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File Screenshot_429.png

Upvote pls… i wanna win the contest!


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File RIP-TouchWiz-Long-live-Samsung-Experience_jpg.png

this board is dead

>> File 1168364853267.jpg

No you sir!

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File tattooed_girl_manip.jpg

Anyone else like such manips?

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>> File 3_5_OnStretchBank.jpg

...and another one here.

>> File 1465067206431.jpg


a kind of special...but goooood :)


Bullshit! This is Little Liza. And she has no tattoos.


You know the meaning of the word manip? !

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File 33633.jpg

Could somebody give me an hypothesis on this girls derriere I want to know what her booty is like

>> File 150778665546.jpg

>> File IMG_20171111_084159.jpg

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File 3DE52809-B703-48C5-8BD6-ED5E9572793B.jpg

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File 1388230364608.jpg

A lot of you think you have it bad. Well let me tell you a fucking tale. As a semi alpha male, this is the worst.
So here's the deal.

(will bump with teens until someone solves my problem)

> I'm in a relationship with a girl I really don't want to be with.
> She's way below my league and I don't feel proud to show her off in public.
> She's even brought me down to her level recently
>I've gained so much weight since being with her and now I'm fatter than I've ever been.
>Went from a solid 9/10 to a fucking 4/10. I'm a fucking neckbeard now.
>I should've cut us off when we started, but I waited too long. Now I'm seeing the repercussions of it all.
> There are at least 3 really attractive girls that I've been with that want me back again.
>I can't respond to their texts because I'm unavailable now
> This is fucking painful
Here's where it gets worse
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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You're a fucking idiot.

>> File 1388230606605.jpg

Go to jail and do sit ups for5 days. Just work out. Jail is easy. Girls think it's hot too.


If the OP is a picture of the 4/10 girl you're with now, I'd tell you to consider yourself lucky you're tapping that. also, do your time in jail, get a fucking job and either move out so someone else who deserves her can have her, or treat her right. Man the fuck up, for Christ's sake!


What happens is, doesn't matter how sexy the girl is, there's a man in some place of the world that is so full of her that doesn't want even to look at her again.

And if you reached this point with a girl you can't break apart, then it's true hell on earth. I think there are very few situations that are worse in terms of personal suffering.

Man, go to jail, 5 days without seeing her you can see as a bonus, and the situation around you may help you think in something and figure a better way out.

At the actual point you are in her hand because he's supporting you, and this sucks, man.


stop blaming the girl for all of your shit...you made the choices...take responsibility for your life,....you may now be fat..but you are a bigger whinner!

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File 5770EA2B-D68C-4202-BF25-6AE7BF215ADD.jpg

Cum.slut + day?

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File BEC4BD5A-B31B-4F81-AF36-7916FCC7C0B6.jpg

Posting nudes on my story ;) add me!!

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File 1383548715430.jpg

Why do you guys enjoy ruining girls lives when they post nudes or when someone posts nudes of them?

Does it make you feel better because you could never get a woman? Or does it maybe get you off sexually? Please post your reasoning

inb4, whiteknight

miru because she's just so darn cute

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>> File 146368681269_sandra.jpg

>> File goANngI-monika-lange-6E4186F.jpg

>> File slut.jpg

>> File 15083051232.jpg

>> File 548752271.jpg

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File 1384325687912.png

Great to god tier animes. I need another one to watch.

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I love romance.
If you like Inuyasha, watch Dance in the Vampire Bund.


Good list, but they forgot Peacemaker Kurogane and Porco Rosso.  Ok they actually forgot most of the great Miyazaki movies.  Bonus points for mentioning Shura no Toki...I thought I was the only one who liked it.


non non biyori is the best anime that I've ever seen. I like too love chunibyo & other delusions same genre but different.

>> File 1461746804749.gif

>god tier
pic one.


Made in Abyss
Cowboy Bebop

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File 1331488326363.jpg

Just encouraging everyone to consider donating or volunteering to help Africa.

A lot of bad shit is going on over there.

If you haven't seen the Kony 2012 video, you must see it:

They deserve to be helped.

Also, 12 million in East Africa are in desperate need of help:

There is much more of course, but helping these 2 causes are a start.

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It's like going back 500 years yet we want to go to mars. I see a problem.


Somalia IS in Africa Dumbass


Did you fuck any child whores while you were there?  Ive heard there are tons of little ones willing and experienced.


Fuck Africa and fuck you. Bleeding heart idiots feeding this scum is causing them to breed out of control and flood into Europe. I think people like you are guilty of destroying this world and need to be shot in the head.


Morons likes you should be bred out of existence. You are nothing more than a Festering maggot on our species.

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File images.png

Man this site looks like new grounds from like 10 years ago.
Also the name (iChan iichan remember that?)is such a flashback

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File 1382731496533.jpg

cheating whore.

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>> File IMG_20131025_021519_zps9bf787b5.jpg

>> File 549095_328081847294400_745015743_n.jpg

>> File 1175072_375410889228162_1347479288_n.jpg


who is she?


a cheating whore

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File 1423801568455.jpg

Got this dog here from some fat faggot on facebook. She doesn't seem to want it. What should I do with it

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fuck it 


Eat it than tell us how good it was.






You accepted it, now deal with it.
Life is hard.

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File 1496087077704.jpg

>tfw you will never have cute asian gf


that image is from my favorite jav


>> File 1496088230335.jpg

had sex with one from tinder. best sex of my life.

>tfw shes in a relationship now so you can't inhale her hot sweaty body again. feelsbadman.jpeg

(pic related its her)

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File taken for a ride.jpg

Erotic experiences with animals. GO!





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File 1384973925739.jpg

Ask a member of Femen anything...

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>> File 143413586585.gif


why should I care about Your genetic stereotypes?


There is ni such thing as femen, evrb in femenlobby just want matriarchy

>> File 873E549.jpg

>> File 78F8C80.jpg

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File Elvy.jpg


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>> File Elvisa When She Was Younger.jpg

Elvisa When She Was Younger[b][/b]

>> File BFA131B.jpg


moar pls

>> File 0E8F8FE.jpg


>> File D199533.jpg

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File SAM_0633.jpg

hey b! me-> 27 yo east eurogirl,please give a damn and rate,first time doing this not know what to expect,please don`t be rude,should i take this to another board?

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10/10 would fuck until my dick cried


how much do you cost ?


Op here lets play a game,you show me. Yours i show u mine..;))

>> File YOURS.jpg



On all levels except physical, I am banned.

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File 1430716178367.jpg

Family members you want to fuck and general incest thread. Stories welcome, bonus for nudes of a family member.

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>> File image.jpg

>> File image.jpg

>> File image.jpg

>> File image.jpg


Having an incest consent is so difficult?

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