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So after retiring from a decent job in the US, I decided to travel for a bit, I visited a lot of different countries, mostly in the Asian side of the world, and was having a great time, the girls were fun the sun was warm and price of things was affordable. In the end I settled on a retirement condo in the Philippines. While there met a lot of other retired guys from various countries and got into a kind of regular group of about 10, all of us all were single, divorced or separated and except for me who has a house the rest of the guys live in a really nice condo / apartment development that is geared for retirees, it has a golf club and so our evenings are spent at a club, girl watching or dining out or out on the golf course, most of the guys have off and on girl friends, no one was interested in getting married all of us having tried that before, although marrying a Filipina gave you a bunch of advantages. The women love foreign men so all was good., or we would often just pick up some hottie at the club for the night. Life is good.

Around the 2nd year I started hanging out with this Filipina woman, she was 35 and had a daughter, 10years old her name was Silvia. They were both pretty, and although I had never ever had a desire for teen or pre teen girls this woman’s daughter was alluring, pretty, nice little body, and large round tits, amazing to see on an 10 year old kid. Now I say large but really probably only the size of an apple, but they looked large on her because she was 4’2 and slim, maybe 75 lbs. some days she would come over with her mother and play in the yard with my dog, or tag along with me when I went riding on the motorbike, she took to calling me uncle, Around the house she never had to be told to do stuff, she would wash dishes, put clothes to be washed in the basin, sweep the floors and help her mother make meals.

To be honest I took to enjoying watching her barefoot, and in short shorts and a t shirt walking around the house, if I was watching TV she would sit with me and ask questions in pretty good English, carry on a good conversation for an 10 yo. One day my girlfriend said to me, I think my daughter likes you, I said why do you think that? She answered that because she never before would chat or get close to other men, but with you she seems to enjoy being around. I do not know if it was a line, or what, but I told her I liked her too.

One evening the 10 of us guys met for volleyball we made an almost perfect team and later poker at one of their place and the kid wanted to go with me so I let her ride along, the guys were there asked who is the kid?.. I told them and while we chatted she went to the fridge retrieved some cold water and went outside to look around. The first thing they said to me when she was out of sight was have you tried anything with her… wow no I told them.. Although sometimes I thought about it it was too dangerous to do.. not so they said, age of
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>> File Toy ready for work.jpg

Yes, she is now the perfect Toy, Thanks for enjoying the topic, If you wish to give us some ideas of things to do to her please feel free, I will do them to her and tell you about it in a later post

>> File our fucktoy now.jpg

It is now the two years mark since we started training Silvia, She has become the most perfect little fuck toy one could ever want, we dress her up to look like a sexy whore now and she is attracting a lot of attention, Some days now she will accompany one of the guys out to the local club as their girl friend and I even let her spend the night some days with them if they want her for the night. Our group of guys enjoying her is still at 15, So she keeps really busy, In January I asked her if she wishes to continue to go to school and she said not really, and since Its not compulsory here to attend school she dropped out last month. Now when we get up in the morning and I am done with her, I drop her at the Apartment complex at about 10. The rules everyone has is for her to spend 2 hours at each place once she enters, get naked immediately and start her maid duties, she told me, in a quite matter of fact way the other day that its easier to just start taking care of the owner because that is what they all want so she can do her cleaning work later, then sometimes she says they get excited watching her clean and she has to give them a blow job, other days she never gets done and spends her allocated two hours sucking and fucking, She told me that sometimes when she is getting ready to leave the complex one of the guys she is not supposed to be doing will be waiting for her and gets a quickie, she giggled that it is exciting to do it in the stair well or washing machine room and a few times she almost got caught by other residents. So it seems some days she has more than 6 encounters and is quite ok with it and having fun. She is finding out that there are some downsides to being fucked up the ass by 5 guys per day (I know that they all always use her ass daily, they all admitted it’s a big turn on to have the ass of a little girl like her; they also love to listen to her little cries when they do it extra hard) . Recently Silvia has been complaining that she is having some problem holding her bowel movements, it seems that when she has to go she has to go, her muscle control just cannot hold it in. I checked her ass and its quite loose, I can slide 3 fingers in easily and she feels no discomfort; I told her that maybe someday I will have to get her a butt plug, but for now its just nice to have her with an easy to fuck ass and we just let her scoot to the bathroom.


amazing...just lovely history...i want more...words....photos...videos....lovely toy ypu have


I tried to update the story but they wont post it. Each time I update it says its already posted but doesnt get approved or loaded, so what to do ?

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File image.jpg

I dream about this gal

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File 9_798.jpg

I confess ,i like to visit nudist beaches and take pictures of hot girls.

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>> File 6ed6ee79496ba6cf01f3e032fb6d4647bcd3d17a4dc1454c2e.jpg

Lucky nudist guy.

>> File Fam natur12_sn7.jpg

Teen nudist

>> File 1808555405.jpg

Nudis couple

>> File 694551YN_62_.jpg

Nudist dad checks his daughters ear!

