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/b/ ~ If you could press a button and remove one behavio...
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If you could press a button and remove one behaviour from human beings, what would that behaviour be?


is living a behavior?


Antipathy or contempt towards one's own kind.
>no more white guilt
>societies function better
>people ACTUALLY start loving each other
>less corruption


get a fucking therapy


I miss dollchan :(


Lying. I would love a button that when pressed would only allow people to tell you the truth


Are you serious???

Lying is the sugar that takes the bitter edge from a coffee, just a little makes it work but too much would be awful.
Also, what is lying? If I believe something that is wrong am I lying? 

For my own answer I would actually go for political correctness, not saying something true for the sake of avoiding offence is about the most annoying thing to me.