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/b/ ~ Just encouraging everyone to consider donating or ...
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File 1331488326363.jpg

Just encouraging everyone to consider donating or volunteering to help Africa.

A lot of bad shit is going on over there.

If you haven't seen the Kony 2012 video, you must see it:

They deserve to be helped.

Also, 12 million in East Africa are in desperate need of help:

There is much more of course, but helping these 2 causes are a start.

>> File african-children-733896-sw.jpg

Do I get HIV african whores in return for helping them?! 


nah, americans just want Uganda's oil


The only thing harder than living in Africa is my dick, thanks for the fap OP.


Joe Kony is is nothing more than a minor tribal warlord.
Starting in 1986 he started conscripting young boys into his rebel army along with a number of teenage girls. After all, who wants to screw old women.
This has been typical African tribal life for thousands of years as as all efforts at central civilian governments have failed.
The only problem with Kony is that he is Christian.
If he were Islamic his actions would be considered normal.
The "Invisible Children" video is nothing more than a fund raiser for the Obama re-election fund.
Where are all the starving children?


Oh, so he didn't kill quite as many kids as the video suggested, that means it's all totally cool and everyone is fine.
Desperately looking for excuses to not care about the suffering of others totally doesn't make you a complete piece of shit.


Sure, send in the military. Because nothing bad happens when the military is called in. (Costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

If they really wanted him stopped, they would use the donations they got to out a hit out on the guy.


The point, shit for brains, is that what Joe Kony is doing is nothing new.
We have not been concerned about such tribal warlords for over 200 years, so why get all teary eyed now.
It's ALL about donating MONEY to the Obama cause just from seeing a group of well fed children in a typical African situation (lined up for free food).
For much of African history warlords like Kony could capture people in neighboring tribes and sell them on the world slave market but that's not as popular as it once was except for the time tested sex traffic in young girls.


Why are you yelling at >>671694 dumbass? He agrees with you, because you are both complete shitheads.


i dont see why we shouldn't just let them all die, even help them out with an infectious disease or two, just speed the whole thing along. better a quick death and starvation. maybe they should stop breeding, and then their governments would be able to help their own people out.


All their problems stem from overpopulation, which is largely the fault of the previous pope for telling them that all forms of contraception are evil.
We should develop some kinda sterilization bomb and and nuke the shit out of Africa with it.

>> File deadsimpsons.jpg

>maybe they should stop breeding
Agree. And I'd take that a step further and say that maybe all the poor people (those who make less than 30,000 a year) in the U.S. should stop breeding also.

They all think they deserve free education in public schools for their kids, and financial aide for them when they go to college.

If you want your kids to have a good education, you should PAY for it.

NO public schools! NO financial aide for college students.

As long as we keep giving handouts to these people, they will continue to breed and will eventually be the majority and will DESTROY this country from within.


So you think the best way to fight poverty is to make education less accessible? Dumbest fucking idea ever! People having kids they can't afford is the leading cause of poverty in most countries, but lack of education is always a close second, if not first. For every poor couple who decide not to have kids because they can't afford to send them to school, there will be hundreds more having kids anyway and not being able to educate them, eliminating any chance they ever had to be successful in life and creating a new generation of poor people. Most middle class families can barely afford college as it is, removing financial aide will fuck over thousands of people, only those born wealthy will have a chance, the gap between rich and poor will grow exponentially.
Almost every rich, successful, or important person in the world would be fucking nowhere if their parents couldn't afford to send them to school, even the fucking president grew up poor! In fact, the last president born with a silver spoon up his ass who would have been unaffected by a lack of free education was George Fucking Bush! You want more assholes like him running around, ruining everything, starting pointless wars and destroying our economy because he never had to learn that money can run out? Basically, your plan would spare a handful of poor people and then create millions more. How fucking stupid can you be?? Let's just stick with the sterilization bomb.

>> File 1332284657370.jpg

>So you think the best way to fight poverty is to make education less accessible?
No, education is still accessible, but YOU will have to pay for it yourself, not have taxpayers pay for it. Fuck you and your entitlement mentality, you leech. Don't have kids until YOU have the money to pay for their education.

The best way to fight poverty is to STOP HELPING POOR PEOPLE.

If people just stopped helping them they would eventually die out. Survival of the fittest. Humanity would be better off in the long run.

We just need to let nature take it's course.

