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/b/ ~ I have to take a shit /b/ Okay so when youre in...
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I have to take a shit /b/

Okay so when youre in a public bathroom or if you have thin walls at home and need to take a loud shit, what do you do to cover the noise?
If your gunna splash away or have diarrhea, what do you do?
Also good excuse for being in the bathroom for a long time other than the truth which is I was taking a poo?


though it is ideal to not care, i am always grossed out when i hear or smell another family member.

I usually run the water or I do it before a shower.

but with diarrhea you really just have to brave it.

>> File 1364605774643.gif

i was in prison for two years in a two man cell 23 hours a day. me and my cell mate had to shit within feet of eachother daily without walls to separate the toilet from the cell.

We would both flush as the turd came out, right after it came out, after a few wipes, and right as we were done. kept the "noise" down and also helped make the smell linger less.

mfw Im shitting right now.