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/b/ ~ question: Why do you guys enjoy ruining girls liv...
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File 1383548715430.jpg

Why do you guys enjoy ruining girls lives when they post nudes or when someone posts nudes of them?

Does it make you feel better because you could never get a woman? Or does it maybe get you off sexually? Please post your reasoning

inb4, whiteknight

miru because she's just so darn cute


You're a faggot.

>> File 1383549059218.jpg

Revenge, i guess. I don't really participate in those "save one, post one" threads, I only really post one of my ex's because it ended from her being immature and blaming me, but mostly her family/society for her problems. So yea, i guess revenge.


why are there nudes of a girl on the internet?

1.) she posted them herself. is a whore
2.) somebody posted them without her consent. She is a whore because she gave these photos to somebody and she pissed them off by cheating or acting like a cunt and/or is fucking an asshole. so whore as well.


Think of it this way. I hate people. Lots of people. If you meet me, I hate you by default unless you make me like you. So I enjoy the suffering of others. However, what would happen if a guy was outed with nudes? Not much right? But a set of nudes from a girl that are shown to her close friends and family causes everyone to brand her as a slut. So really, it has nothing to do with the fact that it's a girl. I don't get off it sexually. I could have a girlfriend if I really tried. It's a way of feeling like all the snobbish people and people who put me down sometimes get what they deserve.



why are there nudes of a girl on the internet?

There could be so many reasons, you don't have to be a whore, just careless.

Your phones, laptops, cameras can be lost or stolen. If the content is not properly encrypted (and I'm not talking about lock screens and login passwords) then you only can hope that nobody cares to look around in your folders.

You can put your trust in the wrong person or service. You can be naive an underestimate the curiousness of others.

Like your boyfriend.

Or your friend or the tech service you give your laptop to fix it when it's broken. 

I did that a few times. Friends of mine give me their laptop for reinstall, I looked through it, found some nudes, and enjoyed it. I would never post these online, because I don't want to hurt anyone, but there are assholes...

So no. Not only because the girl is a whore.


my ex erased the memory from the camera after we had some fun, well im a haxor so restoring was indeed very easy. still have them and not posted anywhere, she does not know i have them truecrypted.
but wont use it as leverage.

but i like to watch amateur and nudes, it's just natural.
so keep posting, whiteknight tears are delicious.

>> File Brush Inside.jpg

we don't do that


It doesn't ruin their lives, it makes them horny.

>> File index.jpg

Ah yes, the soft bigotry of low expectations. think thats what lies at the core of why this brand of Catherine Mackinnon-esque feminism as managed to alienate such a large proportion of the population. While the screaming about patriarchy & wholesale consumption of an all or nothing doctrine doesn't help, thats not the reason Ms Watson has to stand up in-front of the world and clarify that the only thing the term feminist means is that you think people should be treated fairly & equally independent of their gender.

Let’s say I’m renting out a property, and instead of vetting the leases, having them sign a contract & taking a damage deposit, I just go ahead and rent it to a nice couple that comes to enquire about it, I trust that they’ll take care of the place properly. 6 months later the place is trashed and their nowhere to be found. I’m out thousands and because of this I can’t go with my friends on vacation that summer.

Who’s fault is it that I missed out on Europe?

But of course, women are simple creatures, I mean who would expect them to foresee that in taking a nude picture they inherently put themselves in a vulnerable position, and that perhaps they’re trusting the wrong person.- of course it’s not the woman’s fault, who would expect a WOMEN to be able to navigate the intricacies of modern life all on her own. I mean, you don’t blame a child for getting lost on the way home on the subway, you blame the adult who lets a 4 year old ride the metro alone!

…The soft bigotry of low expectations.

>> File brush off.jpg

we're supposed to think about this?


why do girls waste guy lives by entrapping them into taking nude photos of them? Is this a conrol thing?


why does being a sexual being wrek a woman's life? why the vslue judgement?

>> File 71518363.jpg

How judgemental. As a gay women - yes, we like same sex porn - and someone who has posted her own pics on line at tumblr, no big deal. Some times i post and repost just to give others something nice to bate to. That' what Fern did in this pic. She admitted to making them and posting them to turn guys on. No sex involved, no big deal. Really, it's just art. Not everyone is doing it for revenge. 


you could fill an olympic swimming pool with the amount of sperm shot from cocks masturbating to her collection of nudes

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Revenge is great, pic related!

>> File 146368681269_sandra.jpg

>> File goANngI-monika-lange-6E4186F.jpg

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>> File 15083051232.jpg

>> File 548752271.jpg