Nature is brutal, but in that brutality a lot of beautiful creatures have evolved that have adapted to the brutal conditions of nature. Now we think we are so "compassionate" and when we see natural selection at work in our species, we want to try and stop it. We are slowly killing ourselves as a result.


If things worked your way, anyone who has ever grown up poor but became wildly successful later in life due to the education they got at the taxpayer's expense would be completely fucked. The only rich people left paying their vast amount in taxes would be the very small percentage of people who were just born rich. We would be reverting to medieval times when 1 family controlled everything and everyone else was a peasant who never stood a chance.
Let me put it this way: If you have a job, it is most likely due to the customers who support the business you work at, and 99% of the customers and other workers who support the business depended on free education at some point, as well as the people who built the car you drive to work, the people who built the roads, and the people who work in the factories that produce fuel for your car, the people who made your clothes and the food you eat, and so on and so on. Without free education, most of those things wouldn't exist because the lower and middle class support everything from the bottom up.
If all this was too complex for your tiny little lizard brain to process, much like my last comment clearly was, let me put this in the simplest way possible: You're policy is like a pharaoh saying "I don't need any fucking slaves, I'll build these pyramids entirely by myself!"


>>671716 typical nigga

>> File STA70193.jpg

You completely missed the point, you idiot.
No one is saying that poor people shouldn't be allowed to get an education, but they should have to sacrifice and work hard to pay their own way. Some people have a lot of money so they don't have to work hard to be educated, but guess what, WE ARE NOT EQUAL!!

We have a society full of spoiled people that think they are entitled to everything. There have been many poor people in the past that have made better lives for themselves WITHOUT getting free education.

Getting a free education if you are poor just takes away the incentive of saving money and spending money frugally.

Why save for your child's education when you know they will get a free education from the government?

Why wait to have children until you can afford to send them to private school, when there is free schools to send them to?

People spend money on cable TV, but expect the government to pay for their children to be educated. Bullshit.

Look at the stupid fools on welfare who spend their welfare money on gold teeth and $100 dollar shoes. And if they have kids, they expect to be able to send them off to be educated for free. Complete nonsense. Get rid of these free rides for people.


In other words, children should suffer for their parent's failures, brilliant plan! If some kid has crappy parents who would rather buy cigarettes than pay for their education, that kid would be 100% fucked, but it's worth it to prove some retarded point? Education is too important to deny anyone for any reason, but obviously you never had one so you are too fucking stupid to realize that.
People continue having kids that they can't afford to raise already, adding one more incentive not to do that would change absolutely fucking nothing, besides destroying any chances those kids might have had to be a success. I've already said that, but obviously you didn't notice because you said I missed the point, then you repeated the same exact bullshit you said before. So is this how it's gonna be? You keep repeating the same stuff until you realize that I'm not "missing the point", I'm just proving you wrong? You sound more ignorant, short-sighted, and out of touch than Newt Gingrich in his fucking Moon Palace. If you are serious about your painfully thoughtless bullshit, you might as well just suggest that we abolish child labor laws and get it over with.
I've already made my point, which you ignored because you are too dumb to dispute it, and every point you repeat further proves that you don't know how real life works. So, if you don't have anything to say that even the richest and most isolated old white elitist would call "too extreme", it is pointless to continue.

>> File 8.jpg

>Education is too important to deny anyone for any reason

OK, so why not provide free education to all the children in third world countries too? Just because they weren't born within an imaginary border on a map they don't deserve it?

They are being 100% fucked just because of their parents mistakes, and not only do they not have free education, many of them don't even have the very basic things needed to survive.

More than 10 thousand CHILDREN die EVERY DAY of starvation. Oh, but they weren't born in the Unites States, so they don't matter.

But the "poor" (by modern standards) people who many couldn't care less about America who just happen to be born within the imaginary border, we will make sure they not only get more than enough food and shelter to survive, but FREE education as well. Bullshit.


We already do provide funding to many schools in Africa, and we should do a lot more of that. But of coarse, if Africa was doing better and their people weren't starving to death, then you would be bitching about how having food and water is good enough and we should take free education away from them too, you entitled elitist fuckwad.
I can't tell if you are just some rich recluse who doesn't know how the world works, extremely stupid for not being able to do the math on how removing free education would only create potentially millions more homeless people, or a complete piece of shit who doesn't care either way and just wants the lower class to die off. Maybe a combination of the first two?

