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Anime & Manga
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File 132805891655.jpg


http://nyaa.eu - (Most popular tracker, confusing at first)
http://bakabt.me - (Tracker, useful for completed series, requires account to search, but not to download)


http://mangastream.com - (Fastest scan group for shounen series)
http://stoptazmo.com - (Best ddl manga website on the web, use flashget or something similar to download all chapters at once)
http://www.manga-access.com - (Best online mangareader, they keep original quality which most places don't)

>> File 132805920446.jpg


http://anidb.net - (General information on releases and anime)
http://www.baka-tsuki.org - (Translated light novels)
http://d-addicts.com - (Tracker/wiki/forum for Asian TV)
https://nipponsei.minglong.org/ - (Tracker, Music)

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File 1491174329266.jpg

Can anything stop this absolute madwoman of a submissive?

>> File 1491174653530.jpg

>hey, diana
>have you seen akko anywhere?
>what was that about my uniform?
>it's bursting at the seams?
>I've made a potion that's been making me gain weight~
>I want to be nothing more then a fat blob by the end of the week
>I think I've already gotten pudgier then jasminka
>I can feel my belly jiggle as I walk
>it feels so sensitive and soft
>I hope somebody else notices and starts to feel up my new curves
>shaking my stomach and grabbing my fat hips
>god, I can feel my moisture try and run down between my thick thighs
>soon my stomach isn't even going to fit under my shirt anymore
>my deep, exposed navel is going to be an advertisement to the whole school that I'm a pig, a glutton, and a fuck slut
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You already have jasminka, stop this and go away.




I love it

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File 203431597.jpg

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File 1491001516392.png

Now that it's been confirmed Kaban and Serval won't be he protagonists of the next season but instead we will get a light reboot, how do you feel about this?

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Actually my sources have given me a scoop on the next season's concept.

>Boss watch will be affected by sandstar and gain a new form and powers
>If Kaban properly befriends and connects with a friend and they become "friends" she can use boss watch to unlock their wild side
>Works because humans can naturally tame animals to bring out their strenghts
>She later learns to use boss watch to also equip friends with special sandstar outfits that power them up.
>New toys line will include Kaban, many friends to befriend and their special outfits.
>There's a new mobile game planned too that will match the toys.
>Over 300 friends to befriend.


You forgot
>planned by Nexon

>> File 1491002336263.jpg

Anyone have the gif of Kaban flapping her bag on her back?


Is there any ara~ ara~ Friend? There was none in the anime.

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File 1424135922810.jpg

>Liking shit tsundere master race
>Not worshipping energetic, cheerfull and cute genki girls

Explain yourself

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Fuck that, why would I want a yandere when I can get a genki girl with a positive outlook on life and not being that overprotective.


A Genki girl would know she and you would be together forever. A yanshit would expect you to be a traitorous piece of trash and would lose her mind with worry. Yanderes are the worst type of girl because they have no self-esteem. Fuck yandere.


She made me laugh. Every positive thing she said was so unbelievably fucked up.


Exactly. Worst dere.

Of course she can say messed up things. She was too optimistic even for death

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File 1461560795709.jpg

Wallpaper folder

>> File 1480256151226.jpg


>> File 1487060467103.png


>> File 1482923969078.jpg

kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo! http://torfile.org/19w

>> File 1486717240854.jpg

Tokyo Ghoul

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File 1424293469725.jpg

Does anime need more traps?

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Traps are shit

>> File 1424314682369.jpg

>hating on traps

What are you, a faggot?


>hating on traps
traps are awesome
you're just mad because you're a trap yourself


>hating on traps
traps are awesome
you're just mad because you're a trap yourself

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File 1454889100860.png

Who would win

Only facts, no fanboyism


Opm. I'm a fan of both, but opm is a parody character. He was created to be the most OP of all time. It honestly wouldnt evenve fair to conpare him with anyone other than deadpool.


I dig

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File 1454890746325.png

Why are anime girls so incredibly kawaii? Who came up with it?

>> File 1454891196489.jpg


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File battousai blocks a swordsman.jpg

...you would have been facing me.

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File 1423147088694.gif

Who are cutest yurus, and why are they Himawari and Sakurako?

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>> File 1423239706052.gif



The episode where they slept together was GOAT.

>> File 1423386409241.png

Currently deleting my yuru yuri music collection from iTunes (keeping it on an external hard drive).

Only got these 21 left (3 out of shot). I feel like I've killed the yuris many times over. Not a nice feeling.

I'm looking forward to new music coming out though!


And seems this just came online. Great timing.


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