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File 1496087077704.jpg

>tfw you will never have cute asian gf


that image is from my favorite jav


>> File 1496088230335.jpg

had sex with one from tinder. best sex of my life.

>tfw shes in a relationship now so you can't inhale her hot sweaty body again. feelsbadman.jpeg

(pic related its her)

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A lot of you think you have it bad. Well let me tell you a fucking tale. As a semi alpha male, this is the worst.
So here's the deal.

(will bump with teens until someone solves my problem)

> I'm in a relationship with a girl I really don't want to be with.
> She's way below my league and I don't feel proud to show her off in public.
> She's even brought me down to her level recently
>I've gained so much weight since being with her and now I'm fatter than I've ever been.
>Went from a solid 9/10 to a fucking 4/10. I'm a fucking neckbeard now.
>I should've cut us off when we started, but I waited too long. Now I'm seeing the repercussions of it all.
> There are at least 3 really attractive girls that I've been with that want me back again.
>I can't respond to their texts because I'm unavailable now
> This is fucking painful
Here's where it gets worse
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>> File 1388230606605.jpg

Go to jail and do sit ups for5 days. Just work out. Jail is easy. Girls think it's hot too.


If the OP is a picture of the 4/10 girl you're with now, I'd tell you to consider yourself lucky you're tapping that. also, do your time in jail, get a fucking job and either move out so someone else who deserves her can have her, or treat her right. Man the fuck up, for Christ's sake!


What happens is, doesn't matter how sexy the girl is, there's a man in some place of the world that is so full of her that doesn't want even to look at her again.

And if you reached this point with a girl you can't break apart, then it's true hell on earth. I think there are very few situations that are worse in terms of personal suffering.

Man, go to jail, 5 days without seeing her you can see as a bonus, and the situation around you may help you think in something and figure a better way out.

At the actual point you are in her hand because he's supporting you, and this sucks, man.


stop blaming the girl for all of your shit...you made the choices...take responsibility for your life,....you may now be fat..but you are a bigger whinner!


She deserves better than you, you fucking loser.

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File 1423801568455.jpg

Got this dog here from some fat faggot on facebook. She doesn't seem to want it. What should I do with it

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Eat it than tell us how good it was.






You accepted it, now deal with it.
Life is hard.


breed it with a chinchilla

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File 1369077218836.jpg

Because we desperately need more validation threads.

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>> File 1369077447645.jpg

>> File 1369077900236.jpg

Mine. Rate it, /b/itches.


Celebrity, TV, film, drink, car, food, superhero. Minus points for band and LoL. 6/10.

>> File 1369079098033.jpg

Judge me /b/astards

>> File favourite template mod.jpg


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File 1384325687912.png

Great to god tier animes. I need another one to watch.

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I love romance.
If you like Inuyasha, watch Dance in the Vampire Bund.


Good list, but they forgot Peacemaker Kurogane and Porco Rosso.  Ok they actually forgot most of the great Miyazaki movies.  Bonus points for mentioning Shura no Toki...I thought I was the only one who liked it.


non non biyori is the best anime that I've ever seen. I like too love chunibyo & other delusions same genre but different.

>> File 1461746804749.gif

>god tier
pic one.


Made in Abyss
Cowboy Bebop

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File 1331488326363.jpg

Just encouraging everyone to consider donating or volunteering to help Africa.

A lot of bad shit is going on over there.

If you haven't seen the Kony 2012 video, you must see it:

They deserve to be helped.

Also, 12 million in East Africa are in desperate need of help:

There is much more of course, but helping these 2 causes are a start.

45 posts and 15 images omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

It's like going back 500 years yet we want to go to mars. I see a problem.


Somalia IS in Africa Dumbass


Did you fuck any child whores while you were there?  Ive heard there are tons of little ones willing and experienced.


Fuck Africa and fuck you. Bleeding heart idiots feeding this scum is causing them to breed out of control and flood into Europe. I think people like you are guilty of destroying this world and need to be shot in the head.


Morons likes you should be bred out of existence. You are nothing more than a Festering maggot on our species.

No. 10060 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File images.png

Man this site looks like new grounds from like 10 years ago.
Also the name (iChan iichan remember that?)is such a flashback

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File SAM_0633.jpg

hey b! me-> 27 yo east eurogirl,please give a damn and rate,first time doing this not know what to expect,please don`t be rude,should i take this to another board?

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10/10 would fuck until my dick cried


how much do you cost ?


Op here lets play a game,you show me. Yours i show u mine..;))

>> File YOURS.jpg



On all levels except physical, I am banned.

No. 7053 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 1376420814804.jpg

Lets see that Battle Station /b/


there's no fucking arm space that's retarded


>Having one huge monitor
>not having dual screens



>using a shitty walmart  TV as a monitor
>console gaming


>using a shitty walmart  TV as a monitor
>console gaming

No. 9371 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 1471347785997.jpg

Who is the best YouTuber?


>God tier

>Ok tier
Filthy Frank

>Fun if you're high/drunk

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.



No. 9393 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 1472270109874.jpg

Hey /b/. Trap here just wanna ask for some cosplay suggestions since the night shift is slow.
>105 lbs
Preferably anything with tights.
Not doing pics of myself at work


i'm 5'6" and 125 pounds, I've been eating less than 1000 cals a day, any suggestions? I want to reach 110 or so


I wish I had advice, I just have a high metabolism


i've been underweight as a motherfucker before, pretty much skinny my entire life, but I gained weight like 3 years ago to normal weight or so, and I want to go back to my petite cute body

>> File 1472272085514.jpg

hmm, i've been thinking about becoming a trap for a while now. I don't really have lust for cock but it's getting really boring fapping to women and wearing the same clothes all the time.