>> File the real 99 percent.jpg

>We already do provide funding to many schools in Africa
The fact remains, more than 10 thousand CHILDREN die everyday from starvation! So obviously we are not helping them nearly enough. What a sick human being you are to try and avoid that fact. We have the ability to prevent all this if we lowered our elitist standards in America.

>removing free education would only create potentially millions more homeless people
No, removing free education would probably make you and the rest of your loser family homeless though. Because you are a lazy elitist scumbag that can't do what it takes to succeed. We need to rid the genepool of your type.

The point is, most poor people in America CAN afford to pay for education IF they made sacrifices and were frugal with their money. They don't NEED free education. However, people in third world countries who are lucky enough to find work, work their ass off doing hard labor and only make a dollar a day. Even some of those people can afford to educate their children!

GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is wrong to give MORE THAN ENOUGH to some people who do not work for it, just because they happen to be within an imaginary border on a map, while others die because they don't even have the basics. YOU are the elitist, who think that YOU deserve a bunch of shit handed to your dumbass just for existing inside an imaginary border.

You and your loser parents have probably never truly worked hard a day in your elitist life. People like you are the scum of the earth and should be rounded up and put to death, or put in a work camp to see what real work is.

You are nothing but worthless trash that gets free education handed to you and you waste most of it trying to be cool in some clique at school. Then you go do some easy "job" sitting on your ass in some air conditioned place and act like you are special. Your days living your elitist lifestyle are numbered.


What are you, high? I already said we should help Africa more, how did you miss that so....
OH! I see! I was wrong, you are not some rich recluse who doesn't know how the world works or an idiot who can't do math or a complete piece of shit who wants the lower class to die, you are just a troll. A complete troll who brings no logical or intelligent points to the table, just a string of mindless insults with no substance. You don't really believe the hateful destructive bile you spew, nobody can be that thoughtless and irrational, you are just hoping to antagonize others. I can't believe I fell for it, you clever bastard!

>> File s20110520-1.jpg

>I already said we should help Africa more
Yeah yeah, talk is cheap you fucking worthless pig.

You and I both know that you haven't given a dime to give food to starving children. Even though you are well fed and have plenty of luxuries compared to people living in the third world.

You are such a fake fraud, and you know it.


Calm down, I already know you are a troll, you don't have to keep proving it! You've made your point, which is that you don't have a point, just childish name-calling, you can give it a rest now.

>> File double_gyroid_view.jpg

>you don't have a point
I have several clear points in which you have not even attempted to argue, because you are an ignorant and incompetent fool, despite all the free education that the taxpayers where forced to give to your dumbass.

Here are my key points. If you post a reply, quit using your bullshit "you're a troll" cop-out and actually address them please:

1.) Most so called poor people in America have plenty of extra money to spend on luxury things like cable TV, cigarettes, weed, alcohol, extra clothing, cars, etc. Instead of spending money on luxury items, that money could be used for education. Therefore, they do not NEED free education. They could afford it if they used their resources more wisely.

It is counterproductive and harmful to give those people free education because in the long run it encourages irresponsibility, a sense of entitlement, and laziness, among other things.

Your ignorant statement that if free education was removed then people would just not be educated is false. Those who truly want their children to be educated will simply make the sacrifices in order to do it. Give up cable TV, give up the car, shop more frugally, plan when you have children etc.

2.) Even if one argued from your perspective that
>Education is too important to deny anyone for any reason
Your logic still fails because there are people who don't even have enough food to survive, and YOU have given ZERO to help feed a starving child. Even though you have a surplus of wealth and have luxuries like a computer and TV. So you are a hypocrite.


Wow, you're still talking, and still nothing intelligent to say huh?
Ok, well as long as you are still playing this troll bit, and as long as you have nothing new to say, answer me this. If there was no more free education, ignoring the part where America becomes New Russia, where will the extra money go? Certainly not into more programs that you would consider unnecessary like health care or social security or welfare, you'd probably want to get rid of them completely as well because crippled and old people are lazy and deserve to die, so what then? We can drop taxes on the wealthy, which has been statistically proven to only have a negative impact on the economy, but hey, it must be pretty great for the yacht industry right? What about more money into the military so we can go invade more countries for no reason. Without free education, there will be a lot more people joining the military because they can't get any other job, might as well put them to use right? Well that covers it, I'm glad we thought this out so well. We should introduce this to congress, I'm sure we wont be laughed out of there for having the most retarded idea ever.
I'm not sure which is dumber, believing free education makes people lazy, or believing how hard you work directly relates to how much money you make. If the first is true, it means everyone who went to public school is lazy, which is almost everybody, and if almost everybody is lazy, who is working their ass off on farms and in coal mines all day? The people who went to private schools? I strongly doubt that. Besides, by your logic, said coal miners should be the richest people on earth, because they work much harder than any rich people. So the two points your entire argument is built around are both hilariously moronic. Not that any of this matters, clearly you haven't been paying attention to anything I've said because it's just plain easier to be a fucking ignorant dick. I wish I had the willpower to ignore logic as well as you do, life would be so much simpler if I was as dumb as you.
Well, I think I'll give you one last chance anyway. If you have a single statistic or example to prove that free education is the root of all evil and makes everyone lazy, your point might be slightly less idiotic, until then you are just a troll and an asshole.

