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/b/ ~ A lot of you think you have it bad. Well let me te...
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A lot of you think you have it bad. Well let me tell you a fucking tale. As a semi alpha male, this is the worst.
So here's the deal.

(will bump with teens until someone solves my problem)

> I'm in a relationship with a girl I really don't want to be with.
> She's way below my league and I don't feel proud to show her off in public.
> She's even brought me down to her level recently
>I've gained so much weight since being with her and now I'm fatter than I've ever been.
>Went from a solid 9/10 to a fucking 4/10. I'm a fucking neckbeard now.
>I should've cut us off when we started, but I waited too long. Now I'm seeing the repercussions of it all.
> There are at least 3 really attractive girls that I've been with that want me back again.
>I can't respond to their texts because I'm unavailable now
> This is fucking painful
Here's where it gets worse
> I lost my job recently and my 4/10 gf is paying the rent for my apartment now so she's supporting me
here's where it gets even worse
> I can't get a new job until I take care of the warrant for my arrest
> The only way I can take care of my warrant is to go to jail for 5 days and then continue my community service until I'm finally done with everything

In the end, I have to go to jail so I can get a job so I can pay my rent so I can finally break up with my beta girlfriend so I can finally start thinking about hunting strange hot tail again.

Unless any of you can figure out a better way to get rid of this girl, this is the only plan I have.


You're alpha right? This is one of those times where guess what son? You gotta do the stupid shit. There IS no other option, I mean unless you wanna end up homeless..beta.


Work out in jail you lazy fuck. Also, if your current gf has nice personality and seems loyal then be contempt. If there's no chance of you ever being contempt with her, let her off easy and break up with her as soon as you have a job. Don't cheat, that shit is for women, be a man. Work. The. Fuck. Out. Problem solved?


You're a fucking idiot.

>> File 1388230606605.jpg

Go to jail and do sit ups for5 days. Just work out. Jail is easy. Girls think it's hot too.


If the OP is a picture of the 4/10 girl you're with now, I'd tell you to consider yourself lucky you're tapping that. also, do your time in jail, get a fucking job and either move out so someone else who deserves her can have her, or treat her right. Man the fuck up, for Christ's sake!


What happens is, doesn't matter how sexy the girl is, there's a man in some place of the world that is so full of her that doesn't want even to look at her again.

And if you reached this point with a girl you can't break apart, then it's true hell on earth. I think there are very few situations that are worse in terms of personal suffering.

Man, go to jail, 5 days without seeing her you can see as a bonus, and the situation around you may help you think in something and figure a better way out.

At the actual point you are in her hand because he's supporting you, and this sucks, man.


stop blaming the girl for all of your shit...you made the choices...take responsibility for your life,....you may now be fat..but you are a bigger whinner!