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File 143364929076s.jpg

So I am attracted to young girls. One of my exes was 15 when I met her and I was 21. She was the most beautiful thing ever. All of my exes were under 18 when I met them. And I still talk to them to this day. I am now 23 and I am not an ugly guy. Matter of fact I can get away with looking like I am 16 when I shave my facial hair. I want to change and I feel so dirty and worthless. I also own porn I shouldnt as it is illegal and everyday I expect some cop to knock on my door and arrest. I don't know what to do anymore. If anyone went on my hardrive they would find pics of this 14 year old girl who felt she loved me. And of some 17 year old girl I am no longer talking to. I am a worthless as a turd in the toilet 


You're not worthless. It's perfectly normal for men to be attracted to and find teenage girls sexy. They just won't admit it publicly. Anonymous surveys prove this over and over.

But you need to learn how to encrypt the files and pictures of underage girls on your computer. Look up Truecrypt and use it, become an expert in it. It's free. It can encrypt files on your computer
so even the FBI can't get them. USE IT. Don't get in trouble. Be safe and calm down, you're perfectly normal and there's a lot of other men just like you. Don't let over the hill overweight middle aged
women shame you into thinking that you're sick to think of young, slim teen girls as sexy. Think about it, they ARE sexy !

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File 8.jpg

My friend and i visited a nudist resort last summer.We paid a young nudist beauty,to ler us masturbate in front of her.

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>> File 14-090630-176-img_9066.jpg

Father daughter

>> File 148335013855.jpg



>> File 8 copy.jpg

Nudist girl never saw one that big!

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File saskiamarie_c83f5e.jpg

Ok, so I figure I give this Confession thing a try.
I want to hear from guys who have fucked their sisters.
When you think of the many boys with so many beautiful sisters, it is impossible not to happen. I would be willing to bet that at least 5 in 10 brothers have fucked their sisters.
Well, guess you can count me among those.
Being in the middle of an older and a younger sister can be a pain in the ass. My older sister was a slut. A nymphomaniac who gave her pussy to half the school, so it was a matter of time before she turned her attention to me. Honestly, I had no actual desire for her, but you know dicks have their own brain, so when she caught me jerking off, she jumped at my dick like a starving whore, and it started.
Our mother didn't know about us, but she did know of her reputation, so she was wise and saw the need to put sis on the pill, so when the time came to fuck her, I was able to cum inside her. She was 15, and I was 13 when we started fucking, and it got pretty frequent.
The actual pay-off came when my little 12 yr old sister got involved. She caught us fucking, and curiosity got the best of her. At first, she was content to just watch us fuck, but when she saw me eating out our older sis, she made me do it to her too. The very same day I first ate her out, I took her cherry, and she actually liked it despite the pain, so that too, got to be pretty frequent.
My older sister eventually got tired of it, and later when she went off to College, my little sister and I kept at it.
Then things got a bit heavy. She told me she was in love with me, and honestly, I was in love with her too.
After HS Graduation, I joined the Navy, and our separation was horrible. A year later, when I was assigned to my permanent duty station, she moved in with me and we resumed our Love relationship. Several years later, I was honorably discharged, and I provided well, working as a Truck Driver, so we had 2 kids, a boy and a girl, both of perfect health, and we're still together today.
Big sis knows about us and supports our decision, but being away from home,we were able to keep it a secret from Mom and Family.
I hope you all share if you've had similar experiences.

>> File 148334393720.jpg

>> File image30605_2585667_26094174.jpg

>> File image30605_3649582_26094181.jpg

Support in old age will be!

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File 159558.jpg

I confess,i love having my cock sucked.I also like watching girls sucking men's cocks while i masturbate.

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i even prefer blowjobs to regular pussy sex

>> File E3E5F2B_.jpg

>> File 0E8F8FE.jpg

>> File 149305193154.jpg

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File 01a.jpg

I confess.I like watching cartoons.

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the first picture is so fucking hot man!

>> File 002.jpg

Touching Daddy.

>> File 1469053766979.jpg

More pics of daughters making daddy happy!

>> File 2acaK.jpg

Family fun.

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File 137307410999.jpg

My beautiful Sister Elizabeth, she likes to jam her leg against me she knows it makes me hard, what to do? My parents would kill us both if we ever did anything and got caught, but it is really hard to put up with her teasing

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I do not think we need to know more.


Just fuck her already. You know she'll let you. 


you're so lucky!


Rape her, dumbass.

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File young_boy_older_woman2895.jpg

I seem to read mostly old man/JB confessions here and wondered if anyone wanted to hear about young boys/older women? 1969, the famed "Summer of Love" had a double meaning for me, a 13 year old boy at the time. If anyone is interested let me know and I will begin my story.

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you're a good writer OP


I've watched a 12 year-old boy have sex with a woman and masturbated right in front of them although I was mostly thinking about the boy and I shot my load onto him when I came


great story, i'm amazed at the quality

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File 137401902829.jpg

My sisters and mother, Liz the one in blue lets me play with her breasts sometimes


oh damn the look on his face just looks like he is fighting getting hard out there. his hand pushing it back. lol.

fuck id let them see me with a hard on might get some lmao


i know your mom

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