty cold. I don't have a parking spot and have to park on the street and walk a little ways to my little house in back. I was soaked by the time I got to my door and went in, dried off, turned on the heat to get warm and started on some project or other.

I heard a knock on the door and Mia was standing there drenched, absolutely sopping wet. She started to tell me something. I couldn't understand a word she said and of course couldn't understand what she was signing either. It took me a few seconds to realize that she was caught outside in the rain and wanted to come in.

I had an umbrella near the door and I took it and tried to hand it to her. She wouldn't take it and shook her head, no, and waved her hands. She wanted something else. She pointed to the big house and mumbled more words that I didn't understand, but eventually I got it from the twisting motion of her hand followed by a wave that she was locked out of the house.

I asked, trying not to yell, which wouldn't have done any good anyway, "Are you locked out?"

Mia eyes widened and she nodded yes, mumbled some more, sort of like "Yes, I am locked out," except I couldn't understand the words, but the mumbles fit the phrase. "Nnnsss, Mam mmm mt!!" I am not saying this to make fun of her, but just to tell you how we communicate. I learned a few signs from her eventually, but usually rely on watching her lips and the rythmn of her mumbles. She really avoids talking most of the time, now that I have gotten used to communicating with her. She is not as frantic and mostly communicates with me by moving her hands or giving me a look. Its a little hard to explain, but maybe you will catch on as I continue.

R: 90
My confession is that I am obsessed with JB and now I think I can fuck a 12 year old.

I dropped out of college and got this job as a janitor at a Christian high school 5 years ago. The high school went bust 3 years after I got the job and they converted into a Christian girls middle school. I think they kept me on after the re-org because they don't pay me shit.

IRL I am a painter and have spent the last 5 years learning to paint and developing my theories and methods and instead of trying to sell (out) my shit, I support myself as a janitor. No one here knows about this. The JB part makes it all work. I have been following this board for a couple of years, sort of hoping to get some righteous tips on putting together an adolescent, but no joy.

I am invisible at work. So I can JB watch without being noticed and this makes JB watching possible and why I stay here making shit money. This is fucking JB heaven. There are only two dude teachers and they are totally gay, but they are into that whole Christian BS. The school admins don't like dudes, any dudes, on campus. People have to wear badges and shit like that and the lady rent-a-cop we have even follows delivery dudes around when they are here. A mexican lady comes in at night and does the dirty work in the girls and womens toilets and gym. They don't give a shit about me. I think its because my eyes are shitty and I have really thick lenses and with my grey uniform maybe I look like a tard. OK with me.

I go home at 5 and eat and then paint until 1 or 2 in the morning and then do it over again the next day.

There is a janitor's room which is big, about 10 by 20 and I hang out in there much of the day. I call it my office and it is filled with cleaning shit. It has a toilet in a small converted closet and I have an old desk and internet. The admins don't know that part, I bring my laptop in and only pull it out to use it when the door is closed and locked. To save money that is my only internet access except through public hotspots.

R: 19
Recently I got some free time around the house, my parents left and I was here alone. Obviously the first thought I had was Jack Off! And after a few wanks I was on cloud 9. But then while showering I started thinking about my mom...And I got hard. Really hard.
I know about Oedipus complexes but I never thought I might have one. When I was younger I thought about it but put that thought out of my head quick. And until recently I have never really thought about it. But the second it really got in there I was hooked! I've been jacking off to the thought of fucking my mom in the mouth! Eating her pussy. Cumming all over her and inside her. I wish I had a pic to show off but sadly I don't and my mom doesn't walk about half naked or anything. But God I want to fuck her so bad! I want to fuck my mom! Hard!

R: 11
Hello /con/. There's something I feel like I should share.
In pre-school, all the kids would have nap time after snacks... except me.
My teacher would take me into a separate room and would read me a story. I didn't know why, but I later found out it was because I was wetting the bed, and my mom told them that I shouldn't sleep during nap time, and that I'd be fine staying up.(How embarrassing). Good thing I didn't find out til much later.

She would sit on the floor, and I would sit on her lap. She'd hold a book out and would read the book over my head.
She was quite young, about her early 20's. Definitely the youngest teacher there.
She was also fairly attractive, I mean I didn't expect her to become a model or anything. But in comparison to the other old fogeys, she was definitely the looker of the bunch.

I liked the extra attention, but after a couple sessions, she would start touching me as she read.
At first she would just stroke my legs and arms. I didn't really think anything of it. Then she started touching my crotch.
It made me uncomfortable, but I was raised to obey authority. I was always told that since I was just a little kid, they knew what was best for me, and that I had to listen to what they said, even if I didn't like it.

Anyway, she would just massage my tiny package outside of my pants as we read. I remember that the longer she read, the more short of breath she got.
After a couple months of this she did something different.
She did the usual, outside clothes fondling, but about half way through our story, she had me get off.
She got up and locked the door behind her and came back to me.
She stood me up, got on her knees and looked me in the eye and asked something along the lines of "Do you like the special attention I give you?"
Being the naive child I was, I said yes.
Then she said "I know a way we can make it more special"
I didn't know what she meant, but I said "My mom told me I should do whatever you say"
She smiled and gave me a kiss on the lips.
I was taken off guard. At that age, I didn't think the fondling the genitals was sexual in any way, but I did know that "kissing" was something very intimate. My face got very hot and beet red from embarrassment.
Good thing I liked it though.
"Do you like my special attention?" and I replied with a positive nod. Then she asked "I know how we can make it more special. But if you want it, then you have to promise not to tell anyone, ever. Not even your mom or god" and I nodded again.
"We can make it more special if you open your mouth"
I didn't know what she was talking about, but I obeyed and opened my mouth, where she subsequently stuck in her tongue into my mouth.
I remember thinking it felt like having a big worm in my mouth.
She kept doing her one sided make out until nap time was over.

The next day we were having our special time again. No reading this time. We got into the room and she locked the door.
She sat down and had me sit in her lap. Kind of like if she were carrying me, with one arm holding me up by my back, and the other by my legs.
She used her thumb to guide my mouth opened and she started tonguing me again.
I wasn't really interested, but I started to like it more. I also remembered how she would use her hands to continually explore my body.

My parents taught me everything, except for what to do if someone is trying to molest me. Remember, I'm just this ignorant, naive little child.
Anyway, as she was tonguing me, she started undoing my pants. She pulled them down slightly along with my underwear until she exposed my tiny little dick.
She looked at it and said it was beautiful, and didn't waste any time playing with it with her hand.
She couldn't really jack me off since it was like 2-3 inches long. But it felt, 'weird' to say the least.
I've touched it before as I washed it when I took baths, but I never felt it touched like this. She had a womanly and motherly touch as she played with it.
Still, I never really fully appreciated it, and never really gotten boners from it.
We continued this for maybe another month or so.

Then she went on to the next step. The room we went into had another room farther in that had a cot on it.
So we went straight to that room and this time she took all my clothes off. It was kind of embarrassing standing in front of my teacher naked like that, but she started taking her clothes off, too. So my embarrassment subsided a bit

Even though I was a little kid, I was getting turned on by her stripping her clothes off. By the time she was fully nude, I've achieved my first real boner.
She took notice of it and asked "Do you like looking at your teacher naked"
I was at a loss for words and just shook my head, and she sat on the cot and gave me the signal to come with her finger.

I stood in front of her as she sat there, and she took my dick in her mouth. I came instantly. Well came as in the sense I orgasmed. Nothing really came out.
At first I really liked it, but shortly after I got a little scared and started to cry. Mainly because this was like brand new and I had no idea what just happened.(I guess you could relate it to the first time a girl gets her period)
Well she was a pre-school teacher, so she did a good job of explaining it to me that a child my age would understand and comforted me. She also reassured me that the more we do it, the more I'll like it.

We continued to do this for the next several weeks. And as our sessions grew in number, I managed to last longer and longer.
She even convinced me to let her stick her finger in my butt as she sucked me off.

I started loving doing this. Everyday I would look forward to this, and when the weekend came, I would feel depressed because I had to stay home.

One day we went to the back room and I saw something new. She stripped naked and asked "Do you notice anything different?" and I knew.
"You don't have any hair down there!" As I pointed at her pussy.
You see, she never shaved her snatch before then, and there was a lot of hair.
I didn't really care though. It's not like I was desensitized by porn where women on the internet is perfectly bald and has beautiful flowered pussies like kids these days are.
This was also the first time I saw a pussy in real life, too.
I noticed the shaven mound right away, but upon further investigation, I realized she didn't have a dick like I did.
I mean, my dick was small, and she had a thick bush. So I just assumed that she had a dick hiding in there.
I walked up and pointed and said "You don't have a pee pee like me"
She smiled and said "Yes, it's called a vagina"
I stared at it out of curiosity and started touching it and explore it with my hands.
I would touch her clit, play with her little meat flaps, and use my fingers to see how far that hole went.
I guess I was a natural because she didn't say a word as I did it.
She was getting very wet when I played with her. I don't know if I was good at stimulating her, or if she was just that turned on, having a child masturbate her.

She finally broke the silence and asked me to have a taste. I obeyed and licked the fluids coming from her snatch.
I was like "yuck", but she assured me that I'd like it, the more I tasted. I took her word for it, because she hasn't steered me wrong before.
For the rest of the year, we continued these sex games. I never had sex with her though.

On the last day we had together, she told me we had to stop, because I was going to go on to kindergarten and that we wouldn't be able to see each other.
I cried for a bit, but she did a good job of consoling me.
We ended up giving each other oral one last time before I left to go on with my young life.
The story doesn't end here though. 

R: 8
The latest trend in Japan is pictures of young ladies kissing,licking or sucking door knobs.For some reason this turns me on.What do you think?

R: 0
My confession is I no longer belive in stuff like the bible and all that, because now days most of people tell you that you are going to burn in hell for: beliving homosexual have the right to love and be repected, teling dirty or dark humor jockes, and I know is nothing new we take this short of decitions in or lives and I know there are religious people that aren´t as extremist as the rest but even so I just feel like i have to share this whit some body, thank you for spend some of you time reading this.

R: 33
I love the confessions here. I have one. The whole situation ended a couple months ago, and I only now feel like I’ve processed enough to write about it. by the way, the picture is real.

I work from home. I’ve been doing it a long time. So I know the comings and goings of my neighborhood. I know that at 1pm every day, the neighbor behind me goes out on the back porch and plays her guitar. I know the guy across the street grows pot. I know a lot about what goes on.

I have a neighbor, Carol. She’s great. She has yard sales most weekends when it doesn’t rain. She’s an older, single woman, with a great-niece. Her name is Tori.

Tori started coming around the neighborhood about 3 years ago. Her parents both work. She goes to school nearby and she started showing up at Carol’s for the afternoons. She’d been around for a couple of weeks before I really noticed her, but when I did, I couldn’t stop noticing her. She’s tallish, about 5’8” or so. Long tan legs, long tan torso, long neck, brown hair, great eyes. And she’s got that slightly underdeveloped, but strong and athletic type of body that screams “I play soccer and I like it”. It also screams “Look at me!”

I spend a lot of time on the phone for my job, and I often go for walks when I have a call. Its more interesting than sitting at my desk staring at my computer—except when there’s a good confession to read. It was on one of my walks that I first noticed Tori. I was about a half mile from home, cruising along at a good pace. Coming toward me was this beautiful, long and lean and tan, adolescent girl. I figured her for about 14 or 15. She was walking a massive collie. I knew the dog. It was Carol’s dog. Like any man, I pulled the stop and wait trick. I stopped suddenly, looked very surprised as though one of the people on the other end of the phone had just said something terrible, and looked like I was listening hard. I let her walk past me and get about 20 feet away, before I rounded, headed back the way I’d come, walking about 20 feet behind her the half mile home. I watched her the whole way.

She was amazing.

I started noticing that she was coming around the neighborhood a lot. I chatted with Carol nonchalantly about things, mentioned working parents, etc., and she mentioned her great niece. So, I used this in to learn about her. Indeed a soccer player, and track. 15 years old. Tori.

I’m a photography enthusiast. I have some good gear. Including a nice 200mm lens that I started using when Tori would sit out on Carol’s grass and do homework, or play with the dog. Late spring and early summer were fantastic. I’d shoot long photos of Tori out there in beautiful light, small, tight outfits, sweating. Oh my god. The sweating. She’d lay out there in a bikini sometimes, tanning with oil on her back, her top untied to get rid of lines. I’d amassed a pretty large photo collection that I would look at during my meetings. During work I would just scroll through the photos looking at her. Then, around 2:45pm, I’d make my way to the front window and watch her walk up. My favorite part of the day.

It was a few months before I ever spoke to her. I just sort of silently pined for her. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think of her when I jacked off. My wife said that when we were having sex, I sometimes seemed distant. I was. In my mind, I was with Tori. I was exploring her with my fingers, tracing the contours of her hips, ribs, the underside of her breasts. In my mind, I was probing her with my fingers, watching her face as she gasped with pleasure. I imagined and planned and hoped—I hoped that one day there would be a way.

The first time I spoke to her was a Saturday afternoon. Carol had asked if I would come over on the weekend and help cut some trees. No problem. About midday, Tori showed up and Carol introduced us. I was sweaty and smelly and sunburned. I’d wished our first meeting would be under cleaner circumstances. But oh well.

We worked the afternoon. I would cut with the chainsaw or a handsaw, and she would clear the branches that fell. We made a pretty good team. I was actually glad we were working because otherwise I would just stare. As it was, whenever she would grab up a bunch of branches and carry them away, I’d turn and watch her go.

She wore a baggyish t-shirt, tight jeans, and tennis shoes. The jeans were old and faded, but she looked comfortable in them. She looked great. They were rolled up at the cuff and her calves looked so strong and tan. Her ass was a thing of beauty. Hips narrow, but still womanly, and hair pulled up in a hot, sweaty mess.

We made jokes, she brought me water, we talked about how funny Carol is, and how she’s just a little batshit-crazy.

At the end of the day, as the late shadows started getting longer and the sun started changing to that yellow that makes everyone look good, we called it quits. Carol, Tori and I sat in chairs on the deck drinking cokes. Tori went in to change. When she came out, she wore very short whit shorts, and a belly shirt. It was loose. It draped off one shoulder, down over her smallish breasts, and ended somewhere between there and her belly button, set out and away from her body as her breasts pushed it away. Her standing there with the sun behind her showed me everything I have ever wanted. Her delicate, not yet completed, curves, a small black bra, the upturned little breasts. I must have looked like an idiot. I’m certain my mouth hung wide open. I couldn’t breathe.

