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/b/ ~ hey /b/... I lost my virginity tonight and it was ...
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hey /b/... I lost my virginity tonight and it was pretty awesome. I did have one issue though. I have no idea how to talk dirty. She kept whispering in my ear things that made me so hot for her. I want to reciprocate this but the only knowledge I have is from female porn stars. Somehow I dont think telling her to fuck my tight pussy is a good idea...
Any good phrases I could use? I can tell she likes it rough and dirty so I'll listen to pretty much anything
>inb4 "ohhh baby smear your girlsauce on my baby dick" or some shit like that
>inb4 OP cant inb4


tell her what you are thinking and be honest, such as 'fuck that shit you are saying is making me so hot for you'
If you can tell us /b/ros you can tell her. 

Just don't make shit up, its only corney if you don't mean it, if you do mean it its kinky


that was the biggest thing I was dealing with. I felt like everything I did say was super corny. Everything I did made me self conscious which was distracting me from doing what I was there to do. How long does it take to get over that usually? I felt like I was back in middle school kissing a girl for the first time. mind = blank


"Take that dick, slut"
"Take that dick bitch"
"take that dick whore"
"take that"
"Take that"
'Take that"

repeat as needed

>> File 1394787065436s.jpg