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/b/ ~ Which one would you choose? Explain yourself. ...
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Which one would you choose? Explain yourself.


if it came with bullets, I'd choose the AK since I can not maintain it. If I had t ofind bullets, the other one will be easier because the government uses those. Or maybe they can use the same idk


The AK because it's one of the best assault rifles in the world.


Depends on Combat environment If it was urban close up fighting and ammo was scarce I would go for the AK because range is not a factor, and the round causes more damage. If lead out distance was an advantage or if ammo was plentiful to where I could spray the M4 would be ideal. If no choice is to be made from environments I would chose the AR-10 platform more accuracy and fuction than the M4 and double the Footpower of the the 7.62x39 round.

I own an DSA SA58 btw