I’d never really looked at anyone that young before, and haven’t since. She was everything. The beginning. The end. The middle. I went home, showered, and made love to my wife in the dark that night.

This was the beginning.

R: 3
thats a friend of mine, i really wanna fuck her.... whats on ur mind?

R: 5
I've been fucking my dad since I was 12, when he raped me. Now he's also fucking my little sister, and I'm helping him. I'm also fucking both of my brothers, and they're both fucking my sister. Dad says that all we girls exist for is as a way to get men off.

R: 2
when i go to my friends house, and my friend is busy playing the ps3 I go upstairs go to his sisters room pick up her dirty panties and masturbate with it is this normal?

picture not related

R: 2
I'm really obsessed with my sister :S i only fap thinking about her, i love to cum on her toothbrush and shampoo, i wear her panties and my biggest hobby is to upload nude vids that i shot through the peephole.

Any advice?!? i need to stop!!!!

R: 12
After my grand parents passed away,i found these old family photos ,of my grandpa,grandmother & my mom.My mom says they are innocent pics of their days as nudists.I think my grandpa may have been screwing my mom.What should i do?

R: 7
I was asked by my brother to stay at his house for the weekend to watch over my niece. Kate is a nice girl and my brother has a great house so no problem at all. Friday afternoon, her parents just left and Kate has two friends around, there in the main living room dancing to music videos on the 48” TV. Kate like her mum is tall and slim with legs that go on forever which are shown off to there best in her skin tight leggings. It should be illegal for a girl of her age to have an ass like hers let alone wriggle it about like she was, and her friends were doing the same. Also like her mum Kate was never going to have big tits but through her t-shirt a lacy bra clearly held two growing mounds! I left the living room unable to watch the girls without getting a hard on, did they know what they were doing?
That night friends gone home I sat watching TV as Kate showered, in her own en-suite bathroom. She walked into the living room and picked up the TV magazine, the nightie she was wearing was pale green, very short and very sheer! I was stunned and certainly not looking at the TV any more, she flashed me a wide grin. Her ass cheeks were almost on show, if she moved they were even more on show, sideways on her perky little tits pushed the thin material forwards. She went and sat on the sofa as she did I got a glimpse of a dark dusting of hair between her legs, she smiled at me! “What?” she asked grinning, “Does your mother know you wear that nightie?” “She brought it for me” she said “don’t you like it?” I didn’t know where to look; her little tits now clearly showed two firm nipples pointing out and her long long legs promised even more if they parted just a tiny bit “well?” I paused, “it’s very nice” I said “thought you liked it” she stood and flashed a tiny neat triangle of hair still flat to her body with a neat pink slit down the middle! “What me to get you one of dads beers?” she asked with the widest grin ever! I watched her firm ass wriggle passed me and out of the room as she went to fetch a beer, she watched my face all the way.

R: 26
I cheated on my boyfriend a couple nights ago and had the best sex of my life. but now all I want is that sex...how can I go back to the usual once I've had the best?

R: 0

R: 72
I was going through my 14 year old daughter's laptop last night because she told me that she couldn't boot it up. I got it booted OK, it wasn't really broken. She left to go to cheerleader camp on Friday. I snooped a little bit and looked into her My Videos directory. There was a pretty large zip file and I clicked on it, but it asked for a password. Anyway, I was curious what kind of video a 14 year old girl would want to encrypt. I tried a few passwords and the name of our cat was the password that opened the zip file.

I was shocked. It was a very explicit video of her. She does a strip tease from a dress she often wears to school and does one of her short cheers nude, which involves a leg kick. She moves the laptop around then lays down on her bed and spreads her legs. She moves the laptop around some more so she can see herself and then frigs herself and evidently cums. She then wipes herself with cleanex and then she turns off the laptop video camera.

I have not seen my daughter's private parts in a very long time. I knew that she has matured, of course, because of living with her and her mother and overhearing them talk together. But I haven't really been involved in her personal stuff like that at all, other than having had to get a plumber's snake when she flushed her first few tampons down the toilet. At 14, she looks very mature down there, with hair and all. At first my plan was to show the video to my wife and let her deal with it. But then, maybe it is just harmless and talking to by daughter about it would break some trust between us. It probably would be embarrassing for her anyway.

The real problem is that after watching it a few times, I got hard and finally jerked off while watching it. I made a copy for my laptop, encrypted with another name and password, of course. Since then I found myself hard just thinking about the video. And then this morning when my wife was out of the house I started up my laptop intending to delete it, but I just ended up watching it a few times and finally jerked off to it again.

I just don't know what to do. I am ashamed of myself, but at the same time I have also enabled remote desktop on her laptop, so I can monitor things to some extent.

She'll be back Wednesday.

R: 0
the only thing u should feel guilty about is : 1.) that u didnt cum all over her face and 2.) that u didnt record or take nice pics of all this and post it on here for us to see.

she was asleep . she doesnt know. whats the difference. its not like u rape her!

R: 1
i am a 21 y old college student. last week i took advantage of a young girl. i feel VERY guilty about it. 

she was asleep on a couch (we were alone) but her parents were upstairs. i touched her a bit and saw she didnt wake up. i got braver and braver and pulled down the pajama pants she was wearing just a bit and her panties too to see her pussy. she had just a little bit of pubic hair because she was not done with puberty. it looked AWESOME. 

originally i was just gonna LOOK but now i had to touch. i stroked her little pus a bit. then i started to masturbate. i had the bad idea to grab her hand and sort of put my dick in her hand to make her jerk me off. but she  shifted a bit and almost WOKE up. so i panicked and ran away to the bathroom. when i came back she was there where she was still asleep but had shifted slightly. in her new position i was able to rub my dick on her face a bit and rub it on her lips. i wanted nothing more than to fire on her lips but i restrained myself and fired to her left while staring at her sleeping angel face and catchig glances of her little pussy.

now i feel very guilty. but it felt really good!

i want to apologize to her but i dont want to get into trouble. should i sen her an anoymous letter or something?

R: 21
I started a confession here about a year ago, but the site went down for a couple of weeks or so and I got busy with other things. I've looked in now and then and it doesn't seem like much is happening now in the way of confessions, so I will restart mine.

This is not a particularly long confession, it happened over a 4 week period when I traveled to Los Angeles on business. I'm a Foley artist, which is basically a sound effects guy mostly on movies. But after film school I've worked mostly on games remotely and some radio advertising in a big city near where I live in the mid-west. It's a cool gig, but I'm very much at the bottom of the food chain and when I got a chance to work on a movie in LA, it didn't take me long to say yes. After a couple of years since then, I haven't progressed much, but it was great and those four weeks were really something else.

I married my college sweetheart and we divorced more or less because of the events of this confession which involves my obsession with adolescent girls. My first interest in Jailbait was when I was going with my wife before we got married. We visited her parents certain weekends and I met her 14yo sister. She's sort of like a younger, cuter version of my now ex-wife. And her braces made her absolutely adorable when she smiled. My then-GF had mentioned her every once in awhile, including telling me the story of her starting her period, which I thought a little odd. But I didn't think anything of it, and when I met her I never flirted with her or anything like that.

But one time we were at her folk's home and her sister brought a boyfriend home one Saturday afternoon when her parents were out and my girlfriend was somewhere, I don't remember where. I innocently wandered into the hallway where the bedrooms were and her sister's door was partly open. The window shades had been drawn and there weren't any lights on so it was a bit dark. But I could see the foot end of the bed and saw enough after staring into the darkened room for a few seconds that her sister was engaged in a very intense blow job. They were oblivious. I quietly retraced my steps back into the living room and I never said anything about it.

But the brief image of her sucking his dick burned into my memory and the fantasies that it generated kind of changed my outlook to say nothing of what I dreamed about while masturbating. My ex-wife was totally not into blow jobs, she would just sort of do the most limited sucking/licking and as much stroking as possible until I was hard and that was it. But her sister opened my eyes, she was doing him like they were not going to see each other for 6 months. And what technique!

To tell you the truth, my ex-wife wasn't much into sex at all. She's pretty hot and for some reason during college I just assumed that if you were hot you were also into sex. But, of course, that is ridiculous. Before we were married I thought she wasn't into it because she was not yet married and that was a problem for her. But after we had been married and gone through a brief honeymoon period in which we fucked a few times a week, it rapidly tailed of to once a week and less than that after awhile. Sort of like she realized she had me and didn't have to expend the energy for sex as much.

At that point I was like a lot of guys who write their confessions here. The confessions are short because because they want to get with their cousin/sister/sister-in-law or whoever and they just can't hook up. Figuring out how to hook up with someone you are not supposed to is basically impossible. You can't go to them, they have to come to you.

So, her sister never came to me. We were friendly but not overly friendly. We never flirted, she clearly didn't find me that attractive or was so involved in her own sexual relationship that she didn't need or want to go after her sister's boyfriend. Believe me I looked for signs, but they never came.

That got me into JB and it didn't take long for me to find the usual JB stuff on the internets, including this site.

It was easy to hide all that from my wife as she really wasn't into computers. The best I could do was surf for pictures and download camwhore and fuck videos with fake JB. Fuck, I once tried and failed to pretend to be a 14 year old video chatting. Another time I practically shit myself when someone saw a picture of a hot little adol with braces I had downloaded to my iPhone. You are looking at the picture now, but you probably already saw it where I downloaded it from, but BTW even they have since got rid of their 'braces' board. So, meet my new niece, Heather.

But my confession isn't about my ex-wife's hot little sister. It was about an adolescent girl who came to me.

R: 21
Looking for a place to vent my angerI read comments a few hours ago from a news article which was about some guy who got caught with child pornography.

Those commenters make me so angry that I'm still seething right now. They're so much worse than the pedophile himself it's unbelievable. They're the worst people I've ever seen!
What's the best place to vent about this?

R: 1
Look what I followed. Hahaha... 

R: 1
Jolien, I still think about you and I love you still. You gave me compassion and understanding when darkness was all that I had. My only lament was how little I had to give you in return. I just wanted you to feel fulfilled and appreciated. I couldn't do enough. I'm sorry. Live well, my Goddess, and I shall try to live well for myself. Else in my memory of you.

R: 4
I confess that i try and date women who are old enough to be single mothers with teen age daughters.My first goal is to have relations with the woman i date,but to possibly get close to the daughter later on.

R: 29
I CONFESS that i have been dating the lady on the right for about 1yr.The lovely young lady with her is her daughter.

R: 6
My step daughter and I are the outdoor types.Her mother is not.Last summer my stepdaughter & i went on a camping trip without her mother.We went deep into the wilderness,and were away for a week.We both had a lot of fun.

R: 13
I want to go as far as possible with my sister. I first, want advice on feeling her up while she is asleep, and then I want advice on going pass that. The more expirence the better.

R: 3
My daughter used to walk around the house in a short t-shirt, nothing else....god that got me hard.

R: 1
After my dad left us,my mom gets lonley. Whats a good son to do?

R: 1
In these photos someone has unclean desires.Can you guess who? First brother & sister.

R: 5
I confess i have been using a sex doll to satisfy my needs.Now it is worn out ,and i need to order a new one.Can you help me choose? #1

R: 14
Well guys its finally the time I have gotten the courage to write this on ichan I've been putting this off for awhile now and well there's nothing else to do so here I am. Anyways here's story Enjoy...

Im 25 now and last year at Spring Break I went with my family and sister to Florida, Miami Florida to be exact and we stayed at a hotel by the beach. My sister is a couple of years younger then me she was a senior in high school at the time and she had brought a friend,everything was going fine we went to a put-put course and her friend seemed to be staring at me alot and I didnt think much of it at the time seeing as how young she is. Then we went to a little amusement park and there were Go karts there and the line was pretty long so I asked my sister and her friend if they wanted anything to drink. My sister said she was fine and her friend said she would go with me to get a icy, my sister stayed in line to save our spots. (Her names Nicole and my sister names April) Nicole had asked me why I hadnt brought anyone I told here that I wanted to just relax and chill out this spring break and not party as much. She laughed and asked if I had a girl friend to which I replied with "no I dont" she laughed and then asked "Are you gay" I then laughed with her and said "No, just haven't found the right girl yet". When I looked at her she had this big smile and she was a little red which I thought was cute. "Your a softy aren't you" I laughed "what makes you think that". "Well just the way you said it ". (Referring to how I said "I haven't found the right girl yet") At this point i could tell she had took an interest in me and I really didnt mind that alot of my sisters friends have had crush's on me. Well we ended up getting to the drink stand and we ordered our drink's and as the cashier asked for the money I told her I got it but she insisted she had it so as she was taking the money out some of the change fell and I was about to grab it off the ground and she bent over in front of me she was wearing short tight pink shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt and I saw that she was wearing a thong and I saw alittle bit of her underwear hugging against her pussy lips (This girl has a lean built figure and has a ass that only a god could give her breasts were very developed and big and plump they sat on her chest in very stiff position) and I got alittle turned on by this And I quickly turned away not trying to make a scene "Oops" She said in a playful tone and got back up and gave the cashier the rest of the money she had dropped on the floor. Then it happened I was standing behind her with a semi stiffy after seeing a good chunk of her pussy lips and I grabbed my drink from behind her and as I grabbed my drink she grabbed hers and her ass bumped right on my dick and I blushed alittle and she got really red and lingered there for alittle. "Oh im sorry I said!" Me getting a little red "I-its ok I didnt mind" her face was beat red and she slowly turned around her ass brushed against it slowly(or at least that how it felt) and she turned looked in my eyes and took the a sip on her icy very sexually and then I smiled "Well lets go back in line I guess,lets see how short the line got"
She giggled softly "ok". We walked back to the line and it was around 6:24 P.M. at this time and the sun was almost setting and the line really didnt seem to get any shorter (Oh and I forgot to add that the girls were with me the whole trip my parents were doing there own thing I had the task of babysitting I really didnt mind it though) Well my sister got really impatient and wanted to go back to the Hotel and I texted our parents and they said they wouldnt be back till 11 or 12 maybe even at 1 (They were out drinking and at clubs most of the time) I had told April and Nicole and they didnt seem to mind. So we walked back to my car and Nicole ended up calling shot gun and they both smiled. Nicole sat in the front and April in the back and (I drive a Mazda Rx8 was very crowed on the ride to Floria) Well it was about an hour ride and 1/3 of the way to the hotel April had fell asleep in the back laid out. Nicole wide awake and watching whatever was out side the window at the time not really saying much I turned on the radio alittle bit and I saw a gas station up ahead and told her we were going to make a quick stop. When we stopped at the gas station I look back and noticed that April was asleep, I filled up the car and paid the gas attendance and then me and her started talking about little things getting to know each other. What I learned was she was a cheerleader with a nice family and a only child and that she always wanted a brother but never got one at that point I figured that she might have a interest in me and I thought that was really cute. She asked about some of my tattoos and stuff like that I told her most of them had no real meaning I thought they were just cool a the time. I have a couple of scar's on my right hand and one big one on the tip of my hand and she asked had I had got it "Well you see I race" She laughed " You race, race what?" I replied "BMX on a bike, and i got into a couple of bad wreaks" she seemed some what interested and then asked "Have you ever broke a bone"..."Ya I have plenty" I had my hand on the stick (car was Manual) and she took her other hand and traced over my big scar on my right hand and them traced ovet the smaller one's. I thought it was cute so I let her and I saw her ever so slightly moving closer to me and then she moved up my arm alittle lightly and it was turning me on and I was controlling it until she followed her finger back down to my hand and moved slowly not knowing if I would allow her and she placed her hand on my knee and started to massage my knew and going up more and more each time and I getting hard and She saw that I was getting hard she I looked over and saw that she was blushing wildly I looked her in the eyes trying to keep my eyes on the road and she said "Y-you know how I dropped my change this afternoon?" I turned away and kept my eyes on the road "Ya, why?" "Well I saw the way you were looking at me...d-d-did you like what you saw" That made me really hard and she took notice and started to unzip my pants and she was stroking my dick through my boxers and I started to moan alittle and she was moving her head trowed my dick and then we heard my sister start moving and I pulled over as quick asI could and zipped up my pants, she laid up to see where we were and it was dark so I dont think she saw anything but Nicole was blushing so much and her face was beat red. April asked "why are both of you so red? Did I miss something?" I said "I was hot in here for awhile and I just rolled down the windows..." "Oh" she said "Wake me up when were at the hotel". My sister then layed back down an Nicole wouldnt look at me for the rest of the time we were in car...

