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File 132805891655.jpg

Anime - (Most popular tracker, confusing at first) - (Tracker, useful for completed series, requires account to search, but not to download)

Manga - (Fastest scan group for shounen series) - (Best ddl manga website on the web, use flashget or something similar to download all chapters at once) - (Best online mangareader, they keep original quality which most places don't)

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File 132805920446.jpg

Misc - (General information on releases and anime) - (Translated light novels) - (Tracker/wiki/forum for Asian TV) - (Tracker, Music)

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File 1424135922810.jpg

>Liking shit tsundere master race
>Not worshipping energetic, cheerfull and cute genki girls

Explain yourself

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>> No. 4787 Quote report

Fuck that, why would I want a yandere when I can get a genki girl with a positive outlook on life and not being that overprotective.

>> No. 4788 Quote report

A Genki girl would know she and you would be together forever. A yanshit would expect you to be a traitorous piece of trash and would lose her mind with worry. Yanderes are the worst type of girl because they have no self-esteem. Fuck yandere.

>> No. 4789 Quote report

She made me laugh. Every positive thing she said was so unbelievably fucked up.

>> No. 4790 Quote report

Exactly. Worst dere.

Of course she can say messed up things. She was too optimistic even for death

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File 1461560795709.jpg

Wallpaper folder

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File 1480256151226.jpg


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File 1487060467103.png


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File 1482923969078.jpg

kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen wo!

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File 1486717240854.jpg

Tokyo Ghoul

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File 1424293469725.jpg

Does anime need more traps?

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>> No. 4714 Quote report

Traps are shit

>> No. 4715 Quote report
File 1424314682369.jpg

>hating on traps

What are you, a faggot?

>> No. 5270 Quote report

>hating on traps
traps are awesome
you're just mad because you're a trap yourself

>> No. 5271 Quote report

>hating on traps
traps are awesome
you're just mad because you're a trap yourself

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File 1454889100860.png

Who would win

Only facts, no fanboyism

>> No. 4797 Quote report

Opm. I'm a fan of both, but opm is a parody character. He was created to be the most OP of all time. It honestly wouldnt evenve fair to conpare him with anyone other than deadpool.

>> No. 5026 Quote report

I dig

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File 1454890746325.png

Why are anime girls so incredibly kawaii? Who came up with it?

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File 1454891196489.jpg


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File battousai blocks a swordsman.jpg would have been facing me.

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File 1423147088694.gif

Who are cutest yurus, and why are they Himawari and Sakurako?

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File 1423239706052.gif


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The episode where they slept together was GOAT.

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File 1423386409241.png

Currently deleting my yuru yuri music collection from iTunes (keeping it on an external hard drive).

Only got these 21 left (3 out of shot). I feel like I've killed the yuris many times over. Not a nice feeling.

I'm looking forward to new music coming out though!

>> No. 4760 Quote report

And seems this just came online. Great timing.

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File 1413168754030.png

>this fucking anime

Holy shit. I laughed so much when watching the first episode. I love anime like this. This is what we need more in the world. I can't stand stuff like Fate/kaleid liner.

It feels like it's a mix of Wagnaria and a small dash of Pani Poni Dash.

>> No. 4682 Quote report

the best

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File image.jpg

Is there a better visualized anime movie than Ghost in the Shell? If so, then what is it?

>> No. 4673 Quote report
File akira.jpg

>> No. 4677 Quote report

This. Although, I prefer the manga (as I would for most anime adaptations.)

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File Fire.jpg

How much money do you spend on anime and related merchandise?

Myself, I think I spend too much on it. XD

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>> No. 4622 Quote report
File c2.jpg

I spend it on PIZZA HUT

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File ydrossel.jpg

>> No. 4641 Quote report

somewhere over or around 1200$ each year, mostly on figures

>> No. 4642 Quote report

I'm looking to start paying somewhere around 500$ a year with this new job.

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