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Re Creator

Tomorrow is a new episode of Re Creator, let's try to had a thread

Little Witch Academia

Can anything stop this absolute madwoman of a submissive?


Now that it's been confirmed Kaban and Serval won't be he protagonists of the next season but instead we will get a light reboot, how do you feel about this?


Which is the best Mario RPG?


Undertale thread


Actually quite helpless reg. PC´s...
What is possible for previous games etc. in WIN07,08,09
to work for Win10???
All I get is ie. "No App". Besides buying 2nd PC (WIN07 etc.) for games only, what joice is there?
Looking forward to reasonable reply for beginners.

Tks in advance -

I´m lost


Why are anime girls so incredibly kawaii? Who came up with it?


Who would win

Only facts, no fanboyism

If you had drawn fully... would have been facing me.


sequel when?


Post setups including custom ROMS and GApp alternatives, as well as share any useful apps/scripts.
I'll start with mine

Phone: AT&T ZTE 998
ROM: cyanogen mod rooted
App Store:F-Droid
Keyboard: AnySoftKeyboard
File Manager: Default Cyanogen Music Player: Apollo
YouTube alternate: YouTube Downloader by xda_dentex


ITT: We post software that Linux will never ever have.

> Logic Pro or Cubase

Linux is only good for ricing and playing with the terminal, only kids and unemployed babymen that live with their parents would use a system that doesn´t have professional tools for REAL work.

Window 7 Wont support DirectX12

I'm looking for information, documentation or an explanation as to why this is needs to be.''

It doesnt seem necessary, from what little i know about it - but i also know very little. any information is welcome.



>Total control of your privacy
>Abosolute convenient

You have 5 seconds to explain why you're not using ixquick as your main search engine.


Which games will /v/ play today?

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