Well /Con/ that part one should I continue
Pic related: Thats Nicole

R: 4
i am a married man but lately icant stop looking at gay porn and i love the tought of sucking cock this is mine any advice

R: 1
I just.. I dont know what to do anymore, my mom ... she walked in on me having sex with my dog, I ... I dont know what to do, she is screaming she wont stop screaming and I really need someone to talk to, if anyone can fucking tell me what to do I think im getting kicked out of my house


R: 10
I confess,i let my daughter eat a banana.

R: 17
Well... i've got a thing on my aunt. And i'm posting this `cause recent events told me that she feels the same for me.

Intro: I'm 23 right now, she's 31 or 32, dont remember really, married with the youngest of my uncle's and had two lovely kids with him, boy is 9 and the girl is 4. It all happen really fast, they meet each other had sex a couple of times i think, and then after a few months came the first one.

Well our side of the family isn't really in touch with the rest of the brothers and sister, family problems you know, but this younger brother tried to unite all of us, blablabla, thing is i met her and it was like.. oh my.. she's cute! but she's my aunt, so be polite, she acts polite too - everything just were it has to be. But! (again) a couple of meetings after that we are really close and when i say "really close" i mean it!

First were the hugs, last eternities huging each other and if we were alone a couple of times we end up kissing in the bed, family kiss, cheeks, neck. How we end up in the bed? well, bed is near - she or i jump against the other for a hug - makes the other fall over the bed... bingo!

Anyway, then were the acts as we were a couple, things like taking hands or huging in front of other members of the family (even in front of her husband), allways doing nice thing to each other, like masages, or tickling while looking in the eyes, those kind of things.

But we were still family, not blood related but family. Then it happend and thats why i'm writting this.
Tell me if you want to know more. See ya.

PS: I really, really want you to forgive my english, i'm hispanic (castillan in fact) so.. mistakes is going to happend.

PS 2: The lady in the picture (ofcourse is not her) looks alike to my aunt, so much it scares me the first time i saw it (and faped to it thinking on her)

R: 2
I get quite turned on by cocks and cock centered porn. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself gay since I'm not attracted to guys in general, just dicks. Maybe I'm bi.

Anyway, I have recently been turned on by understall action videos, and found out that it happens frequently near me. I went to check it out and got "lucky" my first time there. And here is my issue: I felt turned on, really excited to play with another guy's dick (first one by the way), but I was a soft and limp as a noodle.

Am I not as turned on as it would seem? What's up?

R: 0
I was molested by a cub scout master from ages 9 to 12 from the years 1995 to about 1997. I enjoyed it... the affection and attention he gave me was great, since I wasn't getting it at home. My parents were fighting and stressed a lot, and I hated being there to watch them fight. My cub scout master and I had sex on a frequent basis and at many different locations, including at his home, at the beach, and of,course, camping. There were several times there was another boy involved, most often his own son. Well, now I'm an adult and having lots of sexual fantasies about little boys. I have seen some really graphic videos of boys,being forcibly raped by men and by other boys, where those boys clearly weren't enjoying consensual sex, like I was. I'm not sure if I should seek therapy, or what. I don't wanna get myself into trouble, but these thoughts and videos I find arousing can't be good to have, and they won't go away on their own, though I've tried to put them out of my head. I'll see a boy 10, 11 or 12 who I find attractive, then my dick gets hard and I begin to fantasize about him. It happened around my 11 yo nephew the other day in the pool.

R: 0
Her name is Claire?.You seem to know more about her than i do??

R: 2
If you should ever encounter a situation similar to this were a busty girl shows off for you and your friends,while her flat chested friend,tries to compete but fails,you pay attention to the friend.Why you ask? Answer to follow.

R: 9
Its interesting. I love coming here and reading the confessions. I know some at least are fiction, but at times, I can’t help but feel that some are at least rooted in truth. Mine is true.
I wasn’t a great student in High School, but one subject I was very good in was Spanish. I’d taken it my freshman, sophomore, and junior years, and by my senior year was advanced enough that the school made me a teacher’s aide for one of the new Spanish 1 teachers. Strangely, I don’t even remember her name, but I definitely remember how important she was in my young life.
I was scheduled to be with her during her free period, and so for an hour, I would sit at the desk behing hers, facing the wall, doing whatever she asked me to do. She was teaching the very basics (el/la/los/las, etc.), and often had me grading tests or quizzes. At first, she would let me grade them, and then when I was done, she would take the pile of tests and review what I’d done. After 3 or 4 weeks, she’d deemed me smart enough to not bother reviewing my work. When she didn’t have me grading work, she’d let me sit and do homework, draw, whatever. I always felt a little bad just wasting time, so I usually ended up taking care of homework, and for the first time in my life I was actually getting decent grades…strange what a little study time will do for you.
She wasn’t conventionally pretty, but she had beautiful eyes, and was very kind and patient. When I seemed agitated or frustrated or melancholy, she would take an interest and talk with me about life; about being a stand-up-guy, about trying to be patient when the world isn’t how I think it should be. She had such a sweet voice. Very gentle, a little quiet, and a little throaty. I started hearing her voice when I’d get annoyed about things.
We all know how it is when a female pays attention for even five minutes..in our minds we sort of lay claim to her. We start to think of her as “my girl”. I did this. I’d think of her when she wasn’t around. I’d find excuses to pass her class when I was on my way someplace and I’d poke my head in the door and say hi. We became friends.
Things went normally for a few months, but I’d started to see her as beautiful, sexy even. Looking her up on the web today, I see that she is now 49. That would have made her 33 at the time. Usually wore flower-pattern dresses with low black mary-janes. Very light on the makeup, with curly hair to her shoulders. Fairly plain, but every day, she got increasingly more beautiful in my eyes.
I just pulled out my yearbook and looked her up. She’s still beautiful to me. Her name is Ms. H.
Anyhow, enough romantic reminiscing…here’s the meat of the story:
A few months into the year, around XMAS, I had gotten into trouble the period before I normally went into her class. I’d spent an hour or so in the school office waiting and getting lectured and sentenced to a month of Saturday school. I was about 30 minutes late when I finally did show up. I had my note from the office out and ready to present. I approached the door at a trot, swung it open, and walked in. As soon as I walked in, she jerked up from her desk all flush, winded, and started smoothing her dress down. She took my note, read it quickly and sent me to my normal seat. I tried to talk to her but when she responded, I remember so clearly how her normally smooth voice was trembling, and her hands were shaking.
It wasn’t until later that night that I figured out what she’d been doing..thinking I’d been out for the day, she’d taken her free period to masturbate.
That sent me into a frenzy that night. I had new fantasies. All the ones you see in the porn flicks.
I didn’t say anything but from that point, I’d begun to see her as a sexual being, and I wanted to be near her. So I’d asked my own Spanish teacher for new projects—anything for extra credit—anything I could ask Ms. H. for help—any reason to sit next to her and smell her, look at her, maybe touch her.
Then it started. One day she had to go to the office. She locked the door behind her and said she’d be back in about 20 minutes. I immediately got up and went and sat at her desk. I pulled my pants down and noticed that the seat was still warm from her. Excited, I went through her desk. I found a small bottle of hand lotion that smelled like her. I didn’t actually use the lotion when I masturbated, but just smelled it. I came on the floor under her desk.
She walked in a bit later and sat at her desk. I noticed that she looked confused about the hand lotion still on her desk. She put it away. At some point her show slipped on the fresh cum on the floor and she leaned down to look at it. She touched it with her finger, not knowing what it was. When she smelled it, she looked over at me with a surprised, and slightly scared look. She wiped it on a napkin, looked away, and didn’t speak to me for a week. She knew.

to be cont'd....

R: 2
I'm turning 35yo soon in a few weeks. And I'm stil a virgin. Really No kidding! What can I do? (this is a serious question. For those who think I'm trollin. Well I'm not.

I see all this porn like cytherea and kelly wells and wonderbang.. (who are average 12 years younger than me). Seeing they have had so much dick and let bad men fuck them but not me.. Makes me a sad panda.

<--- my lonely heart in a bucket.. (which is my mood right now)

Story continued (with longer paragraphs..):

Prostitute 1
I live 40KM away from the weedy-city called Amsterdam. So I went to a window-prostitute (which legal overhere) in 2010. Polish girl lured me in. All nice smiles and friendliness. Turned out to be all lies. I did touch her naked body hair to toes though. And she was supertight and petite. But THEN I couldn't get jimmy up! 50 euro down the drain. I was outside within 5 minutes. No action at all. And felt like an even sadder Panda..

Prostitute 2
Tried this again 2 years later. Same thing. I did kiss and lick her body though. But no action (same jimmy-condition). She saw I couldnt get it up, no help. I was jerking away to get it up. After 2 secs she says "are you done?" (fuck her). Says I should come back some otehr time with more money. And my time was now up (lasted 4 minutes while we agreed on 20). Says I was all talk.. I shouldve said "you is all con-artist" (why does everybody feel sorry for these loudmouth East-European girls anyway they're all con-arstists?)

Kool Moe Dee ?
Anyway I "go see the doctor" like that rap song. Doc says he wants to do rectal exam (even laughs) to check my prostate. I thought I'm openminded so why not. He lubes up his glove then last minute I said no. Because he also wants me to undergo bloodtests, diabetes-test and whatnot. Says its must be between my ears too and I must see a psychologist or sexuologist as well. Costs me a ton of money which is the catch. Ans usually brings no solution but more pain (I might be a virgin but am not stupid).. So I said no and asked for the quick solution of viagra/cialis. Says it's not permitted he needs to do tests first. (clearly wants my money instead of solution) I say I only want sex not corporate headgames. So he precribes the lowest dosage of Cialis.

The Cialis.
I go get the cialis at my pharmacist. Pharma-outlet says: You need to pay 45$ for 2 pills. I say What the doctor said it was a mere 14$ a pill. He said well we count service costst bc repack. I said ok then I take 1 bc I'm not sure if it'll work and I got migraines. Well he says it's not cheaper tho. because 1 pill would be $30!! *my disbelief they;re fucking me bc of my condition even hear a women in the back laugh* I said ok I take the damn pills you fucking *....* (he was indian)

Short conclusion.
Cialis is sittin in my pocket for 1.5 months now. Not sure to try and take it. Not sure if it will work or just give me headaches (am migraine patient).

This is no fun.

.. And I just want to fuck..

Advice pls kind anons?


R: 11
I'm 17yo and in my last year of high school.I live with my divorced mom who is 36yo and is very pretty.I like young girls around my age and have fucked a few,with protection.I consider myself to be an average horny teen boy and like sex sites like this on the internet.

R: 5
I am 18yo and never been with a girl.My friends tell me i should go to a massage parlor and pay a girl to massage my penis & more.I have looked at videos on the internet and it looks wonderful.Can someone give me advice on how to do this,and what i should pay,and any other advice i need???

R: 7
I am looking to spice things up in the bedroom with my wife and cannot think of things that she would like done or willing to try can anyone give me a bit of advice on this.

R: 0
I smear Marmite on the end of my cock and then get my cat to lick it off. Gotta love that rough tongue!

R: 0
I confess,i have a fettish for FURS. I've had it since i was a little boy and felt some fur mittens against my penis.Do any of you have a similar thing??

R: 3
An earlier post a reader mentioned about his teacher fondling him, which made me remember something that happened to me when I was in middle school. Funny I had not even thought about this till I read his article. So I guess, in this day and age, one would say I was a child who was molested by an adult, but it never felt that way, and I have never had any bad feelings or guilt or whatever from what happened, in fact I think I am still kind of proud that that teacher picked me, it felt really good to be noticed and singled out and when I look back at what happened all I can think of is how great it felt.

I always liked music, my family had a piano and dad or mom would play stuff on it sometimes, mostly at Xmas time when everyone would stand around and sing carols etc.
As a kid I would try to play it, mother taught me a thing called chopsticks, it was fun to learn it. So when I went to middle school they said I should take a band class, so I joined band, there was a choice of instruments, and of course since we owned a piano that is what I picked.

Our band teacher was a really pretty lady, she had light brown curly hair, young I guess around 25 and always wore kind of short dresses She was very stylish compared to the other teachers in the school, and she always wore really nice high heel shoes. I guess most of the boys had a crush on her. Her name was Miss Green

We all had stuff to practice, and then come back the next day and play it at school, I found it easy to do, I learned to string together various pieces we had to learn into one long song, it was just a fun thing to do, one day after class I had access to the music room so I sat down and was going through this composition of mine, I would edit the tempo and notes of all the songs to get it to blend into a single piece of music. When I stopped I felt someone behind me and it was Miss Green. She complimented me on what I had done and asked me if anyone had helped me, I told her no, it was just something I liked to do. She told me she would keep the music room door open after class for a couple of hours while she listened to our homework that all the students had to turn in on tape, and I was welcome to come and practice.

