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/b/ ~ Is tor safe again? ...
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Is tor safe again?


No, and it never will be again.


Use Tails. Set scripts to No Scripts.

Be quick, don't spend hours browsing onion sites. The longer you spend on it the more chance various agencies have of identifying you.

If you want to be ultra safe open all downloaded files in an offline VM to avoid potentially having your IP address revealed.


Javascript exploit was used to compromise privacy of child pornographers who had javascript enabled while visiting a certain onion after the FBI identified the owner of Freedom Hosting from a 5-6 year old forum post he made in his real name and gained access to his servers.

Half of tor went down when Freedom Hosting was shut down and everyone panicked.


Correction: I'm not sure how they found the Freedom Hosting servers.

It was Silk Road and Dread Pirate Roberts who was found due to a 5-6 year old forum post.

Either way, there is no evidence of tor being compromised unless you use javascript or mix your anonymous and personal identities (ie. emails, forum logins, etc.).

The human element is weak.


good info, thanks.

The human element is weak indeed, but props to the agent that found the 5yr old post!

I'm on tor right now, and it looks pretty much dead all right..


Thoughts on VPNs and their security? 


Use freenet, more safe and quicker if you use the correct parameter.


The danger on tor now is hosting - hosts can be compromised using an attack on the trusted peers they connect to, so you won't find many people willing to take that risk.

i2p is fun to look around and surprisingly works well for anonymous torrenting and iMule, and freenet is frosty.


Tor has always been safe you morons. Aside from the few exploits that LEA takes advantage of, if you stick to the normal sites you'll be fine.

The reason everything got shut down was the downfall of Freedom hosting


@ whoever said freenet is safer...LMFAO, are you serious? Freenet through tor is safe. By itself its still your IP, and you don't know what information you're sending back and forth in peices.



>you don't know what information you're sending back and forth in peices.

This is precisely why freenet is safe, nobody from the exterior can know what you are doing and what people who are in contact with your ip are doing.

Not only it give you a good deniability, but freenet is a lot more faster when you know where to search and use the correct parametre.

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sure, but I'm listening