>> File formulas.jpg

>If there was no more free education, America becomes New Russia
Thanks for proving your ignorance.
Russians have free education guaranteed to every citizen IN THEIR CONSTITUTION!
HAVING free education is what will turn us into the new, MUCH WORSE Russia

>where will the extra money go?
Thanks for proving your ignorance, AGAIN.
Not only do we not have any extra money, but the United States is currently more than 15,000,000,000,000 (that's trillions) dollars IN DEBT.

>believing free education makes people lazy
>If the first is true, it means everyone who went to public school is lazy
Thanks for proving your incompetence.
I said it ENCOURAGES laziness. That is clearly not saying that everyone will fall victim to it. Those who have good parental support and other positive influences will NOT be effected. But they still do not NEED free education.

If you have the capability to read more than a small paragraph, read this article:

>believing how hard you work directly relates to how much money you make
Thanks for proving your incompetence, AGAIN.
I never once said that hard work relates to how much money you make.
If I did, please use the DIRECT QUOTE, as I have been doing with you.

>> File grandma lost dentures.jpg

Fuck a lot of Africans. I volunteer at meals on wheel. We feed your fucking grandmother. Because you're too busy hugging trees and saving the world. Why don't you clean your own house first?? Really.


Aint that your job?


Haha, yes, I am the ignorant one here, while you are blaming all of Russia's problems on free education, not the hundreds of years of brutal dictatorships, but no, I am the ignorant one, you fucking hypocrite.
As for your second point...well that wasn't really a point at all was it? Just a way to avoid addressing the point I made because you clearly had no answer for it. Did you think I would miss that or something? Nice try retard.
As for your third point, well again, it's not a point, just a pathetic excuse to balance out your blanket statement. I could say "thanks for proving that you have no argument" if I didn't think it would make me sound like the most arrogant douchebag in the world like you have proven yourself to be.
By the way, keep up the caps lock, shouting to make up for the lack of substance in your argument really shows how smart you are!
As for my point about how hard work does not equal money, well clearly you were too dumb to understand the argument I was making so I'd rather not spend all day trying to explain to you how this all balances down to this while you scratch your head like a fucking idiot.
Thanks for the article, by the way, because just as I suspected, it proves absolutely nothing other than how people struggle their asses off to afford private schools with no proof that they work any better.
There are many reasons why our school system is so sub-par, and if you look at every country in the world with a better school system, not one of them has anything to do with whether they are public schools or private schools, it has nothing to do with how much money the schools have at all, almost every time it is simply the subjects they teach and the fact that they have better teachers. It has been proven time and time again that funding and class sizes are nowhere near as important as having even slightly better teachers. Kids are learning nothing and doing mountains of pointless busy work all day, and when it doesn't work, our answer is always to throw more money at it, give them more work, and longer school days, and yet even they haven't missed the fucking point as badly as you have. I can say from experience that how much funding a school gets has nothing to do with how much you learn, the way a school approaches learning is exponentially more important, because the best school I have ever been to was also the smallest and cheapest school I have ever seen.
Besides, I don't see why you have your panties in a twist over this, considering how public schools get their funding cut more than anything else. At this point they are just barely scraping by, so completely removing the public education system would effectively help our economy slightly less than raising taxes on the wealthy by just 2%. Is it really fucking worth it, screwing over thousands of Americans to feed your hate-boner and lower our debt by such a miniscule amount? If you weren't such a complete piece of shit, you would see the problem with that.
But hey, I am still willing to give you one last chance to pull some statistics out of your ass that prove free education promotes laziness, even though it's technically not free if everyone pays for them through taxes you goddamn idiot.


Damn. I tried to not admit this but, you win. You have convinced me fully of your position.