So that is what happened each week, sometimes she would sit beside me and we would play a duet , Miss Green was really good. When we were on the piano bench our legs would touch when we worked the pedals, It was kind of exciting, I did whatever I could so that my leg would touch hers. I guessed she noticed it, because she kind of bumped my shoulder one day and said, wow you are a bold ! I thought she did not notice, and I felt myself getting red, I guess she noticed because she said “ Don’t worry, I don’t mind, and gave me a little kiss on the cheek”

From that day onwards it seemed we would just seem to try to touch each other every chance we got, while playing the keys our hands would bump, our legs and elbows and it became kind of like a game we would laugh together at my mistakes, and clumsy attempts to bump into her.

PTA day came and when my mother came by to the class, Miss Green was talking to her, afterward on the way home Mom said to me that Miss Green was very pleased with my progress and had told her that she gave private lessons to kids at her home, and that she felt I was good enough that she thought I could become really good if I had extra lessons, the problem was Mom and Dad were not sure they could afford it. About a week later Mom told me they had called Miss Green and worked out a schedule that they could afford and so two days a week I would stop by her home and get two hours of lessons.

The first day at Miss Greens home I was nervous standing at the door, when she came to it I almost choked, she was dressed like one of the teenage girls, a little shirt tied at the waist I could see her stomach and a pair of jean shorts, and she was barefoot. She led me into her living room and she had a small baby grand piano, really nice one. She had some music out already and worked me through some drills, then we worked on finger exercises. I know I kept looking at her legs, and her belly button and she caught me, she said “ I don’t think you are paying attention to the music” then she giggled and said “ Do you like what you see?” I guess I mumbled something because my voice kind of cracked, and she said “I guess I will take that as a yes” Then she started to massage my shoulders as she stood behind me, she said she was doing this to relax me, it did feel good. She worked her hands down my sides all the way to my waist and then traced her hand down my legs, all this time I was trying to play a piece she had put on the stand, I think I lost it when she touched my leg then I felt her breath on my neck and she was kissing it, I had never been kissed before, just relatives kissing when there were birthdays etc. I did not know what to do, I guess I stopped playing and she said don’t stop .. keep playing, so I tried to keep doing it, but when she started to lick my ear I think my hands would not work, she said I needed to relax, and I felt her hands on my pant buttons opening them, now I knew all about masturbation, I had been doing it for about a year, when I was in the bathroom sneaking one of dads magazines,;. She said “Oh look what we have here and proceeded to pull out my penis and started masturbating me” I could not control myself, almost instantly I felt myself starting to come, I guess she did too because right about then she squeezed me really hard, and even though I was coming nothing came out and it hurt like hell like everything was trapped in there, I know I said “it hurts” and she said “ wait” and when I had stopped pulsing still holding my penis she kind of dragged me to the nearby toilet and let go her grip and stuff just flew out in jets, it was a relief, but it hurt. I really could not think. She got a towel wet it in warm water and wiped me up. Then said “ Now you should be able to play better, and walked me back to the piano. I guess I did feel relaxed, but my penis still hurt, and an hour later I was done practicing. As I was finishing she said to me “ Now, if you want to keep coming here and practicing, there are some rules, one is that you can never tell anyone what we did, ever, no one, not your mother, father or any of your friends at school, or you and I will get in a lot of trouble” I told her I would not tell. To which she said well I will see you on Thursday then.

If there is any interest regarding this, I will continue next week, just leave a comment and let me know..

R: 1
I'm 28 years old, been dating the same girlfriend for 2 years. She moved in with me last August. I really love her a lot and I would never cheat on her (I've even had dreams where I could have cheated on her but refused to) but all the same, I seem to have this problem... 

I didn't get laid in high school, though there were several girls in my senior class and in grades below me that I would have fucked silly if I had the chance. I was an awkward weirdo back then. I also didn't get laid in COLLEGE, which is pretty much mating season as far as human beings are concerned. I was 22 and a few months out of college the first time I had sex. 

Lately I've been thinking about all those hot girls I knew in high school that I didn't get to fuck, and how badly I still want them. What I've been craving more than anything are nude pics of them, either from back then or within the last few years. Same thing applies to girls I was friend-zoned by in college. I've found myself lurking AnonIB's regional board for my state, hoping, praying, keeping my  fingers crossed that one day I'll get lucky and see a girl posted on there that I actually know. Because nude pics are, for some reason, a helluva lot hotter if I actually KNOW the person in them. 

I feel like if I can get a naked pic of that blonde girl, or that brunette, or that ginger with the big tits, etc, and have a mind-blowing jerk off to it once, I'll be cured. In the past, my girlfriend has told me that she's fine with me looking at porn, and that there's nothing wrong with looking as long as I'm not able to touch the person I'm viewing. So I started wondering if the same thing applied to these naked pics of these high school/college friends I wanted... 

R: 25
Nudes of sisterI want to get nudes of my sister she's really fucking hot and kinda dumb
I was thinking I would set up a fake email and trick her to sending me some good idea?
Any tips
Will post results for anyone who helps
Thanks in advance and here's my ex as incentive

R: 4
any good website to see webcam?

R: 6
I used this picture of Ella, because Carol has the same waif like face, skin and hair color and is the same age I think.

So here is my confession:

When I was in College, my parents hired a woman to cook for us since they were both working. She had a daughter who she would bring to the house after her school gave out for the day. She was in 5th grade. and 9 years old. She was really cute, very quiet and would sit at the dinner table doing her homework every day.

By the time I got home it was time to dress out for sports and leave the house, which is what I usually did every day, then by the time I would return they would be gone.

I noticed her always, blond, slim, shy and pretty, wearing her school uniform, she would sometimes look up as I walked in to get a drink but mostly it was me who said hi, and then left, she was pretty quiet but she had a nice smile. She is 9 and I am 25,

One day when I got home our cook asked me if I had a minute? I said sure, what is up and she said that her daughter was having a really hard time with Algebra, and did I think I could help her? I said sure, and went over to look at what she was doing, it was pretty simple stuff, solving equations, so I sat down and explained how to do it step by step, it took about 3 different ones to get her to do one right. I think she was nervous, its really strange, but its almost like she was sweating and I could smell this strange little girl smell from her, a mixture of body smells and chewing gum, it was somehow a bit of a turn on. I thought to myself wow that is wierd, she is just a kid. So after she kind of got the idea on how to do her math I left to go to practice.

The next day, as usual she was there, and I stopped by and asked her how it was going, this time she actually smiled and said better, but she still did not like algebra :)
So I sat down and went through the days assignment with her and made sure it was ok. Her mother stopped by and brought me a fresh brownie and milk. That pretty much made my day. So this became my routine every day, when I came home from College I would help her with her math. We chatted about all kinds of things and I noticed she would lean against me sometimes when watching me doing a problem for her.

Always through it all I would get this smell of little girl perfume, chewing gum, maybe sweat? I dont know something a bit musky. All I know I found myself looking forward to seeing her at home for a few hours each day.

One day, when I was sitting at the table helping her with some English, she looked up at me and said Thank you Peter. I do not know why but I kissed her on the top of her head and said, you are always welcome Carol. She got this really big smile when I did that stood on tippy toes and kissed me back right on the nose! I thought it was cute. After that it seemed we got more playful, I found myself looking for an excuse to be close to her or touch her hair or shoulder, and it seemed she did the same.

Then one day our housekeeper told my parents that her father had taken and she wondered if she could leave Carol with us for a week, while she took care of things out of town, my mother said of course, and I volunteered to reach her to school each day and pick her up, so it was settled, we fixed up the guest room for Carol, and she came over with her bags one evening.
Carol seemed really lonely the first few days after her mother left, and my mother made it a point to try to take her places to keep her busy. Then one evening after I had gone to bed and was reading a book, I heard a gentle knock on the door, I opened it and it was Carol wearing her pink and white pyjamas. and barefoot.. I asked here what is up? and she said she was afraid her room made creaky noises,, I tried to tell her that was the heating pipes, they always do that, and she just asked can she just stay in my room. I knew it was a really bad idea, but I said yes, just for a while, upon which she just got on the bed and curled up.. Not knowing what else to do I closed the door and got in bed, taking care to not be too near to her.

I must have stayed up two hours reading, she was asleep. I soon fell asleep and the next thing I knew it was morning and I was awake, I looked over where Carol should have been and she was gone. Thank God I thought and went to take a shower.

The next few days were uneventful, except about two days later Carol was back in my room. My mother knew and just laughed and said be careful, I think she thinks you are her boy friend.. that made me blush I think because I said come on mom.. give me a break!...

Well Carols moms father was in a hospital in ICU.. we found out and she would have to stay there another few weeks, so the family settled in to having no housekeeper and Carol as an extra member of the family.

Carol meanwhile was making my room her own mostly every night now, she would bring her pillow and curl up next to me. Then one night as I am laying asleep I swear i could feel her hand under the covers, touching my chest hair. I woke, and laid very still, and yes she was exploring, very gently touching my chest, my arms, my stomach and then to my shock she got down to my penis and ran her hand gently over it, I could not help it, I could feel myself getting hard, and she got really still, not moving, I know she was looking at my face to see if I awoke, but I played dead, so she continued just resting her hand on me as I got hard, not moving it at all just resting her hand on it. Then suddenly she moved away and seemed to curl up and that was it, I peeked over and her eyes were closed and seemed to be asleep.

Well the next day my mothers words were ringing in my head, and I did not know weather to ask Carol what she was doing or just pretend I did not know. Two days went by, she never did it again although she did come over and crawl into bed. Then on the third day she did it again. This time she was bolder, she actually got her hand in the fly of my pyjamas and held my penis, I was so turned on I could have just come without any movement, and that is when I felt her moving and the next thing was this hot wet feeling on my penis, I knew it was her mouth, and I came in about two seconds, of course I was awake, and I know I said oh god carol I am coming and she never moved her mouth from my penis, just stayed perfectly still her lips around it and I could hear her swallowing. When I finished she took her mouth off it and I could see her smile in the dim light of the room and she whispered " I love you Peter" and then just curled up against me.

And that was the start of a very long and very sexual relationship.

R: 16
Pic related: I occasionally (like once a month or so) like to look at stuff like this, not nude or anything, and I'm never attracted to children outside of my computer screen. I also love fucking my girlfriend, love watching all types of porn from BBW (one of my favorite kinds), to bondage, to classic porn star porn, to amateur, to ebony, to asian, and even tons of Hentai (also one of my favorites, having a collection of almost 100gb of movies). What would I even be considered... I don't like the idea of really having sex with kids, I don't find it appealing at all, but I do like looking at non nude pics like that, mostly because of the well defined and smaller features that remind me of anime characters as weird as that may sound.

So what do you think /con/? Not bashing pedo's here, if loving little girls is your thing, that's you, as long as you don't go raping small children I don't care, but; WTF is wrong with me?

R: 1
i've been taking yoga classes on a off for a few years.  my favorite type of class are the hot yoga class due to the heat helping the stretch.  but as a side bonus since every one sweats so much due to the 100+ F degrees temp most people tend to wear minimal clothing.  anyway in the last 2 weeks two young girls started to come to the class.

one is asian and the other one caucasian.  i would guess they are about 13-14 years old.  i posted the pix of a girl around that age.  they have cute little developing A cup boobs.  small torso when compare to their relatively long limbs (both arm and legs).  and they definitely are in their awkward stages are they are growing into their body.  they both tend to slouch a little bit and you can tell then kind of have bad postures...

normally the class are filled with 35-50 years old men and women (mostly women of course) since this is the suburbs...  it's really refreshing have some cuties to look at for a change...

watching them in their little skimpy swim 2 piece is nice...  it makes me mad on how i would love to touch a hot young body like that...  will i ever get to in this life time???  i hope so but for now i can only fantasize...

R: 8
I have a confession to make.

I'm having sex with my sister.
I'm 24 and she's 18. She's very juvenile though. She still lives with mom and dad, has no job and just going to college like she's still going to high school.

Anyway, I got a promotion from a job where I traveled a lot. So I got an apartment near where my family lives. It must have been 6 years since I've been able to really settle down.

So after I settle in, my sister would always stay at my place and pretty much sleep at home. I think she mainly just wanted to get away from our parents.

Anyway, sometimes she would sleep over if she got in a fight with our parents or if it was just really late.
I live in a one bedroom apartment, so she would usually sleep in bed with me.
She always went to sleep at about 1-2am, and I would sleep at about 3-4.
I didn't mind either. She didn't snore, move around too much or hog the blanket.

But then spring time(last year) came, and I noticed that my little sister wasn't very little any more.
She wore short training shorts and tight cotton tops around the apartment. Especially since I opted not to have the air conditioner running much.

So then it was time for me to sleep, and she was already sleeping.
Having been working a job that had me traveling year round left me with little chance to get to know a girl long enough to get her in bed. So naturally, I was VERY horny.

So thinking with my dick, I started spooning my sister.
I'm sure she woke up, but I don't think she did anything.
I just pressed my body against hers and just smelled her hair as I fell asleep.
Of coarse with my boner pressing against her.

Next time around, the same thing. With no objection from her.
The first time it sated my desire, but this time it didn't do much for me. So I took my hips and pressed it against her body. Slowly, but surely dry humping her til I fell asleep.(Yes, I was that desperate and pitiful)

I was pleasantly surprised when she decided to sleep over again the next night. I guess she was enjoying out nights together. So I spooned with her again. But this time I reached my hand over and grabbed her boob.
She took her hand to mind, but didn't push it away, so I just continued to massage it. 
Then I started kissing and licking her neck as I gyrated my crotch against her ass.
Then I reached down and started playing with her pussy. Like a nice, clean girl she was well shaven and quite moist. The anticipation of our nightly escapades must get her quite horny as well.
I couldn't take any more. I took off my clothes and started taking her off as well. 

I rolled her onto her back and got on top of her and started to fuck her.
Before I could penetrate, she tried to stop me. She didn't try very hard though because it was easy for me to push in.
I pressed in until I got balls deep and she showed no resistance. We continued to fuck and her tight little pussy was too much for me and was about to come. So I pulled out and came all over her body. She went to the bathroom to clean up and didn't say a word. Before she came back I fell asleep.

The next day she was there again, and she didn't really say anything. She was just sitting down watching tv. So I sat by her and put my arm around her. Looked her in the eye and told her it's all right and not to be embarrassed. So I kissed her and we eventually fucked again.