Why are you a trap?

Fleur, anime was shit but fleur was hot

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File 1384984989782.jpg

Name a better death metal album

>protip: you can't

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Modern death metal is bretty gay


Anata - The Conductor's Departure
Anything from Hieronymus Bosch
Coprofago - Unorthodox Creative Criteria
Beyond Creation - The Aura
Some Decapitated albums, maybe

I personally enjoy Benighted a lot, but I don't consider it that good.

>> File 1000x1000.jpg


>> File folder_large.jpg

Demilich - Nespithe 

>> File hqdefault.jpg

First album. Gold.

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File 1364605047210.jpg

If you could press a button and remove one behaviour from human beings, what would that behaviour be?

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Antipathy or contempt towards one's own kind.
>no more white guilt
>societies function better
>people ACTUALLY start loving each other
>less corruption


get a fucking therapy


I miss dollchan :(


Lying. I would love a button that when pressed would only allow people to tell you the truth


Are you serious???

Lying is the sugar that takes the bitter edge from a coffee, just a little makes it work but too much would be awful.
Also, what is lying? If I believe something that is wrong am I lying? 

For my own answer I would actually go for political correctness, not saying something true for the sake of avoiding offence is about the most annoying thing to me.

No. 7455 Quote report expand quickreply quickreply

File 1384991996546.jpg

ITT: Unpopular options.

Ex: I think anime is shitty.

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You sir, are an amazing troll  lol



>> File Angela Merkel_Hey_Greece.jpg

express the unpopular opinion visually.
Then just kind of, blah blah blah, through some mildly offensive BS to get the conversation started.

then start rip'n assholes

>> File relinquish interest.jpg



OP is a faggot

Oh wait, it has to be an unpopular opinion.

Never mind.

No. 8607 Quote report expand quickreply quickreply

File 1430965200320.jpg

Be honest: what is the worst thing you have ever done to an animal?

4 posts omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

How do you fuck a cat that sounds like a great way to get your dick ripped to shreds


I tired it down it shit all over me to it was pretty nasty

>> File been fishing.jpg


eat it alive


Tried to fuck a dog, but it bit me, so, I tied it to a tree with rope around it's neck, took another rope and put it around it's neck, and walked away from the tree with the second rope until it got strangled to death.
My brother wasn't too happy. It was his dog.

No. 8050 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 404.jpg

so what is your guises opinion on loli?


She is cute and hot. This pic sort of makes me wish that I was one of those tentacle demons,that you see in a hentai movie. Oh how I would love to just fuck all of her holes at the same time! 

>> File 131198734345.gif

Mint is beautiful <3

>> File Milfuelle-Sakuraba-galaxy-angel-17885464-1024-768.jpg

Milfuelle is perfection though


BLAST FROM THE PAST! Bumping a thread from 2012.

No. 8343 Quote report expand quickreply quickreply

File 1388472858550.gif

So this place is just 4chan for cool kids?

...can i join?

1 post omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.

actually this place is just 4chan with child porn on it. 

>> File spread anus muppets.jpg

>> File Gucci-bird-found-in-China.jpg

But they take everything personally.

Get feels hurt when no one trying to hurt feels.


Am I the only one who wishes that they would get diagnosed with a terminal illness because killing myself would hurt my loved ones to much?

>> File miss_piggy_hope.jpg

I'm not sure

No. 8541 Quote report expand quickreply quickreply

File 1424997216097.jpg

Is sex with your little sister still considered incest?

5 posts and 3 images omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.
>> File 1424998759213.jpg



was there ever a part 2?

>> File 1424999109443.jpg

Not that I know of.

>> File 1424999152700.png

Cousin and friend

>> File 1424999187065.png

Cousin Beach house

No. 6758 Quote report quickreply quickreply

File 1364945060303.jpg

I really want to know if anybody is gettin TES online


I only have a Asus Laptop that can barely run spore.

I wish I could.


If it's anything like Skyrim, no.
I'd honestly prefer a Fallout online game.

>> File 1364945238051.jpg

It is a bastardization of everything the Elder Scrolls series once was. So no. Nobody else is getting it... I swear to god, if Bethesda makes money off of this, I'm going to destroy the planet.


Skyrim is no good without the mods. The online edition would suck bc you can't run scripts on it or control the game content. Vanilla content is sterile, boring after a couple hours play and you find out just how limited it is, and how poorly made. Modders make better content than the Bethesda company.

No. 6697 Quote report expand quickreply quickreply

File 1364591386090.jpg

Ask a cop anything.

2 posts omitted. Click on [Reply] or [Expand] to see it.


why did you stop? are cops tested for drugs regularly in the US (assuming that's where you live)?


if they do,, we gota get short on cops


After you all dogpile 5 officers onto a 65 year old woman and chicken wing her hand into the back of her head while shouting "STOP RESISTING!" (cya amirite); does anyone ever get back to the station and say "maybe we could have handled that differently"

anoncop, why you guys such violent dicks?


That's not a dick, he just shaves his head.


Do private-prison factories like Motorola pass down a bonus for every arrest you make for them?

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