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/b/ ~ >2013 >in college >this nigga come...
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File 1364213478698.jpg

>in college
>this nigga comes to my class
>dressed like ash
>plays with pokeymon
>every day plays on his DS
>no one talks to him
>im a well known guy
>pretty mellow and boring day
>lets see what "Ash" is thinking about
>one day i walk up to him and say:
hey man whats your fav pokeymon?
>to only in his beautiful response, just gives me a look and says:
"thats charsHARD to think about"
as he lightly laughs
fucking genius
Id vote for Ash anyday
i have more story's of this amazing bastard, posted about him earlier


Holy shit this guy

>> File 1364213959633.jpg

>another day
>pretty rainy outside
living in Texas blows btw
>have to move to classes
>me, Ash, and 2 other girls are at the door
>i offer the ladys my umbrella
I knew them so it was cool
fucking vajin
>so they run off to thier next class
>i zip up my hoodie and backpack as i ready to go forth
>look at ash and say as he is fumbling with his plastic pokeyballs
"dont happen to have a Squrittle?"
>and he simply reply's:
"no, but i do have a Starme"
>as he throws his pokeybal with the plastic starme in it
>i prayed for a miracle
>that he wont have to go out there and retrieve his pokeyball
>that a real starme would come out and control the rain
but that isnt what happened


I don't understand, can water types STOP rain in addition to starting it?

>> File 1364689764796.jpg

lololol such gold you need to get this guy laid op