Now we fuck regularly, always raw and I'd pull out. She's planning on taking birth control pills soon so I can start cumming in her instead of pulling out.

R: 86
I hate the fact that some people want to hurt LGs and I have found a place for people that like LGs like me to see. check it out if you are interested.

R: 1
   Hello. This is probably, by far, the best section of iChan or any other chan, ever. Although it "had" never happened to me, the stories of incest are my faves, especially those of family fun. But let me get to my story.
   The picture I sent is from some girl named Nicky, as I learned by the pix caption. I found it in google and almost had a heart attack, because her ressemblance to my 13 year old daughter, Elise, is uncanning. I mean, right fucking down to the eyes and lips.
   My daughter Elise and I have had a rocky relationship since her mother and I divorced, and needless to say, I see her very little. I know she hates coming to stay on the occasional weekend, because God forbids that you separate her from her friends, but she does come and stays with my mother so she's right next door with her cousins.
   Earlier, I said that the incest thing "had" never happened to me. Well, that was until Father's day 2012. Usually on Father's Day, Elise puts aside her grudge, and comes to stay with me. She fakes having a great time, and I fake that I don't notice, so it works out ok. But this year, thing took a bit of a weird turn that has me on a dream state since.
   I went to pick up Elise on Friday, for our weekend together and got to my apartment at about 6pm. She set out to put all her stuff away and I ordered her favorite Hawaiian Pizza. She came down in a long, sleep t-shirt, and we ate. Later, she commandeered the remote and we sat down to watch her stuff, boring for my age, but I was happy to oblige. She reclined on the sofa's arm and soon was out like a baby. I softly took the remote from her, happy to be able to switch to CSI, my favorite show. I got involved in my show and quickly forgot about my sleeping daughter next to me, that is until I took a glance over to her and got the shock of my life.
   Now, I am not going to lie and say that I never check out my daughter. With her gorgeous, developing body, it would be nearly impossible not to check her out. But when I turned to look at her, and saw her legs spread open and the most beautiful shaved slit I had ever seen, my 9 inch cock reached for the heavens is 2 seconds flat. I found myself on a dilema, because if I wake her, she would be very embarassed, and if I didn't, I would be in the precerious position of having to watch tv with a boner supreme.
   I tried to watch tv, but kept being attracted to my daughter's lovely cunt. Finally, I needed some relief, and softly started to get up to go to my room. This is where my (our) lives changed forever. As I was getting up, my heart nearly jumped when my daughter said, "Are you going to jerk off, dad?" Loss for words is an understatement, so I asked her, "Why would you say that, baby?" I realized how stupid I sounded when she said, "Dad, for the past hour, you have been looking at my pussy, and it is obvious where you're going." She had me. "Well, I am a guy, and our hormones rule our bodies." She just smiled at me and said, "Mine too." I had to get outta there cause it was getting to be very intense a talk for a father and daughter to have, so I told her I was heading upstairs, but it was obvious that my, not so innocent, daughter had an agenda. She put her feet across my legs, and said, "Dad, you're always complaining that I don't come see you," her foot started rubbing my cock, "so, stop being a prude and get with the fucking program!" I was confused, "Program?" Life as I know it was about to end. "Yup! You spend an hour looking at my pussy, now you know that I knew, and for the last 15 minutes, I have been signaling you to fuck me, and you act dumb."
"Baby, I don't think...."
"Jesus Dad! Do I have to fucking beg?" And before you asked, no, I'm not a virgin."
   At that moment, I lost it. I just grabbed her, pulled her to me, and we kissed like crazy. I carried her over to my bedroom, where I proceeded to fuck my daughter for hours.
   I really don't know how the fuck kids learn to fuck these days, but my daughter fucked me in ways unimaginable. If her mother knew how lousy a fucking lover she was, next to our daughter, she'd blow her top. I mean, our daughter sucks cock like she means it! Ball sucking, head nibbling, shaft licking and her hunger for cum was evident when she didn't lose a single drop of my copious load. Our daughter's clitoris was like a detonator, it just made her pussy explode over and over, in a very loud fashion, every time I ate her. My biggest fear was my 9 inch cock, but no worries, she rode my cock like a pro and she was very verbal, demanding for me to fuck her hard. She wanted me, in her own words, to "destroy her pussy", and that's exactly what I did, over and over for the whole weekend. 
   Now, my daughter and I have a new found relationship, and although it is based on sex, she is softening to showing me more love. My daughter is not the perfect girl, she's not the perfect daughter, but she's the perfect lover. She says that she intends to enjoy my cock for a long time, and I ain't complaining.
   This story is true and it might have further parts, so stay tune.

R: 50
i masterbate to my cousin......she has her own thread on a different chan

pic unrelated

R: 23
I'd like to make a confession that I am a 23 year old woman now. A college graduate. Work full time. Have a steady boyfriend. And I had a sexual relationship with 2 men when I was 8 and 9 years old.

I met my friend's uncle and her uncle's friend when I had a sleep over at her house when I was eight. Her uncle and his friend touched me, tongue kissed me, had anal sex with me, and ejaculated on me, and had orgies with my friend.
I found the experience weird at first but I really had fun with them and they were very nice to me. I kept going to my friends, and we did other "normal" stuff, like play video games, play outside, watch movies, but in addition to that, had sex. I actually never had vaginal sex back then, other just having myself or someone else touch me there.

Looking back, I really have fond memories of it, pretty much like other enjoyable experiences in my childhood. My parents don't know anything about it, or anyone else for that matter. I have kind of hinted to my boyfriend about it, he seemed surprised but cool about it. I wouldn't tell him much other than I kissed a man when I was eight.

R: 18
Bestfriend confusion...So there's this girl that I've become practically best friends with. Thing is, she's really hot. Should I hold in my feelings for her or tell her? Sounds like elementary stuff but i'm 17...

Picture related. Only pic of her I have on my phone.

R: 1
im in a position where im involve in raves and of course you need money to get to these parties..any idea how i can convince girl to exchange sexual favors in return getting access to these parties?

R: 34
My sister Natalie and I shared a bedroom up until Natalie first started Middle School and I was still in grade school. Sharing a room at that young of age meant that Natalie and I didn't see anything wrong with casual nudity. Natalie and I would get ready in the morning, like shower and go to the bathroom without being modest about it. So at least twice a day we could see each other without clothes and it just wasn't a big deal.

We really liked sharing a room. We would talk late into the night and when we were older we even had a TV and video games that we played together. We would also occasionally do the "play doctor" thing.

My sister really blossomed into a beautiful young girl in the later part of the 8th grade and summer before the 9th grade. Being only 13 months older than me meant that Natalie and I went through puberty at more or less the same time. Up to then she was basically a tomboy but always popular in her class. I guess she was cute then, but being her brother I didn't notice it. Also there was the weirdness factor of her being my sister. But starting in the 9th grade, even with the weirdness factor, I knew she was hot from the way guys were attracted to her. Even older men who were in College or older would chat her up looking to ask her for a date.

The picture is Allison Stokke and Natalie has a passing resemblance to her. They are alike in one other way. Natalie was a competitive swimmer and joined the High School girls swim team as a freshman. She was OK, but not a top swimmer. No one thought she could get a scholarship for swimming. During the season, some old guy started coming to her swim meets and was taking pictures of her and then videos of her. He had very nice cameras, not just consumer stuff. He wouldn't even pretend to take pictures of other girls. The meets didn't have many people watching -- hell, I never went (but our Mom did) -- and this guy seemed always to be there. And no one knew who he was, he wasn't a parent or related to anyone. My Mom noticed this and complained and the guy was basically told never to come to the meets again.

We didn't share a room at that point, but we did share a bathroom that connected our bedrooms. And we each had a door from our room to the bathroom and we always kept them open. We thought of the whole thing as one big bedroom. We used the same bathroom every morning at the same time, showering and whatnot and we still saw each other nude every single day. We just never had learned modesty towards each other.

When we went through puberty together, we obviously noticed signs that we were becoming adults, as the health pamphlets always say. I remember walking into the bathroom one night and Natalie was shaving her vagina. I was curious about that, not really turned on, but I did wonder whether girls in my class were doing it, and that idea turned me on. But, really, at that point, we were both much more worried about pimples than pubic hair. We joked about both those things all the time.

Even so, I guess it is not surprising that we ended up having sex and becoming lovers through high school and even in college.

I am now 21 years old and Natalie and I have been having sex regularly since she was a freshman in high school and I was a year behind her in middle school. Natalie graduated from college last year and became a pharmaceutical rep selling to doctors.

She has met a guy she wants to marry this summer. I am kind of bummed about it. I love my sister, wish her the best marriage and life possible. And we both realized that this would eventually happen. Either she would meet a guy or I would meet a woman. One of us would get married first. We have always talked about meeting someone abstractly, and there has always been jealousy about going out with other people, especially during high school and especially if we thought it might lead to sex. Less so when we both went to college, but it was still there.

I am going to visit her soon, she works in another city. Her fiancé is a physician but they don't live together yet. I am not sure what will happen, but I visited her last month. We talk at least once a week and visit as much as we can, like once or twice a month. We had sex a couple of times when I visited last month. They were dating then but they weren't engaged and I didn't realize they were getting serious. I tried to talk with her about it, but she wasn't very forthcoming and this is typical when either of us are dating someone else on a regular basis. We have learned never to ask the other if they are having sex.

I wonder whether we will have sex when I visit, and I think I will try and avoid it. Maybe tell her I want to stay in a hotel or something that will give her a signal that I won't have sex with her now.

That's my confession. I could use advice, but in the end I have to figure out what I am going to do myself.

R: 7
To most people, I would be consider a sick individual, but to myself I am a normal person with normal feelings. you see, in my life, everything and anything goes, sexually speaking. I had a normal childhood and always did good in school, but I became aware of my sexuality at an early age. Playing "Doctor" with my sister at the age of 6, I would kiss her 8 yr old pussy, until one day I accidentally licked her slit and I was hooked. One day I just opened her legs and started licking away until I had her moaning and groaning. But that was the extend of it, mostly due to my inmaturity and innexperience. When I turned 8, I started experimenting with boys from school, doing circle jerks, comparing sizes, and even experimenting with blowjobs and anal sex. I discovered that I loved being with boys as well. But I started wanting more. It seems that my "buddies" little ddicks were not enough, and I started dreaming of being with a grown up man. In school, there were talks about this man in town, who like little boys and had just gotten out of jail for raping some boys. So, in me quest for being with an older man, I decided that I would try to see if he would do it to me. I put a pair of my sister's panties and went to his house. To make a long story short, I went over, he let me in, and my life changed forever. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen and I was instantly hypnotized. I sucked the head which is all I could do and he came in my mouth. I love the taste and mede him cum in my mouth like 3 more times that afternoon. But I went there tofeel a real man's cock in my ass, and although I was terrified shitless, I told him to fuck me. I don't know how my 8 yr old asshole stratched over his cock, but it did, and after some excrutiating pain, he fucked me good, long and hard and I was in heaven. I saw him many times after that for some great fucking and sucking. My quest for fucking a girl didn't have to wait much either, a woman on my paper route took cara of it. I had  taken to wear panties under my pants and although I started wearing my sister's, I went to a boutique in town and got the courage to buy some. So wearing panties became a habit for me to this day. One day when I was 10, I got a little careless during my paper delivery and when this lady payed me, I kneeled to get my wallet from the bag on the bike, and she saw my lacey panties. She asked me why I was wearing panties, and I freaked out because she was the first person to ever find out. I was visibly nervous and she invited me in. We had a long talk about sex and life and when I told her that I've never been with a girl, she set out to fix that. how it happened is besides the point, but it suffices to say that over a course of 9 months, this woman showed me everything there is to know about loving a woman. To some people, she would be a pedophile, to me, she was the woman who turned me into the good lover I am today. I will continue tomorrow. Pic not related, yet. (lol)

R: 0
To most people, I would be consider a sick individual, but to myself I am a normal person with normal feelings. you see, in my life, everything and anything goes, sexually speaking. I had a normal childhood and always did good in school, but I became aware of my sexuality at an early age. Playing "Doctor" with my sister at the age of 6, I would kiss her 8 yr old pussy, until one day I accidentally licked her slit and I was hooked. One day I just opened her legs and started licking away until I had her moaning and groaning. But that was the extend of it, mostly due to my inmaturity and innexperience. When I turned 8, I started experimenting with boys from school, doing circle jerks, comparing sizes, and even experimenting with blowjobs and anal sex. I discovered that I loved being with boys as well. But I started wanting more. It seems that my "buddies" little ddicks were not enough, and I started dreaming of being with a grown up man. In school, there were talks about this man in town, who like little boys and had just gotten out of jail for raping some boys. So, in me quest for being with an older man, I decided that I would try to see if he would do it to me. I put a pair of my sister's panties and went to his house. To make a long story short, I went over, he let me in, and my life changed forever. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen and I was instantly hypnotized. I sucked the head which is all I could do and he came in my mouth. I love the taste and mede him cum in my mouth like 3 more times that afternoon. But I went there tofeel a real man's cock in my ass, and although I was terrified shitless, I told him to fuck me. I don't know how my 8 yr old asshole stratched over his cock, but it did, and after some excrutiating pain, he fucked me good, long and hard and I was in heaven. I saw him many times after that for some great fucking and sucking. My quest for fucking a girl didn't have to wait much either, a woman on my paper route took cara of it. I had  taken to wear panties under my pants and although I started wearing my sister's, I went to a boutique in town and got the courage to buy some. So wearing panties became a habit for me to this day. One day when I was 10, I got a little careless during my paper delivery and when this lady payed me, I kneeled to get my wallet from the bag on the bike, and she saw my lacey panties. She asked me why I was wearing panties, and I freaked out because she was the first person to ever find out. I was visibly nervous and she invited me in. We had a long talk about sex and life and when I told her that I've never been with a girl, she set out to fix that. how it happened is besides the point, but it suffices to say that over a course of 9 months, this woman showed me everything there is to know about loving a woman. To some people, she would be a pedophile, to me, she was the woman who turned me into the good lover I am today. I will continue tomorrow. Pic not related, yet. (lol)

R: 8
This is not a story of fiction. it is a true story, and I don't mind telling it cuz I need not mention names. I have been happily married for 8 years to a wonderful woman. she is the reason for my being in more ways than one, and that's mainly because she's my biological mother. This is not the story you commonly hear about boys who are seduced by their mother with their cheessy "fuck mommy good" storyline. I grew up with a normal upbringing, and since my mother and father divorced, it was just mom and I. still, it was a normal mom/son relationship. I graduated from high school and went to college in a neighboring state, and a year later, I came home to spend the summer with my mother. This is where things turned weird. From the time she picked me up at the airport, I could tell that the chemistry about us had changed. It was kind of as if we had just met. For the first time in my life, I started to notice how hot my mother really was and I would devour her with my eyes everytime I could. The weirdest thing is that she gave me the impression that she felt the same way about me. It was a very tense first week and I finally had the courage to search for answers. One day we were watching a movie, both sitting on the couch, and I asked her what was happening to us. She she said that she didn't know but that she definitely could feel it too. We talk for a bit and she asked me to be honest and to tell her how I felt so I went for broke and told her that since I came home, I started to see her in a different way and I was feeling very attracted to her. This was the turning point of our life. She started to cry and with teary eyes, admitted to feeling the same way. All things said and done, I held her face in my hands, wiped away her tears and gave her the kiss that ended our mother and son relationship forever. We practically devoured each other with an incredible passion and I took her upstairs to her bedroom. We undressed each other and fell in bed, where we made love. we couldn't get enough of each other and loved each other to exhaustion. A long talk the following morning showed no regrets on either side and as if it was the normal thing in the world, we both agreed to be lovers, although without commitment. I moved into her room and stayed there for the rest of the summer. About a week before I was to leave, during a steamy love session, I told her that I was in love with her. Later, as we layed side by side, we discussed it and realized that we were both hopelessly in love with each other. I said that I would take a year off from college so we could persue our relationship and move home again. This between us got better and better and we knew we were meant for each other. We moved close to my college and I enrolled again to continue my studies. Two years later, with the help of a friend of mine who was a Lawyer, I was able to change my birth facts so that my mother and I could legally marry. We married and our relatioship is as strong as ever. We plan to adopt a baby this coming year and become parents of our first child. I am now a resident at a prominent hospital in our city and plan to open a private practice soon. I never intended the turn of events in my life, and I'm sure my mother didn't either, but we "found" each other and now I could no imagine life different. Only I know that she's my mother and to our circle of friends, we are a happily married couple. All in all, I can say I have had the perfect life, and I intend for it to stay that way. By the way, all I can show is her tits, so please, don't ask for more.