I was planning on sending my child to private school instead of just depending on free education, but I have changed my mind. I am just going to spend my money on a better car and other fun stuff. If I can get free education for my children, I might as well just do that.

Thanks for enlightening me.


Haha, yeah, that's totally how it works, clearly your severe contempt for anyone with less money than you has not clouded your judgment because everyone really is that fucking stupid! Nobody saves up for college or anything, they just buy "fun stuff" like a new stone wheel or a pimped out mammoth killing spear, that's the way us primitive middle and lower class peasants think right?

>> File 1326252694481.jpg

>Nobody saves up for college or anything
I just want to clarify that I have changed my stance and I am agreeing with you know.

I was referring to grade school and high school for my child. I will no longer save for that, since I can just get it for free. Instead I will just buy luxuries like a nice new car and other fun stuff.

Since my income has to be below a certain amount in order to get completely free college for my kid, I will just make her move out when she is 18 so she can be declared an independent and receive completely free college education. Of course, I can still give her gifts and things.

Thanks again man. I was such a sucker before, thinking that I had to make sacrifices in my life and worry about where the money will come from to educate my kid. I agree, the government should just give it away for free, it's a lot easier that way.


As long as you clearly have no idea what things cost down here in the real world, you go ahead and do that. But why buy a new car when you already have such a lovely high horse?

>> File harp.jpg

>As long as you clearly have no idea what things cost down here in the real world, you go ahead and do that.
Why are you still insulting me? I am on your side now!

According to the Department of Education, the average cost of tuition for one year of private school for K-12 is $6600
So if I don't have to pay that every year for 13 years, that is enough for a new car and plenty other stuff.

I'm not sure what you mean by not knowing what things cost. I can google anything and in a few seconds can find the typical price.

>But why buy a new car when you already have such a lovely high horse?
I am no longer on a "high horse". I have changed my opinion. I agree with you now man. Chill out.


Oh for the love of god wil the ignorant nothing to say first guy SHUT THE FUCK UP!

>> File 12340445.jpg

I have changed my stance and am agreeing with the other guy now, so we are saying the same thing.

It is good that the government gives away education for free.

Now I don't have make spend any money on education, which allows me to spend it on other things. Life is to enjoy, I was being way to uptight before.

Now that I know I have some extra cash, since the government is paying for my child's education, I think I will go to the mall and buy a new pair of Jordan shoes.

>> File air-jordans.jpg

Here is a pic of my new Air Jordan shoes I just got at the mall!
Thanks to the government giving away free education for my kid I was able to afford them. They cost $200.00

It's a good thing that the government gives away free education, because now I get to buy the fun things that I want, and not have to worry about paying to educate my child.

I'm not sure how the government can afford to pay for all these kids education, since it is currently more than 15 trillion dollars in debt.
But you know what, I stopped caring. I don't have to pay for it and I got my new Jordans, so I don't really care anymore.

Thanks again to the guy I was originally arguing with for showing me that I should stop worrying and just take the free stuff that is being given.


Wow, you're still being a passive aggressive dick about this? Give it up already dude, nobody gives a shit.


I have already said I agree with you and have thanked you more than once. We agree with each other now! No need to insult me unless you just enjoy insulting people.

What, are you mad that I used my extra money to get some new Air Jordans?


It's my money, and since the government gives away free education for my kid, I don't need to spend it on that, so I can spend on things I want. Don't hate, participate.


You can spend your money on whatever the hell you want,you earned it


Thank you! Damned straight!

And I earned the right to get free education given away to my kid too! We all have!


Condoms for Africa, Unsused if possible.


Seriously, have any of you ever actually been to Africa?  Its a sh%thole where everyone is trying to kill everyone else.  I spent six months there "peacekeeping" and it was worse than my time in Somalia.


Well now that makes a lot of sense dude.


>> File basura.jpg

I guess you haven't looked at America lately. How about you help the poor here? They are under the same Jack Boot of the international banker. Or does your heart only bleed over seas?


It's like going back 500 years yet we want to go to mars. I see a problem.


Somalia IS in Africa Dumbass


Did you fuck any child whores while you were there?  Ive heard there are tons of little ones willing and experienced.


Fuck Africa and fuck you. Bleeding heart idiots feeding this scum is causing them to breed out of control and flood into Europe. I think people like you are guilty of destroying this world and need to be shot in the head.


Morons likes you should be bred out of existence. You are nothing more than a Festering maggot on our species.