R: 11
Advice?Ok, there is this girl that goes to my school, problem is, She is really hot and its intimidating. Once in the hallways she asked if I could write her last name in cursive as a fake signature. I sucked, but there were other people in the hall and I sortof think she might have thought I was attractive but I dont know. Any advice on aproching her? I dont really want to do it when she's with her friends, but I dont want to stop her when she's on her way to class either ): Can anyone help? Plz dont put stuff like "Stop being a pussy and just talk to her" She has braces and I think thats reaaaaaly cute on a girl. PS Name Brittany Bolts


R: 87
my bada long time ago..like 30 years ago,i was about 20 and my niece was about 7.i was babysitting her,my sister was out all night alot those days meeting some guy.i was helping my niece with her homework and this day she had to do a science thing,it was about tastebuds,she was supposed to blindfold a subject and have them stick out their tongue and apply salty,sweet,bitter,etc to different areas of the tongue and ask if the person tasted it etc.evidently you only taste certain things in certain areas of the tongue.
i told her i would do the testing and write her responses down and all she had to do was re-write everything in her handwriting and her assignment was done.
i used a necktie to blindfold her and sat her on the arm of the couch,and i told her i would tie her hands behind her back so she would not try to cheat and remove the blindfold.
i went to the kitchen to get flavor supplies and she sat giggling.in the science book they used q-tips to apply the flavors.i used my finger at first with syrup and then my thumb with peanut butter.
i was getting an erection watching her suck the things off my thumb and feeling her tongue licking.
she was having fun and the "experiment"more or less was forgotten about and it was just her enjoying sweets and me getting off on her sucking stuff off me.well,by now you probably know what i did,i pulled out my dick and she sucked strawberry jam off of it.she never said anything about it not feeling like my thumb and i continued to use only the jam and no other tastes.
she never said anything about "thats still jam try something else" or "thats not your thumb what is that?"
and i just dipped my cock in the jam over and over and stuck it in her mouth and let her clean it off.she didnt complain when i moved it in and out of her mouth even after the jam was all cleaned off.i think she knew what was going on even at 7 years old.she had seen my brother in laws hustler magazines before.she just giggled when i pulled out. i'd say ready? and she'd giggle and shake her head yes. i did this until i had an orgasm and ejaculated in her mouth.she cleaned it all off like it was jam and when i pulled out of her mouth she licked her lips and giggled an odd embarassed sort of giggle.
we stopped then and just cuddled and watched tv.the next morning i was scared she would say something around my sister or to her.she did not.
the next night i asked her if she wanted to do the "taste experiment" again and she excitedly ran and got the neckties to blindfold her and tie her hands behind her back. we did the same thing without any pretense,i just dropped my jeans and she more or less gave me head until she swallowed my ejaculate after only on dip in the jam.we did this all summer every night.after a week it took me almost an hour to finish and she never said a thing while we did it or afterwards and we always cuddled on the couch and watched tv when we were done.
i moved out of my sisters house after that summer and school started again.we still never talk about it and she is 30 years old now.every family gathering i see her and feel odd and almost want to ask her about this but am scared,i get the feeling she also wants to ask me but is scared.we still get along great and love each other very much.i'd hate to ruin things ,should i ask her if she remembers the "taste experiment"?

R: 21
To but or not to buy?Ok ADV/ I have one.

A friends daughter has asked me to buy her a vibrator. I am not sure what to do. If her mother found it, she would go berserk. She tells me that her fingers and the sharpie markers are not working anymore. I would love to play with her but, I love this girl like she was my own daughter.

So, ADV/ what should I do?

Pic related

R: 10
ScreamerWhen a girl is rather vocal during sex, how loud is too loud? Do you like screamers? How do you feel about your roommates hearing? How do you let a girl know shes being too loud?

R: 25
My confession,

I used to have this hard crush on this young babe as a kid. She always wore skin tight pants where you could see her fuckin panty lines and it always drove me crazy. I used to fantasize about snatching up her panties one day so I could enjoy the privilege of jerking off into her little panties.

I used to watch her as a peeping tom and would often wonder what kinds of panties she wore when she was home. One day, I broke into her bedroom in a fit of horniness and I ransacked her panty drawer and her dirty laundry hamper. I stole 18 pairs of her little panties and felt a rush of energy flush through my body. I scurried home as I stuffed her panties in my pockets and down my shorts. I felt so fuckin horny as I scampered home to discover my newly stolen panty treasures. Oh my god, I was so excited and began to seal myself up in my room as there was no one home and I locked my bedroom door. I feverishly dropped to the floor, pulled out all her sweet little panties and I couldn't believe my new stash. Holy fuck, 18 pairs of her panties.....OMG. I finally had my trophies and began to sweat with utter horniness to begin inspecting my catch....ahhhhhhh.....yaaaaaa, her shiny tight panties in my hand, on the floor, in my bedroom....her white panties, her shiny black panties, her shiny little red panties...my oh my....here we go.

I pulled out my cock with brutal passions for her and began to sniff them one by one. I held them up to my face and inspected them, I imagined how she would look in them as I began to fantasize how she always looked in her fuckin tight pants always showing her slick and super tight panty lines. Now here in my face, her sweet scent, I sniffed them ever so slowly as my mind raced with total eagerness. The shiny panties turned me on so much as I examined her little panty gusset, the trim of the lace, the soft gusset which protected her snatch from dirty little perverts like me....I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed....yummmmm. I couldn't take it, I was a slave in this moment and couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled out my cock and gently rubbed her panties on my cock.....OMG...the fabric, so soft, so gentle, so shiny as I began to rub them up and down my cock and I had completely lost myself in the midst of my panty passion. Her little panties were scattered all over my bedroom floor, it looked so fuckin beautiful....I couldn't resist it, I picked up another pair and began examining them with utter lust for her....and I stroked my cock with the first pair, and began sniffing the dirty panty gusset of the new ones in my hand, the ones I just stole....I couldn't believe it. I had her panties....18 pairs, stroking my cock with her panties, sniffing her panties, with all the other panties scattered.....this was my little panty heaven. 

I rubbed those panties of hers in which I stole so fuckin hard that I just couldn't hold back any longer....I felt the rush of an up and coming orgasm shoot through my heart, my body, and finally my cock. I moaned with such devotion as I held her panties to my face, I sniffed so deeply and rubbed those other panties of hers on my cock as I buried myself in her little teen panty stink. Oh fuck ya....I felt myself burst the biggest teenage load I had ever had all over her little panties which were wrapped around my cock. OH YA...OH YA...OH YA....as I shot the greatest load into her little panties....holy fuck ya....I pleaded. I was finished.....exhausted but finished. I laid back, with utter gratitude for being so fucking daring and having the courage to steal her panties....I smiled from ear to ear...like a hero because I knew, I had her for good. I had her panties now, they were mine. ALL MINE. 

I will always owe her so much because of the comfort i had found in her sweet little panties. I kept those panties for years as I built up my collection over the years. I must of shot thousands of loads in honour to her, through her panties I stole. 

Today, I am a bonafide panty boy because her. She doesn't know it or probably never will, but I will always be grateful to her for what she taught me as a young teenage boy. That little teenage girls panties are the best.

I often have long sessions now where my panty obsessions involve intense masturbation sessions where I scour my teenage panty girl pics and I dress up wearing lingerie and many different types of soft, silky panties. I also wear stockings and garters every time I venture off into teenage panty land. I love to wear 2 bra's at a time, stuffing them with several pairs of panties making it look like i have actual tits....panty tits of course....yum. I like to lay back in my chair, wear my stockings, garters, and panties and flip through my pics rubbing silky panties on my panty covered cock. Holy fuck, its the greatest. I am so thankful for panties.....I fuckin love panties so much.....thanks.

R: 50
Who likes this So I caught my niece Looking at hentai lastnight, what do I do?

R: 22
I want to suck a cockI am very happily married, but lately I have a STRONG desire to suck another guy's cock. I fantasize about it constantly, but don't want to jeopardize my marriage. I have no emotional desire toward other guys, I just want to suck a big cock. Should I do it?

R: 21
I have a question that I'm sure you've all heard before. Let's say, for shits and giggles, that someone might have visited some websites, or downloaded some material, that they want to get rid of off their hard drive. Is there any way to really do this? If so, what would be the best (and easiest) way to do this? Thanks in advance, I'm sure there's somebody with the expertise to help out??

R: 4
illegal sitesHow can you get busted,if you have nothing in your posession? If you download,view,then erase(not delete) you have no pics/vids.Is just going to the site,ot downloading illegal? Kinda like going to buy dope,getting pulled over,and having no evidence.Will some knowledgable person enlighten me?

R: 4
getting a slave for a day. anyone got any ideas?got a response to one of my ads on craigslist about how i was lookin for some none romantic sex.

got this response back.

'just saw your ad on CL. i'm a member of a wife slave group. (yes everything is consensual)

anyways saw your ad and brought it to my master who thought it might be fun to loan me out to someone as young as you.

says he likes the idea of someone the same age as my son fucking my cunt, and cumming inside me.

but there would be rules.

1. absolutely no condoms!

2. you can't know my name or anything specific about me.

3. i cant know anything about you.

4. i must remain in bondage the whole time.


a few emails later i got this picture; along with some info that only someone who lives in the same town as me would know.

now me and her master/husband are making arrangements for when to meet.

as it stands it looks like i'll have her all to myself from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

i'm allowed to do just about anything to her.
while i'm using her i'm gunna be takin lots of pics so i can post them here and on other boards.

so here's my question.

is there anything you all would like to see?

like my cum dripping out of her? my pissing on her? make her masturbate?

what would you all like to me do to her?

R: 3
 I've never told any of this before. I feel like I need some help.
I'm 26 year's old. I've only ever had 1 girlfriend, which I met at student accommodation at university, I've lost my virginity to her when I was 20.
At first I had problems with my erection when I was intimate with her, which was a massive blow to my confidence. I saw a doctor, he said everything is fine with my hardware. We worked on it, and figured it out.
We where together for almost 2 years, then she broke up with my email when I was in another country. After a year of not seeing each other we've started hanging out again, and having sex on a regular basis. It were sort of together, but didn't want to admit it.
During that period I've had attempted drunken sex with a flatmate, but also had problems with getting hard, which I blamed on how drunk I was. I've had a crush on her since we've started living with each other.
University ended, we both went separate ways. Same with my exgirlfriend.
My ex visited my a year or two after university, and we where having sex the same day, she stayed at my place for a couple of days. When she went back home I cried for a day.
I've never ever had any other sexual contact with girls, had a few drunken make outs, but never one night stands.
I've only been one 1 date in my life, with a girl I met via OKCupid. It didn't really work out, it was pretty awkward.
I'm scared of getting close to girls/dating, because I have a fear of not only being inexperienced with women, but also I'm freaked out that I won't get hard when it comes to getting freaky.
So this is the story of my dating life.
I'm not unattractive, I'm quite skinny, but not horribly. I've been told I have nice eyes, and my lesbian friends say I'm handsome.
Some people think I'm gay, I'm not really. It's also an issue for me when people insist I am. Anyway, any advice about dating would be appreciated! 

R: 11
Confession of guilty pleasureSo, I'm not going to lie -- I'm attracted to young boys,and I also have a thing for exhibitionism and voyeurism. I was on my way home from college classes yesterday, and right down from the college I attend, there's a bend in the road, and then a small creek. There's an elementary school farther down,and then, farther on my way home, a middle school. I saw this little blond-haired boy,about 10 or 11 years old sitting at the creek with a fishing pole. He was a little bit chubby, and pretty cute for his age. As I passed by him I yelled "Hey, cutie!" at him. I felt good that I let out some of my repressed sexual desires toward the boy. I don't think he even heard me. He kind of turned his head to the side and then back,and then back to the creek,pretty quickly. I noticed then that my dick had gotten pretty hard over this boy. I turned the car back around, drove back and then parked across from the creek. He looked back and noticed that I was parked there and he kind of kept looking at me,wondering what I was doing. I took out my cell phone, and pretended that I had just parked to get off the road while I talked on the phone. I began masturbating over him. I've only ever masturbated over a boy with him that close to me once before, a long time ago. So, because I was across the street, he couldn't tell that my pants and underwear were down,and that I was jacking off over him right in public. It was great, because just as I was almost half way to climax, he stood up,and turned around, and just kept looking over at me. I managed to look into his face from the time I was half-way into masturbating up until I came over him,shooting my cum into my car and onto/into my pants and underwear. I don't know if he was getting ready to walk over to my car or to walk home,but I managed to finish over that cute blond boy's face while he was right there watching me masturbate,and he didn't even know it. It was the most thrilling and hot sexual experience I've ever had.

R: 11
if i want to f#$% the hell out of her does that make me a pedo?

R: 3
I am new to this kind of site and I saw some questions asking about having stuff on your hard drive and would like to expand on their question.

First off how do you even get caught for these kinds of things ie. ratted out, random checks, or do people just know you have downloaded "you know"?

And also if your not known for this thing as in absolutely no one else knows you downloaded these things or even think that you would could you still get caught?

R: 6
sex with my sonI've been a single dad for a couple of years now. I adopted my son Kevin (who just turned 13) when he was 5 years old and hes had a very happy childhood so far. But over the last year or so he's been going through changes and so my little buddy hasn't been all the same. Obviously he's going through puberty. I've nearly caught him masturbating a bunch of times....seems like he does it a lot. I remember being a boy and masturbating a lot, too, at his age.

Ive been becoming sexually interested in Kevin for several years now. Kevin sometimes sleeps naked so I try to give him his space (when he doesn't know I'm peaking). This morning when I went into his room to see if he was still in bed i noticed his cum on his bed!

If I wanted to be intimate with my son, how could I get him to let me suck his dick or maybe mutually masturbate with him? I wanna give him the option if it's something that he wants to try, but not force it on him or anything. I'd love to see my boy shoot his load.

pic taken while he was sleeping this am

R: 3
Pedo or ephebo...maybe both.I like girls from ages 9+. I don't know why....can someone relate and help me?

R: 6
confessionsA little about me, I tturned 18 a bit ago, sstill in HS, and that's all you gotta know  

1) I get off on older woman, like 30-40 yrs old, and I hit on them as often as i can. It got bad like really bad,  baenough that i ended up fucking my gfs mom who has just turned 37. I flirt with alk of my moms friends as well and they love it. For some reason just the way they do things gives me a raging hard, their experienceand all. Like i have fucked close to 15 girls my age, trust me all of it sooo fucking worth it, but the lack of experience just fucking kills me.

2) obviously i flirt,and obviously i kinda dig milfs, wellmy next confession is, from age 15 to now 18, i have fucked 4 woman over the age of 30, one being my gfs mom, 2 being ome of my sisters friends mom, and btw my sisyer is only 13, and the 2 others being random thirstbuckets i managed to spark convos with. Is this wrong?

3) i lost my virginity at the age of 15, to my gf that was 14 at the time, since then i have fucked 19 girls off of memory, my age and older, behind her back, so obviously cheating. Do i tell her or keep getting her pussy and moarr

3) very unlike me, when i was 17, my sisters friend was over who was 13 at the time, the living room was too cold and my sisters room was being renovated so they slept in my room. i also slept there, and wow, what a night. i was on the phone with my gf, my sister had fallen asleep amd her friend was awake texting. she was laying at the side of my bed while my sister was laying at the foot of my bed. well i had my hand kinda floating out by my aide Nd she started to play with my fingers, almost like footsies but with hands. well, she started to tug on my hand and i quickly relaXed it and she started moving it around. it ended up on her legs, which by the way were smooth as fuck and then i felt my hand go between but happened to be the ends of her shorts and onto warm shaved pussy. i was in shock but quickly learned i had nothing to be afrqid of when she staryed to thrust her self against my hand and fingers. she started to moan but i quicly shut her up when i took the hand that she wasnt using to hold my mine and put it on my cock. she knew exactly what to do and gave me a better fap than i can give my self. i came within minutes and she did the most unreal thing at the time, and likced my cum clean off her fingers took my hand which was rubbing her virgin pussy and asked me.to fuck her, sad to say, i refused and told her i would some other time. she texts me everyday asking when she could aleepover next and shit. my question to this one is ahoud i fuck her and continue this amazingness or stop.

4) i have fucked all of my best friends gfs, exes and current. i feel bad but cant bring my slef to tell him. 

5)best one of all, senior year now, and i havent told a soul, but i finger bang one of my teachers everyday and she swallows my cock like a champ,  this is btw one of the best things to ever happen to me

5) i hate myself for all of this, i feel so wrong in doing what i do and have done, happy to say that i got my self checked out and i came out negative for everything, yet i feel dirtier than a bitch with blue waffle. am i god, and good at what we do best, or am i just a pos amd should stop everything?

Ps, my goal for before i graduate is to fuck thqt teacher and continue to fuck her even after graduation.

that was my baggage, i have more ajd could go into detail for all u sick fucks, and for all u pedos, teen pussy will never grow old, but unfortunately u are. so get used to shit your own age, i know im contradicting myself when i say this since ive nailed matures, but shit, thats just me.

R: 0
I am attracted to my niece and have been ever since I can remember. I hate my self for it also.

R: 11
Celebs and Boys.You might think I'm fucked in the head, but everything I'm about to tell you is 100% true.

I'm a matchmaker....albeit a strange one. Instead of helping people find "that special someone", I'm doing something so twisted....so strange....that I can't even come up with a proper name for it. Well, to make a long story short, I hook up young, horny boys with popular celebrities. Yep. With all the money and fame in the world, there's nothing that celebrity women love more than sucking young, tiny dick. I've been involved in "the underground" for a good five years. I chaperone what they like to call "shindigs", AKA buckwild orgies filled with nothing but starlets and kids.

I'll be taking questions. I really hope that I'm not the only one aware of this....lifestyle.

R: 1
I am now the leader of the Lapsed Catholic Church, and here are the rules my friends: Thou shalt not? Fuck that! Thou fucking shall!!

So here's the deal - this is going to be a tad long. I've posted some confessions on Motherless and AnonIB before. Now I'm trying iChan. Moralfags are going to hate, but everything I do is legal. I had an account on Motherless under the name SlutsNeedUse. I posted photos of submissive girls I've Dom'd/played with. They were labelled Sluts 01 - 05 (there are other girls I played with, only just those 5 were posted). If you want, hit up Google Image Search, set Safesearch to Off, and google that name, you'll get whatever pics still exist.

Anyhow, for a few reasons, I nuked the Motherless account. For one, one of the sluts was no longer comfy with her photos being posted there and we're not seeing each other any longer (I can't help what Google keeps). For another, I kept getting requests to whore out the girls. I'm not a fucking pimp, nor do I pay for these girls, nor are they for sale; they're just kinky friends. Beyond that, too many people wanted personal details, face shots, etc.

And finally, a few of the girls wanted to sell their panties. Sweet. I posted an add with panties from one girl, but most of the replies were from guys wanting me to hook them up with underage girls or CP. Fucking hell, where do you get that from "Slutty 18 year old girl selling panties?" For those that were legit, thanks. The girls (two of them so far) are still selling, just not on there.
So... that's gone, but there are still a few things I want to share.

1) My old confessions on other boards were mostly about younger girls. 16 and 17. I've fucked a bunch since I hit my 30s. 16 is legal where I live, with no restrictions as to age gap. The girls I post photos of are 18 mind you (it's legal to fuck a girl who is 16 at any age here, but the age to do porn is still 18). Now I've gone down that road again, getting sucked off by a 16 year old girl about a week ago, and making her squirt off a vibe. She fucking drenched the sheets! Will have some more fun with her in future, but that's just one confession of a few.

2) The photo you see at top is one of the girls from my older posts, but a new shot. Got those panties for her off an online store. I have a matching pair for one of my other subs as well. She's such a good Daddy's Girl, and yes, she was fucked in them. I'll post the back of them in another post.

3) I'm willing to take requests. That's not a confession, just saying. Within reason. No "find a nun fill her with cum make one of your girls lick it out" shit. Reasonable.

So that's my confession - I play with a lot of 16-19 year old girls, in fact in the last 5 years I've now been with 20 girls between the ages of 16 to 22; 5 of them were 16 to start. Only two were 20 or over to start.

For all the guys out there lusting after jailbiat - just find a state or country with a lower age limit (without a close in age clause), and be a reasonably nice guy. Helps if you're a perv; girls these days love to experiment.

I'm also curious if anyone else round these parts has done this.

k. I'll keep an eye on the thread if anyone wants some more pics, has questions, etc.

R: 1
I just want to rant.

After years of reading I now want to write erotic stories a bit similar to the fertile valley saga, but I feel restrictions creeping up on all erotic literature sites.
Asstr is somehow not accepting me.
SOL doesnt allow you to write stories about girls under 14 anymore.
Lolliwood is against violence and snuff..Okay, that's at least something I can understand, because they can pull the "we're pro-sex anti-violence, you're pro-violence anti-sex, which one do you think is better?" card whenever they get hate mail.
But noetheless, they have quality and grammar control.
I hate that kind of moderation, because I prefer to start with two or three sentences and then publish them and then move on with it whenever I want to.

I don't know if it's related but I also see hentai sites dissappearing quickly.
Renchan is gone, Neechan is gone. I believe not4chan is gnoe as well?

Tvtropes has gotten stricter as well even though it was supposed to be unrestricted.

Also ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, the stuff that's happening to megaupload, rapidshare, I feel our freedom is being taken away.

R: 3
Secret FeelingsI secretly have strong sexual feelings for my stepbrother, who is sleeping next to me tonight ;)

R: 7
Last month a couple of friends and I went to visit an old friend who currently lives with his sister. My friend's family was going out of town for a few days, and he wasn't supposed to have anyone at the house while they were gone, but he let us stay the night anyway. Well, the family has a little girl (I don't know her name) and a little boy, a nine year old, who we'll call Ryan. My friend's family has a nice, spacious home, and everyone has their own bedroom, including my friend, the little boy and the little girl. I choose to spend the night in the bedroom of Ryan, the my friend's nephew, having seen him in various pictures around the house, seeing how cute he is and everything. When we all finally went to bed, I closed the door in Ryan's room and began going through his drawers, starting with his top drawer, his underwear drawer. I knew this opportunity was too good to miss, and I've always wanted to masturbate with or into the underwear of a little boy. I decided on a pair of his little blue brief undies. I stripped naked, masturbated with them, and then wiped a little bit of my cum onto the inside. I didn't want to leave too much semen in them, so that it wasn't too obvious that someone had been in Ryan's room, slept in his bed, gone through his underwear and masturbated with his underwear. After having a pretty good sexual fantasy about Ryan (oral, fondling, masturbation, the usual, average fantasy I have about a young boy), I wiped some of my cum off of the carpet onto the front inside of his undies (where his penis and possibly his balls would touch) and went to bed. Later that morning, I woke up, and I was still pretty horny. I decided to jack off about Ryan again, only this time, I would first try on a pair to see if they would fit. Amazingly enough, his briefs did fit, although very snugly. My pre-cum oozed through the front area of Ryan's briefs, and I was VERY VERY aroused! I absolutely had to strip them off and masturbate about Ryan one more time! I jacked off again, just like before, fantasizing about photographing in his underwear, stripping them off of him, photographing him naked, and finally, performing oral sex on the boy until his first orgasm was had. I ejaculated a very large wad of cum onto his carpet, at which point, I remembered the open bag of gummy candies the nine year old had in his bed side drawer. I took a number of the gummy candies, dipped them in my semen, and then put them back in the bag, so that the little boy, Ryan, would eat my semen. Ryan looks a LOT like the boy in the picture!! Hot little kid!

R: 18
My daughter has no idea that I sniff her panties and masturbate about her daily.

R: 4
there are 3 triplets who live next door to me and they are 9 years old and one time in the summer they were playing with a sprinkler in super tiny bathing suits and I masturbated looking out the window at them. Have you ever done anything like this?

R: 10
boysi am a woman in my mid thirties and for years i have had fantasies about showing my naked body off to young boys. i want to see pics of women with young boys but it seems these pics dont exist as i have looked on the web many times. do any other women share my fantasies ??

R: 13
I think I was molested in my early childhood. I hardly remember anything before 6th grade and I think it's cause my mind has blocked it out. I'm 16 now and I get very uncomfortable when I see my uncle. He's very touchy with me, often rubbing my thigh and putting his hands on my waist, etc. I don't know what to do because I strongly believe I was molested by him.

R: 14
i really to get a certain event from my childhood off my chest, it has affected me deeply, i hope this anonymous enough...

when i was a young girl (5 or 6?), i had some problems wetting the bed, i don't know why, i was so nervous all the time and i had a hyperactive bladder. one time, i shit the bed. it was really embarrassing to have my parents see my bed all covered in poo. my dad took me to the bathroom, took off all my clothes, including my dirty panties, and laid in the bathtub. i can remember him washing my butt, wiping all the poop off, and teasing me for being a stinky butt. i can't explain how aroused i was. i felt so dirty, so helpless, and it felt so good to have someone clean me.

over the years, this event has permanently scarred me. i wish there was a boy out there who would watch me shit and wipe my dirty ass. but i'm way too shy to ever tell anybody this secret. :(

R: 48
My Confession (pic not related)My confession ends at the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia, on my way back to the US. I was pulled out of the line waiting to board my flight back to Dulles by an American ICE agent. He grabbed my backpack and asked me if my laptop had been in my possession all during my 10 day stay in Russia and did I acknowledge ownership of everything on the hard drive. I was pretty sure that he wanted to pull a laptop out of my backpack, boot it up and look for Child Pornography. I've seen it before. If you don't seem nervous and say: "yes, it has never been out of my possession," then there would be a good chance he would just let you pass. If you acted nervous or made up some lame story about someone else having it for a few days, or whatever, he would most certainly take out the laptop, boot it up and start looking.

But that happened at the end of the story. I confess that I became a producer of Child Pornography. I don't make movies for a living, I am a consultant. At least that's what I have been doing for the last 6 years out of college. My company, a company headquartered in France, sent me to Odessa, Ukraine to work with a customer there. This was my first time in the old Soviet Union.

I travel a lot internationally in my work and normally check out the local prostitution scene. I've never traveled to a third world country like Ukraine, except Mexico, and am not a sex tourist and never had any particular interest in having sex with someone underage, especially in a foreign country. But I always check out the usual international prostitution/escort Web sites to get an idea of the local scene, but I couldn't really find anything out about Odessa. I am very careful in foreign countries about hiring a hooker. I've done it, but only if I am absolutely certain as to how it will go. I had never hired a hooker the first time in a country.

Actually, the best thing is to ask the local cab driver on the way to the Hotel from the airport. They know stuff and they speak money. And Sergy did. I don't know how to spell his name and I don't care. He told me that he could hook me up with anything that I wanted. He spoke passable English. He said that he could arrange a lesbian show for $150 and I could negotiate with either chick or both after that. He was big on that, couldn't stop talking about it. That doesn't interest me and I asked what else? He asked me if I was looking for someone very young."

In most places a young girl in context that would probably mean 18 or 19, but I was pretty sure he meant something much younger. I asked him what he meant by "young girl," and he immediately asked me what age was I looking for. I laughed and said, any legal age was fine, I am not looking for trouble. I am here on business and don't want to be arrested. He said, there would be no problems, his brother is an assistant police chief. He switched from touting a lesbian show to underage chicks. I was amused, but absolutely not interested. I just didn't respond to what he was saying.

It was Friday evening and was it was dark as we arrived at the hotel.

As I finished checking into the hotel, I asked the man at the desk how many guests were from America. Sometimes fellow American business guys will fill you in on the local scene. It was a pretty big western style hotel, run by a French hotel chain. The desk clerk said not more than 5 or 6. I told him I didn't think it was very many.

I heard a young and feminine but reproachful voice: "You don't meet the real Russian people at foreign hotels like this." In a Russian accent.

Masha was standing behind me. About 80 pounds, maybe 13 or 14 years old. A slight dirty-blonde adolescent with huge green eyes and a pouty mouth. She was wearing tattered little shoes and carrying a ratty little backpack. The backpack straps framed and emphasized her developing breasts. She was dressed like a typical American teenager wearing stone washed blue jeans and a pink top. I should say an American teenager without a lot of money. Her jeans were pretty worn and her fabric belt end hung down, sort of giving her a scruffy hippy look. I should also say a very skinny American teenager.

She said she had walked three miles in the dark to meet her sister at the hotel, and now she couldn't find her. She said her sister cut hair for a living and did I know I needed a hair cut?

Masha was adorable. She had a certain confidence and swagger. Knowing in a naive way. At first I really didn't know what to make of her, other than it was fun talking with her.

"I could show you the real Odessa tomorrow. I won't charge you anything, I just want to practice my English." She spoke very good English, but with a pretty thick Russian accent but dropping articles and other hints that Russian was her first language. I will not duplicate that in this story.

I thought about her as I went to sleep that night, probably even stroked my cock thinking about her. I was dead tired from traveling, so I doubt that I masturbated. I probably just drifted off.

R: 6
A Christmas Story for My Fellow PervertsWhen I was in the seventh grade I started to go to church at the local Calvary Chapel. I didn't attend because I believed in Jesus but at first I did have sort of had an open mind. But a lot of popular kids were going and it was a hip thing to do. I wanted to be popular and this was something I could do to associate with them without being popular and they couldn't really exclude me either. I was social climbing as my mother used to say.

A really popular guy in one of my classes was also pressuring people to go and I was beginning to see that I didn't believe any of it, but in my 7th grade logic had decided to attend until the next calendar year and just stop. I noticed that a couple of people from school had stopped going and nothing happened to them, like they didn't die or anything. More important, they still were popular and it wasn't really a big deal.

The guy's father was an assistant pastor, I think he was full time with the church, meaning employed by the church. He was married to a really young woman named Mary who was his second wife. The story was that his first wife, the mother of the kid in my class, had died of cancer and shortly afterwards he married Mary. By the time I was in seventh grade, Mary was in her mid-twenties. I think the story was usually told in such a way that would make you suspect he had been fucking her all along, but that idea was completely lost on me, being just a kid. She was a very pretty petite strawberry blonde with medium length hair which she would often wear in a pony tail. The pony tail was the epitome of fashion for girls in my class and the fact that this really hot adult wore her hair this way was awesome.

I always saw her at church services, of course, and like all the Christians they just love to see you attending their church. She would smile at me and occasionally hug me when greeting me either before or after the service. She did that to many of the kids, both boys and girls. She knew many of them because her husband was some sort of youth pastor. I drew the line at attending the youth bible study which you had to do in order to join them on their other activities like camping or whatever. But it was very cool to be hugged by her and she always smelled great and was soft and warm and always happy. She definitely was the kind of woman I would fantasize about, like she would be exactly someone I would marry. I had started masturbating (with dry orgasms) during the summer before my seventh grade and needed plenty of fapping material and she provided some good stuff.

Mary also worked at the local drug store which eventually went out of business when the Walgreens opened a couple of blocks away. It was a small store, but had a lot of magazines and that is where I bought a lot of computer magazines and comics. Between church and buying stuff at the store, we sort of recognized each other and she began to call me by my name. I was always hesitant to call her Mary, being an adult and all, so I would find ways of phrasing things so I wouldn't have either to call her by her first name or by her official "Mrs. Smith."

It sounds funny now, but at the time I wanted to be an architect. I loved very cool looking houses (still do) and once I bought a magazine with home designs. It had some really cool pictures of exotic houses and I realized it was the kind of magazine that adults might buy when they were thinking of buying a house. Mary was at the check stand and I had to make the calculation of buying it and looking like some sort of dorky homo kid. With anyone else at the counter I would have bought it no problem, but I was just semiconscious around Mary. Maybe my fantasy about marrying someone like her played into my self-consciousness. In the end, there was nothing else interesting that I had not read so I took it to the counter and bought it.

Mary looked at it and smiled and said, "I would have thought you would be buying Maxim." Actually I don't remember her exact words but it was something like that. Maybe she said Playboy. I think I told her I wanted to be an architect, which made it worse as I knew I must have sounded like a little kid telling an adult I wanted to be a fireman or something like that. I couldn't help imagining her telling her step-son about the magazine. Crap.

Actually, if I had the ability to fantasize the way I do now, I would have wondered whether her step-son had seen her pussy, smelled her panties or stuff like that. But I was only twelve and just beginning to get into fapping and that level of sexual thinking.

R: 26
tiny pleasurethere is lots of speculation about kids and sex, wether they enjoy it or not..well i can firmly say that yes they do, let me tell you.
i have fucked mt friends daughter who is five by the way more times then i can count, and she's always had orgasms never once has she not whimperd out her pleasure.
as she orgasms her pussy tightens like a womans but only better, and there is nothing in the world that can beat being in bed with a little girl naked on top of you,her warm body and incredibaly smooth skin and being inside them! indescribable is all i can say.
bottom line they love it and once you show them, they want it.

R: 4
MonsterI was molested as a child and I liked it because I was neglected so much I was happy to get attention. I wanted to fuck my fatass stepmom at 10 because I wanted to be sexual with a female so badly. I found child pornography online when I was about 13 or 14, lost my virginity to a 25 year old woman at 16, but to this day I have never had intercouse with anyone under 17, but I sure would like to. I have orally stimulated the genitals of two infants, one male, one female, and I held the male upside down and made him put the head of my dick in his mouth. I fantasize about having a little ten year old girlfriend to fill with my 7" cock that comes over to get away from her horrible home life, but I also fantasize about abduction, torture, and mutilation. I know I am mentally ill and I am not proud of what I have done, but like a cancer I will not die.

R: 7
i want ot fuck herhi im a high school teacher in a centroamerican country, this girl its one of my pupils and men she just so hot i realy want to fuck her

R: 3
voyeurI took these pics of a chick who was cuddling with her bf, while we were all chilling in my room. her pussy was just hanging out n I couldn't resist.

R: 22
my stepdaughter likes older men always teasing me so i got her alone one day and called her out on it now she lets me tounge kiss her suck on her tiities everything but im scared too fuck her she might use it against me later ????????

R: 1
I wonder...Anyone know another place like this, with a lot of "confessions" ?

True or not, I would love to read more like the stuffs in this board.

R: 15
Daddies Girl.I have been reading this forum for a while now and I need to confess something.

I'm in love with my Dad.

I guess some back story is needed. My mother left us when I was two (or so I heard) and so it has just been the two of us for as long as I remember. Now I have had a few boyfriends over the years but I always compare them to my dad. None of them come even close. No one loves me like him and no one can take care of me like he can.

So I want to make love to my Dad so badly it hurts but he seems to be immune to everything. Walking around in little or no cloths on, trying to shower with him, giving or asking for massages etc but he just doesn't seem to make a move or if I try something he just kisses my forehead and pats me on the head and says he loves me and that I need to put cloths on. Its so depressing I just don't understand why he won't make love to me.

Any advice would also be appreciated.

R: 31
Spring Break weekThis probably could be posted in advice, but I chose here.

I am 27 and married but no kids. My wife and I are close to a couple of families on our block because I work in sales at the same place as a guy and a woman who also live on the block. Both have kids, but are not married to each other.

A week or so ago our families had a BBQ to celebrate Spring break at my house (we have a pool) with their kids, one of whom is a girl named Penny (short for Penelope) who just turned 14. Our families had been on a couple of camping trips together but I never really gave her much thought. I knew she went to middle school and is sort of at that awkward stage of getting taller, and is just starting to fill out, if you know what I mean. While we were all eating, it came out that she had a "date" to go to the movies with some boyfriend at her school and we all teased her about it. Her parents were going to chaperone the affair.

As the BBQ ended, the kids were in and out using our pool and my wife went to visit her sister for awhile. Eventually the kids all drifted away, except for Penny who had dried off and changed into a halter top and shorts. She wasn't hot as such, but had a cute freckled face and medium length brown hair. We chatted a little and I sort of wanted to get rid of her so I could surf the chans while my wife was gone. But she said that she wanted to learn how to "make out" because she thought she would have to do it on her "date," and wanted to be ready. I laughed and told her with her parents at the movies with them that probably wouldn't happen. She said, in the way that kids talk, that her parents would not be sitting next to them and that it "could so" really happen.

As she was saying it, she playfully grabbed my arms and pulled me over to the couch and I sat down next to her and, against my better judgement, we started to trib a little. She was really inexperienced, put her arms around my neck and kind of mashed her closed lips against mine. After a few minutes, she asked me how it was, and I told her it was a good start. She kind of looked at me and asked me what French kissing was. I gave her a brief description and she went back to kissing me, but this time she started to stick her tongue through my closed lips. I was a little surprised and, again, against my better judgement, slightly opened my mouth and let her tongue explore my mouth. I began to have a slight erection but I didn't "cop" any feels, I just gently put my hands on her sides. We did that for a little while maybe for 4 or 5 minutes and when we came up for air, I looked down her halter top and saw that she actually had very dark nipples and they were what we all would call "puffies."

At that point, I heard the garage door open and I jumped up and said something like, "well, I hope that helped but that's Grace (my wife) and I don't think she would like to find me making out with you!" We laughed and she said said she had to go anyway, and slipped out the sliding door to the back yard and went home. Grace came in and clearly didn't realize that I had not been alone.

As Grace and I talked, I realized that I had a huge boner from what just happened and Grace noticed it also. She slyly smiled at me and said I must have been waiting for us to be alone. I proceeded to totally bang her, but I couldn't get the little puffies out of my mind.

My question is, did I do anything illegal? If Penny were to tell this story in the way that an innocent young girl might tell it at the dinner table, not realizing the implications of this, could I get into any legal trouble?

R: 13
I've been molesting my mother in her sleep.

You see. She has to take these slipping pills to sleep. And when she does, she's out like a light. Nothing will wake her up. So at about 1am(when the drug is in full effect) I sneak into her room and play with her body.(Divorced so she sleeps alone).

The best days is when I'm sneaking around and I can hear her using her dildo. When ever she does that. I'll fuck her in her sleep. I also fuck her raw because she's on birth control.
(She's on birth control pills because it helps balances out hormones or some shit)

R: 6
cp conviction?I`ve been using one and the same computer in a certain internet library since some time now, and i already downloaded tons of cp on it. since i`m in an internet library, i don`t really care bout the protection and post on shitstorms pretty carefree. now, after bout a year, the library owner showed me a prosecution letter he just received. though, it doesnt say anything about cp. it just says, there were two music files illegally downloaded (called tom`s dinner and hardbassxyp, or something). i didnt download this, but could it be, that the prosecution just didn`t want to write it was cp? i`m kinda confused now and don`t know if i should come back here anymore. what do you think?

R: 3
more Spring breakI slowly got up off the couch and said we really needed to get comfortable to do this. I only had a little more than an hour or so before I had to get on a sales call, but I had time to begin to tell her all about making out and second base and maybe even a little third base.

I led her into the guest bedroom and then went into the bathroom to pee, but could hardly do it my erection was so strong. And my hands were trembling. I returned and she was sitting on the bed, with her legs over the side, thighs spread a little and her shorts were sort of bunched up and I could see her pink panties. I told her to lie back and I sat beside her with one foot on the floor. I thought that I would not undress her today, that just kissing her and massaging her puffies would be enough for one day. I needed to take this slowly to see how she reacted. If she told someone, at least I could claim I didn't undress her.

I proceeded to gently message her breasts through the material of her halter top and her face turned red. I stopped, and asked whether everything was OK. She said oh yes do it some more. I told her we could stop at any time and she said that she didn't want to stop at all. I continued and then kissed her, now exploring her mouth a little with my tongue. I could feel her puffies grow a little and I was still totally hard.

I asked if she ever played with herself "down there" or even really looked at herself, like with a mirror. She said that she rubbed herself sometimes, but never really looked. She didn't say she ever had an orgasm, so I assumed she hadn't. I told her to put her hand down inside her shorts and panties and gently rub herself there for a minute or so. She asked me to do it, but I told her she needed to do it first. She did as I asked and her hips started to grind into the mattress and she began to lick her lips. The expression on her face told the story. She stopped for a second and I told her to keep going, which she did. I massaged her puffies.

Penny stopped again a minute or so later and said she really had to pee. It was getting late and I thought we should end the session. I told her that she should go home and really look at herself with a mirror and to rub herself again. I told her she would feel like she had to pee, like now, but if she kept rubbing she would wouldn't pee, but would feel something really wonderful. We got up off the bed and I told her she could use the bathroom if she really needed to and she went into the tiny bathroom adjoining the bedroom. I listened through the door as she peed, and she uttered an indistinguishable word as she wiped herself. When she returned, she said that rubbing herself was the best feeling she ever had and would go home and rub herself some more. She gave me a little peck on the cheek and left. I went into my bedroom and masturbated right then and again a little later before my wife came home. And I banged the shit out of my wife that night. I thought I would cum dust, it was the first time I had three orgasms in a day since I discovered masturbation.

My second question is: I have been seeing a psychologist for a while now, I used to get panic attacks and she has helped me through it. She even remarked I probably don't need his help anymore. I am wondering if I should tell her about this? I think they are prohibited from calling the police because of Doctor patient previledge, right? I don't want to start having panic attacks again. Anyway, I did not undress her or really do anything but kiss her directly.

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